Schiff Of Fools

Apart from all of the Bird-Brained-Blue Progressive Mayors who insanely continue their apparent acceptance of major city violence, led by mob-centered domestic terrorists (hey, who needs the nuisance of law and order stifling free expression?), there has been so much public stupid goings on of late (and seemingly forever, anymore) that’s it’s tough to whittle it all down to manageable size. So, for now, we’ll go with just a select few examples of the most stupid stuff done or said recently among the passengers traveling aboard the Schiff ship.

Although the hopelessly pandered West Coast “entertainment personalities” continually spew callous, often profane or even seemingly threatening, negative blather against the President, whose pro-business policies, under capitalism, have further enabled these guarded & gated flowery urchins to amass enormous wealth, which is quickly and pompously overlooked, no doubt, as merely deserved, due to their enormous “talent,” unbounded by earth. So, then, after the longest sentence you will have read today, this go-around we’ll just ignore their spiteful words since, other than Hollywood’s genuine patriots (Gary Sinise and a few bold others), the “thoughts” of the anti-our-America types out there, or in NYC, never, ever merit our time, attention, or consideration.  Here’s an idea.  Perhaps, instead, they could all be on-board the first Space-X flight to Uranus, the first-choice destination for all here who so readily overlook, and seem to resent, the magnificent gift of sovereignty and freedom.

First up, then, the Captain of the SS LOONY-BIN, Mr. Schiff himself.  Back from his lead role in the absurd, totally-politicized, land-of-make-believe, impeachment hoax, this progressive gift to the nation from California, has once again fired up his acrid smoke churning back-burner (if you catch my drift), to attack President Trump by insinuating that he has descended so low, where “no tactic is beneath him, no bigotry too great, no racist appeal too much, no political trick beyond the pale.”  Duck, Captain, that boomerang you launched is heading back!  Mr. Schiff has just described he and his imperial impeachment gang to a tee, those stalwarts (perhaps stal-worts) of democracy who fostered every underhanded “tactic” to derail the President constantly, from even before his inauguration, on to umpteen unmerited House investigations right through to the present, and in all ways, continually threatening his presidency.  And, as you know, the Progressives are not at all unhappy about COVID-19, which has kicked the President’s unprecedentedly successful economy in the butt, perhaps preventing what would have certainly been a shoe-in re-election.

Oh, and we should mention that Captain Schiff has also proclaimed that President Trump “is fully fanning the flames of this (mob) violence.”  Shifting subjects in order to blame the President for everything wrong (the Progressive mantra), the LOONY-BIN’s Captain has proclaimed: “One hundred eighty thousand people have died from the pandemic because of his incompetence and malignant narcissism.”  No, those people have perished because the Chinese unleased a killer virus on us and the rest of the world.  And have you yet heard anything meaningful from the Progressives to either stop the domestic violence (the total responsibility of Progressive mayors and governors) OR to suggest/deliver anything useful toward combating the virus?  No, you have not.  It’s always far safer to shout insults and complaints from outside the arena than it is to enter and actually get in the game.  Progressives spout about cures and corrections, but they never act on, or solve, anything.  Because if they were to actually solve a major ill, they would be out of a job.  Put simply, simply whining and complaining is safe and forever.

Well, the Captain’s unseaworthy craft has, again, slammed into the dock, so time to more safely move forward, as we pay deserving tribute to additional entrants from the apparent lunatic fringe.  A District Court Judge in Idaho has issued a temporary injunction effectively stopping an Idaho state law prohibiting transgender females from competing in female athletics.  Progressivisim may well be, as we’re frequently told and have observed, a mental illness, after all.  There is no reason in the world to stop a law, temporarily or not, that does exactly the right thing, by preventing biological males who fancy themselves (“identify”) as women from competing with their male bodies against females.  This most often seems to come up in running or weightlifting events. It is absolutely unfair and unreasonable for a transgender woman to compete physically against a biological woman. Hopefully, if sanity ever fully returns to our land, the injunction will end and state law, the correct law, will prevail once again.  In the meantime, for any transgender women who disagree, there’s a simple solution.  If being a woman is really, truly what you chose to be, then, hormones aside, show your full and final commitment by going ahead and having your ‘flapper’ removed.  Start menstruating, and then we’ll talk.  Fair is fair.  Leveling the playing field.

