House Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) is among the Democrat Queen Bee’s inner circle, the gang of left-wing tax-payer-paid legislators, who have spent little or no time on the nation’s business (i.e., actual productive legislative work yielding effective, legitimate results) during the entire duration of President Trump’s time in office.  Instead they’ve gathered around the table to repeatedly play their personally-vindictive, partisan political game of “Let’s Drive Trump From Office No Matter What It Takes.” A great time has been had by all. And all at huge public expense, which, like everything else important to the nation, just doesn’t seem to matter. And that’s because the principal game players among them are darn proud to be members in good sitting (on their hands) of Mrs. Clinton’s chosen few, those fortunate enough to be included in her now officially revised (Conservatives No Longer Allowed!) “Basket of Deplorables.”

By now, their list of manufactured scams, lies, and hoax’s, all of which became deflated balloons (or buffoons), seems endless.  And a total destructive waste of the nation’s time (and money).  Mr. Schiff, you’ll recall through the fog of House Democrat obstruction, was the Team Captain for the crown jewel effort, the “When-All-Else-Fails (as it did): Impeach” Crusade.  That colossal failure, built on unsubstantiated charges, all polled directly from the naughty place. Along with  feeding House, and then Senate leftist egos, it was a temporary end to their ouster dreams, while more importantly, traumatizing the nation and sending mixed, worrisome signals to our allies abroad.

Well, lucky for us all, yet again, Mr. Schiff is back, this time to Captain a newly conjured-up House Select Committee, intended, claimed the Queen Bee with  a straight face, to scrutinize use of the massive funding including in the recent $2.2-trillion federal CARE Act (stimulus effort #3).  This is to be, in theory, a mystical committee whose primary task is to be certain that those mega-billions granted by Congress are being used precisely as stipulated by the Act. QB’s stated intent: to assure full public transparency in funding utilization. This would be asking quite a lot, since transparency isn’t a concept with which her fervent left-siders are all that familiar.  But that is of little concern to her or the team, since the real purpose of this new selective committee is to continue the non-stop effort to either remove President Trump from office now or at least poison his chances for re-election in November.

So, the Schiffster is on the move again, given the task of disgracing the President by any means necessary (as always).  His first and best option, thinks he, is to claim President Trump waited too long to initiate America’s coronavirus response, and then bungled the subsequent effort due to his ineptitude and poor leadership. Oh, and everything would’ve been handled far more effectively if only the Senate had removed the House-designated “guilty” President by impeachment when they were given the chance.

Said the exaggeration-prone Mr. Schiff: “There are 50,000 Americans who are now dead, in significant part because of his incompetence, because of his inability to think beyond himself and put the country first.  I don’t think that we would ever have anticipated that his brand of narcissism and his brand of incompetence would be so fatal to the American people.”  So much of that ridiculous, scorching assertion applies as well to the speaker himself (less the 50K deaths). Talk about narcissism.  Look up the word in the dictionary and you’d likely find his name among the definitions. Oh, and “inability to think beyond himself and put the country first?”  That’s exactly what he, especially, backed by the willing chorus of  his increasingly Progressive-Socialist House colleagues, wasted three years doing, culminating in a bogus impeachment trial, the latter while the storm clouds of a killer virus approached our shores.  It was all a “hoax,” to use the favorite term of the Trump-hating national democrat-owned media reporters, along with others driving that on-going railroading effort.

Effectively hoisting the Schiffster and his fellow “we done put the country first” gaggle of imposters onto the scaffold of shame, commentator Charles Hurt spoke directly to the “terrifying zealotry” of crusading Team Captain Schiff when he wrote: “Mr. Schiff and his band of twittering impeachment fairies have decided to turn the awesome powers of the legislative branch of the federal government into yet another weapon against Mr. Trump. This time…to accuse the President of somehow playing dumb, to allow the coronavirus to spread far and wide…so as to infect and kill as many Americans as possible.”

In addition to investigating the President for allegedly mishandling our coronavirus response, there is now even House scuttlebutt about the impeachment word again, if President Trump were to go through with his intention to cease American funding of the World Health Organization! Mr. Schiff’s non-stop self-aggrandizing is a nuisance and embarrassment and continues to stand in the way of getting legitimate work done for the American people, by oath, and in theory, his sole reason for being in Congress. It’s unfortunate that his California district is apparently so firmly Democrat.  For Americans possessing common-sense, built on solid character and values, those citizens who want the very best for our nation, it would be most desirable if he would simply go home and stay.

(Schiff 50K lives via, Joel B. Pollak, 4-26-20; Impeachment fairies via, Charles Hurt, 4-16-20; Withholding WHO funding via, Edwin Mora, 4-16-20).