RuinNation: The Biden-Sanders (B-S) Task Force “Unity” Plan

While Joe Biden may be (and that’s still a maybe) the Progressive-Democrat presidential nominee, his actual running mate is not Kamala Harris, but rather the “unelectable” Bernie Sanders and his Radical-Left Demolition Chorus.  It may be Biden’s political/literal earthmover, but Sanders is driving it, and will continue to hold the keys.  If the polyamorous three (B-S-H) were to be elected (an eventuality only possible, we pray, if God is away on business), that large destruction-enjoying machine, designed to tear up all in its path, will proceed, come January, to wantonly dig deep and upend the democratic freedoms and traditions of our historically-vibrant nation, undoing the positive steps President Trump has taken to hold enemy-aggressors at bay, while creating long-awaited national economic well-being opportunity for all Americans, the Progress-Dem’s will gleefully bring an absolute end to the most successful, prosperous, innovative, free, independent, and defender-of-liberty nation the world has ever known.  Bad enough to aimlessly pull down or tarnish historic statues, for no rational reason.  Far, far worse to tear down and destroy the sacred plans and dreams of our brilliant, freedom-forging, Founding Fathers and the visionary governing documents (roadmaps) they blessed us with, documents and intentions that have served our great nation so well for over 200-years.  What we would witness, time and again, would be the same as seeing video of an abandoned building being purposely blown up and leveled. Only this time, we would be watching, in horror, the blowing up of all that has made America our precious home, and  the envy of the planet.

Time to take a look at the B-S “unity” plan that is purposely designed to change our nation for the worse, and forever.  By the way, “Socialism” is no longer the linger-term goal.  Sadly, we’re well past that phase by now.  Its realistically evolved into full-blown Marxism, which is now the progressive-elitist masquerade term for good old red-star Communism, the all-powerful tyrannical joy of the liberty-deprived residents of China, North Korea, Cuba, Russia, likely others, and its Muslim-version imposed on the citizens of Iran.  And speaking of Communism, you’ll be comforted to learn that one of Mr. Biden’s most recent backers is, reportedly, Bob Akavian.  Mr. Akavian, you see, is the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, who along with his Biden endorsement, encouraged voters “to deliver a decisive defeat to Trump and the whole fascist regime.”  Interesting to hear a Communist decry fascism, which, as of this moment, does NOT exist in America.

OK, here we go with this bravo-sierra-packed destruction of America plan, to be led by Mr. Biden, whom Mr. Sanders has proclaimed will be “the most progressive president since FDR.” Terrific, just what we need.  Someone who can, by demotion policies, bring on the second “Great Depression,” mental and economic.

Unimpeded illegal immigration must top the list, when one intends to start dismantling a nation.  Mr. Biden, the Sanders gang hand-puppet, will open our borders offering “ya’ll come” to any and all illegal migrants from any where in the world.  And that’s exactly what will happen if you hang a “We’re Open” sign at our borders. Migrants will flock to the land of milk and freebies.

And they will flock much easier, because Mr. Biden and his Merry Men/Women intend to eliminate President Trump’s most visible and effective way to control illegal immigration: the border wall, still under construction.  No need for a border wall if there is no more need for a border. So, no more detentions.  Heck no, and that’s because as you might guess by now, there are “community-based alternatives to detention.”  You bet there are.  Effective?  Doesn’t matter. Which likely means fewer, border patrol personnel, with yet-unknown processing registration (if any) and greatly weakened authority to stop or detain.  And so, into our once protected nation, will flow the unskilled and non-English-speaking, and if that’s not enough of a new separationist, “internal citizen-apprehension border,” along with them comes their baggage: unending children (needing everything), unchecked diseases, drug smugglers, sex traffickers, other assorted criminals (some of whom, here prior, have already wounded, raped, and killed Americans), and oh, in the midst of rapture, almost forgot, apparently uncontrolled terrorist arrivals.  And great news for far more desirable LEGAL immigrants, bringing with them needed language and employment skills: No need to wait in line anymore. Just come on in and make your way through those clueless illegals ahead of you.