Tuning to current Progressive politics, the public spotlight has become fixated on Portland, Oregon, where anti-democracy disturbances and rioting have been underway continuously now for the better part of three-months. President Trump offered federal personnel assistance to quell the mayhem. Savvy Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler responded not only no thanks, but hell no thanks. Said Mr. Mayor: “We don’t need your politics of division and demagoguery (me-thinks he might be referring to that last White House guy).  Portlanders are on to you. We have already seen your reckless disregard for human life in your bumbling response to the COVID pandemic.  And we know you’ve reached the conclusion that images of violence or vandalism are your only ticket to re-election.”  Wow, some elephant-sized kahunas on this severely misguided and wholly-politicized city leader.  So, then, let the violence and destruction in your city rein, big guy.  Oh, and by the way.  If you and so many of your Progressive comrades really do believe the delusion that major city violence is actually President Trump’s fault, and that he encourages it to somehow enhance his re-election prospects, here’s a simple idea for you and your other cities-on-fire pals.  Just stop the violence.   There, that’ll show him!

However, ignoring that political-push-back idea, the mayhem in Portland has continued, only now it’s gotten way too close to home, literally. This past Monday, rioters set fires and broke windows way too close to his $800,000 condo!! Apparently, domestic terrorists aren’t fully in-sync with the Mayor’s Progressive vision.  Understatement.  Apologizing to the other scared-out-of-their-shorts occupants of his condo building, the Mayor has decided it’s time to move.  My guess would be it’ll be to a tightly-guarded and gated residence far from the mayhem-minded mob. Oh, how the tables they do turn.  And just for longer-range perspective, this quote from Mark Hemingway’s opinion column in the Wall Street Journal from two days ago: “Mayor Ted Wheeler’s feckless leadership is no anomaly. The situation in Portland has been enabled by 50-years of political leadership that has been as corrupt and depraved as it has been “progressive.”  So, just thinking.  This may not be the best time to move there, if ever.

And, now, unbelievably, thanks to the Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s District of Columbia “Facilities and Commemorative Expressions Committee,” it is actually, yes, actually being recommended that our federal government “remove, relocate or contextualize” about 1,300 ‘assets,’ to include ‘statues, public schools, libraries, parks and roads.’  Bad enough that so many statues and memorials to great past Americans have already been illegally torn down by the rampaging Progressive/BLM/Antifa mobs, all for the betterment of the nirvana nation they seek.  Now, due supposedly to slave ownership well over 200-years ago, they are actually eyeing, all on federal land, thankfully, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and even George Washington’s Monument, the latter erected to symbolize and pay deserved tribute to, the great bold and brave American leader who made our independence possible !  This is all beyond absurd and must never, ever be allowed to happen. Let it go, for gosh sake.  There are no slaves in America today, and there haven’t been since the years following the Civil War. Stop trying to apply today’s newly invented, one-sided, political standards to those of 150-years ago!

And while you’re at it, take a look at the needless and totally mis-guided mayhem happening all around us, designed to tear apart our nation, and then, having done that, try really hard to become a responsible adult.  In the words of an observer reacting to both the chaos in our cities and this profoundly ridiculous idea of removing America’s monument treasures in the nation’s capital, she writes: “The persons who should concern us the most are those who seek to delegitimize the American Founders: the radicals and fanatics whose self-righteous rage blinds them to the achievement of a democratic revolution that has liberated millions and promoted freedom and equality around the world.”

Moving on from national destruction, recently, a Texas A&M professor has found enjoyment (and notoriety) by posted on social media derogatory comments about President Trump.   For instance, he has referred to Mr. Trump as a “fat Klansman with a wife bought from a catalog.”  Then he envisioned the President “having a heart attack on top of his daughter (Ivanka) and crushing her with his fat.”  That’s just a sampling of the disgusting thoughts that most often result when Progressivism attacks a mind and the poison takes hold. Will he be fired?  Heck no, not in today’s leftist dominated academia. But this is a good example of how university tenure, pushed to its extreme, can protect both the evil and the foolish fixtures behind a lectern, from the consequences that the rest of outside the anointed gates might likely and deservedly face. By the way, for the record, far and away most university/college professors are neither that stupid nor vile.

And finally, relievedly, we’ll end this report regarding outstanding foolishness with something far lighter, and a stunt that does rocket the term stupid to a new height. Apparently it was in the Greater Palm Beach Florida area, when a 42-year-old man recently purchased a new Porsche automobile (a 911Turbo?) with a $140,000 check.  He was pictured standing in front of his, as you would expect, stunning new car. There was just one very minor little issue that would soon surface.  You see, the check he used for the extravagant purchase was one he had printed on his home computer!  He was arrested the next day at a jewelry store while trying to buy some expensive watches with, yep, again, one of his home-grown checks!  He was charged with grand theft auto and passing a fraudulent bank note.  It is impossible to know sometimes, especially these days, what goes through someone’s mind when they think a truly ridiculous notion is a really good idea! Especially these days.  But, hey, your hair looks lovely, Nancy.


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