Sabotage (3.0)

Since the election of 2016, when, thankfully, Donald Trump defeated “adorable” (rhymes with “deplorable”) Mrs. Clinton, the insufferable Progressive-Socialists (formerly tolerable Democrats) in Congress (the House, especially), the insufferable left-wing national media, and the equally insufferable Hollywood elite, have all combined, in classic three-against-one, school-yard fashion, to do everything, decency be damned, to badger and either drive from office or cripple his re-election chances through every despicable means possible. To define their effort in war-time terms, those three undesirable entities have combined, perhaps even to a degree officially, to sabotage the presidency of Donald Trump.  A brief look, then, at the current 3.0 elements of presidential sabotage.

Congressional (House) Progressives (1.0):  After multiple failed attempts, through scams and hoaxes to cripple, then to actually go through the bogus ritual of an “impeachment,” the self-absorbed, holier-than-the-rest-of-us Mrs. Pelosi, and her bizarre cohort, Mr. Schiff, are establishing another so-called select committee, this one to ostensibly assure that the incredible two-trillion-dollar “bail-out” legislation  (CARE Act) lives up to its provisions, employing “transparency,” of course, to assure that the funds are used properly (first and foremost, the multi-million-dollar raise Congress included for itself, while millions of our, not their, citizens are now unemployed).  That “transparency” rationale is pure bravo sierra. It’s real and devious purpose is to, once again, investigate President Trump. This time to attempt to nail him for his handling of the national coronavirus response, claiming, as doubtless will say anti-Trump “witnesses,” that his response was too slow and inadequate.  Knowing full well, that if he had done as they will claim, in hindsight, that is, close the nation’s doors, wash our hands, social distance, and wear masks sooner, perhaps saving lives, the cry would have been that he acted pre-emptively, and autocratically, clearly over-stepping and abusing his authority. In other words, no matter what he might have done, or has, in fact, done since, it was wrong and an insult to America in the eyes of the world (as if, right now, we cared a wit about the world’s eyes).

Mrs. Pelosi initiated a conference call yesterday (4-13-20) with her P-S House colleagues, during which she reportedly referred to the delay in virus testing and supplies as “almost sinful.”  She also told her team that, in her anti-Trump opinion, the President lies about our progress against the virus, and likely most everything else. Said she: “The more misrepresentations he puts out there, the more it obscures the truth.  We have to insist upon the truth.”  Ah, yes, she and the Dems are now the font of honesty.  Like for instance all of the truth-telling they engaged in from the phony Russian interference, all the painful way (for the President and for America) to the impeachment, along with other efforts, then and now, in their continuing non-‘transparent’ Hoax-A-Rama.  All that they say and do is so far removed from truth that it’s “almost sinful,” as Mrs. P. would put it.

The inevitable Speaker Pelosi told CNN that, “as the President fiddles, people are dying.”  In direct response to her ridiculous and insulting claim that the President was failing at his job (a key element of the leftist game plan), commentator Deroy Murdock wrote to correct her crass claim: “She should know that Trump is not playing the fiddle.  He’s waving a conductor’s baton.”  He concluded his analysis of her false characterization in glorious slam-dunk fashion: “ Pelosi is saying that the Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, Team USA’s CEOs, their tireless employees, supply-plane pilots, and millions more are merely fiddling along with President Trump in a giant symphony of sloth. This statement comes with no strings attached: Nancy Pelosi us the worst public servant in the United States of America.”

Tag-teaming the justifiable body-slams aimed at the ever-insulting-the-President-and-Republicans, ceremonial-speech-ripper, Mrs. Pelosi, esteemed conservative thinker, Victor Davis Hanson, in his article “Coronavirus Meltdown of the Left,” wrote the following observations: “Pelosi quickly weaponized the viral crisis in hopes that COVID-19 could do what Robert Mueller’s dream team and impeachment had not done – destroy the administration of Donald Trump before the November 2020 election. It is difficult to find one thing Pelosi has said or done that has not made the country worse off since the virus officially hit our shores in late January.”

As if the President wasn’t taking enough opposition shelling during his 24/7 national leadership efforts to protect our citizen and our nation, while they did absolutely nothing in any way useful, like always, thus successfully hop-skipping away from any and all responsibility. Now steps forward out of obscurity, an unknown state representative from Ohio who claimed, dramatically, that, regarding the President’s repeated references to the drug hydroxychloroquine, she “can’t take it anymore,” threatening to go to the International Criminal Court (The Hague) and have him charged with “crimes against humanity.” Talk about a juvenile, self-centered, way-above-her-pay-grade meltdown, coming, at of all times, while the nation’s Chief Executive is fully engaged in an all-out war against an invisible enemy.  While we can assume that Pelosi & Company were pleased with this hinterland emotional/verbal volcanic eruption, the sane voters of Ohio must be aghast, or sure as heck should be.  Perhaps November might be an opportune time for some democracy-provided local corrective action.

Apart from that insignificant Midwest sideshow, Americans for Limited Government’s Rick Manning gets us back on the response to the Speaker track.  Said he: “Nancy Pelosi’s decision to investigate the coronavirus in the midst of the battle to save American lives is absurd and blatantly un-American.” Taking away resources, and distracting from need solutions (just as they did with the impeachment scam), while the virus approached our country, Manning saw this bogus new committee’s investigation as “perhaps the most blatantly dangerous action I have ever witnessed by any elected official (i.e., Pelosi).”  And rounding out comment on the opposition’s efforts once again to de-rail a presidency, and by so doing, seriously hamper the nation’s efforts to heal itself and move forward, in her commentary “Schiff and the Democrats Hit A New Low,” Adriana Cohen concludes: “Clearly the left’s irrational hate and contempt for President Trump is stronger than its desire to solve the crisis and heal the nation.  This is something voters must reject, or the endless investigations – on the taxpayers’ dime – will never end. When is enough, enough?”

Summarizing all of these responses, in general, and in more normal times, there is no question that in a free nation, vocal opposition to proposed policies or actions, with constructive thought and realistic options, is both fair and encouraged as a means of forging a clear and cooperative path forward. While opposition is acceptable, pure targeted obstruction is not.  Today’s opposition party, the Progressive-Socialists in Congress (primarily in the House, but in the Senate, as well) have absolutely no interest or time for constructive thought.  Their only objective, 24/7, 365, is obstruction.  Whatever it takes, whether Constitutionally-permitted or not, to regain total power and control, so as to proceed with all haste  to implement “their vision,” which is the “fundamental transformation of America” from a free-enterprise, democratic republic system of commerce and freedom, to a totally-restrictive, government-dictated, and a government-owned “private sector,” in sum, their dream of nirvana, a total socialist (Marxist?) state. “Government by and for the people” to be vigorously replaced by Government by and for the Government!

National Media (2.0):  Comparatively little needs to be said about the sad present-day state of the nation’s once-respected national media.  No longer reporting factual news, the media have become, even well before President Trump, advocates for today’s Progressive-Socialists and their far-too-often radical agenda.  No objectivity on most of their parts, just one-sided cheer-leading (and mis-leading) for Team Schumer-Pelosi.  As such, the viewing public, that which remains, rates national news media down near the bottom, when surveyed about credibility. Victor Davis Hanson weighs-in on the current state of what was once called ‘journalism.’ Wrote he: “Watching the media deal with the daily White House briefings reminds the country that we have never had journalism of this low character before – not in the acrimony over the Founding, not in the furor during the Civil War, not even in the age of yellow journalism at the turn of the 20th century.”  During any press conference with the President, it seems that far too many reporters have become gotcha-holics. Their agenda, there, or anytime they’re referring to the President, wrote Hanson, is to “goad the President into saying something sloppy, by repeatedly suggesting that in reacting to the virus, he was in error, that he is cruel and heartless, or that he is dangerous.” Echoing those on-point observations, columnist Michael Goodwin wrote about the way the Washington-based “news” reporters have covered President Trump since his disappointing-to-them election victory in 2016.  “The formula is simple,” notes Goodwin. “Whatever the President does is not just wrong, it’s borderline evil. Details at 11.  At too many news outlets, the aim is not to inform. It’s to tender the harshest possible judgment on the man journalists love to hate.”

Summarizing regarding this daily-exhibited, anti-Administration liberal bias, one that we unfortunately know all too well, former CNN reporter, Jeffrey Lord, who is pro-Trump (which explains the “former” designation), when assessing their reporting tone and use of negative ‘chyrons’ (i.e., lower-third information printed on the screen) feels that CNN “is now the Leftist State Media.”  Underscoring what we’ve said, and what conservatives know to be true, beyond that truism, there’s really little else to say. Sabotaging the President (or any Republican president) is, sadly, the on-going reporting agenda of far too big a chunk of the national, anti-conservative, leftist-advocacy media.  To further conclude and punctuate this section on the President’s seeming “enemies,” paraphrasing the assertion made recently by ‘The Great One,’ Mark Levin, on his nightly nationwide radio program, using the traditional reference term for the nation’s news media, with an appropriate historic link to sabotage: “America’s Third Estate is now its Fifth Column.”

Hollywood “Elite” (3.0):  And the final major component of the anti-Trump trio consists of actors, singers, dancers, jugglers, and others, known collectively as “entertainers.” As most of you know by now, this clusters of individuals has become extremely vocal with on-going negative comments about the Administration, sometimes vulgar, and very often, stepping way over the line of decency, not to mention respect, and especially so, when directed at the duly-elected President of the United States.  The so-called “stars” have been sounding off in great number from the leftist heartland, mostly it must be assumed, done to impress their cluster of left-wing fellow-travelers. Understandably, surrounded by that herd, very few other “entertainers” have had the potentially career-ending nerve to speak-up in support of Mr. Trump (a few secure souls have done so, to their credit, and with our thanks).

Back to the left-side, recently, Barbra Streisand slammed the President, when she reportedly tweeted the following: “With more than 20,000 people dead because of his incompetence and lies, he’s unfit to lead this nation, especially in a time of crisis.”  While a non-A-list, self-enamored member of that esteemed (in their own minds) community, went even further by including President Trump’s supporters in this nonsensical cheap-shot.  Said he: “They are brain dead morons, without a logical thought in their minds of why they actually support him.”

And to continue the slam the President’s supporters, also, in this instance, qualifying as an “entertainer,” the mayor of a less than large California city, actually had the clouded, mis-guided, brain-freeze-judgment to actually post on-line the following assertion, when along with a photo of a KKK hood, he wrote: “Good news for Trump supporters is that most of them already have masks.”  No doubt that clearly-non-Republican mayor thought his foolish and insulting visual/verbal combo post was hilarious. Thankfully, many who saw it didn’t agree. Responded one: “These comments are hateful, degrading, bigoted, and more consistent with the mentality of a 15-year-old.” Enough of his city’s residents, and even some fellow city council members, objected to his ridiculous social media message, so that the mayor made the wise decision to resign. Cute it wasn’t.

It’s a shame the Hollywood types, the regal entertainers, since they can’t step down, could at least put a sock (or two) in it. But then, they really can’t because it’s their sworn (and swear they do) full-time duty to save the nation from, we, the ever unwashed and decidedly uncool; we, the conservatives. Truth (foreign concept in lib H-wood) be told, their real aim is to save what they consider to be their own private nation, that regrettably for them, comes with 49 unneeded, unwanted states attached.  What a pity.  There’s a saying that fits this Hollywood scenario perfectly.  Throughout life, we all need doctors, dentists, nurses, lawyers, teachers, first responders, electricians, plumbers, and on and on goes our real need for often critical services. But no one, no one, has ever truly needed an entertainer.

Summing up, it’s ever so easy to carp and complain when you have no responsibility or accountability. And all those in the progressive-socialist- dominated House, the national media, and their brethren, the unleashed Hollywood chorus, all who sound off negatively about the President (or his loyal voters) have no real, meaningful, responsibility or accountability.  As the saying goes, they have absolutely no skin in the game.  And that goes for left-wing House and Senate members elected from “safe” liberal districts, of which, unfortunately, there are many. The President, alone, bears the weight of the nation, 24/7, and especially so during this health and economy-threatening COVID-19 crisis.  Not only do the complainers, the home-grown Presidential saboteurs, have zero responsibility in comparison (and for those in Hollywood, zero responsibility, period), they also have no one on their side, absolutely no one, who could lead as boldly, competently, and successfully as President Trump.  They have no one who could do what the President has done, and especially in view of what he inherited, the lack of timely virus warnings up front, and the apparent lack of supplies at the state and local levels (yes, they, too, bear responsibility for lack of planning and supplies).  We, Trump supporters, are mighty thankful for his leadership in these most stressful of times for the entire nation. While we look for the successful development of coronavirus treatments and vaccines, we’d also like to see our research labs come up with a long-term sedation treatment, to be administered involuntarily to the nation’s trio of domestic saboteurs, so that the rest of us could continue to enjoy the incredible blessing of being here in America.


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