Progressives have long sought to completely do away with ICE.  If there are no longer “illegal” immigrants, theoretically, there’s no longer anyone to deport, except, perhaps, for the occasional criminal or terrorist!  And then to wrap-up this nation-dissolving medley, what would follow is the progressive’s ultimate dream and goal: legal status for all illegals, ultimately meaning unending millions of new progressive party voters, eliminating forever, the need for a second political party.  Great, that’ll take the guesswork out of voting.  And also eliminating the ability of our existing citizens to find employment amidst diminished available jobs, now with the mob of low-skilled/low-paid/low comprehendo “legal”-illegals in line ahead of them. “Gallup research from 2018 found that nearly 160-million migrants around the world would move to the U.S, if given the opportunity, apparently just five-million of whom are located in Central America.”  The sheer numbers are unfathomable. Nation demolition complete. Welcome to existing-citizen lives turned upside down. Welcome to emotional and political mayhem and tyranny.

Oh, but sadly, there’s much more progressive-socialist-Marxist-Communist upheaval to accompany the human-flood phase of erasing the nation as we know it.  Says the “Unity” Plan: “We will immediately terminate the Trump Administration’s discriminatory travel and immigration bans that disproportionately impact Muslim and African people.”  And that, my friends, includes re-opening the door to known terrorist regions, the very eventuality President Trump has worked to protect us from.  Two words: Irresponsible and Insanity. Wrote Daniel Greenfield in this regard: “The Islamic terrorist attacks of tomorrow will be brought to you by Biden’s terror amnesty.”

To further reinforce Mr. Biden’s seeming loony-gracious comfort with the possibility of allowing into our country radical Islamists, he publicly stated in an address to a major Muslim conference, that he blamed President Trump for “an unconscionable rise in Islamophobia.” The Muslim religion, peacefully practiced, we get. Fundamentalist Islam to be embraced by America, not so much.  And Mr. Biden actually went on to publicly pander: “I wish we taught more in our schools about the Islamic faith.”  No, actually, based on the massive mis-information absorbed naively by way too many of our current lib-youth, loyal patriotic Americans wish we’d teach far more legitimate, factual history about the greatness of our founding and nation, and of the wars we fought (and greatly sacrificed doing) to preserve freedom (ours, and that of others). And the basic reality that America is an abundantly good, fair nation, and not the ‘evil’ theme being pumped into too many vacant, perspective-less heads.  Perhaps this would be a partial start to overturning the educational ship of fools. For instance, in today’s dark-clouded realm of this apparent American history replacement called “social studies,” we need far less social, and far more actual studies!

Next up, after breaking down the structure, morale, and ultimate safety of America, comes breaking America’s bank (one of many predictable efforts) with further damage to actual employment (vs. the pie in the sky theoretical variety).  Speaking now of global warming, or climate change, yet another masquerade from reality.  Mr. Biden says that President Trump has termed climate change a “hoax,” which it is, given, after all these years, the complete lack of factual proof that the world is truly eroding or ending because of it, and the obvious colossal pocket money taken in by the prophets (profits?) of climate doom.  Mr. Biden and Sanders have joined hands to promote Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” and perhaps even more so,  setting firm (unrealistic) deadlines for America to be free of those nasty fossil fuels that now provide over 60% of our nation’s electricity, and do it cheaper than today’s renewables.

California, easily the favorite state of most (except those now leaving there), has declared zero fuel emissions by 2045.  Electricity there is 60%+ more costly, on average, than the rest of America, and that’s before they start shutting down fossil fuel power plants. The B-S “Unity” plan calls for eliminating fossil fuel power generation by an accelerated, and totally fanciful, Year 2035. And then, within five-years, they say: “We will install 500-million solar panels, including eight million solar roofs and community solar energy systems, and 60-thousand made-in America wind turbines.”  The solar panels, please note, will in all likelihood be made in China. Oh, and fracking allowed for oil and gas production?  Nope.  At a cost of an estimated 10-million U.S. jobs, since essentially all fracking production on “federal lands and waters” would be fazed-out and stopped.  Fracking is said to be responsible for “catapulting America to the top world producer” (of oil and gas).  Yes, but who needs that?  It’s just a big ‘so what,’ conclude the B-S’ers.

Besides political boasting, that’s sure sounding like trillions of dollars in federal expense (obtaining land; buying and installing renewables), without even factoring in destroying the oil, natural gas, and coal industries. The climate boys never mention the job losses projected for the existing petroleum production, refining, and distribution industries, only all of the magical new jobs to be created by the imagined new nirvana of alternative energy. And how, again, do we power everything without fossil fuels when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine?  Oopps, I forgot. That never happens.  And the elitists always conveniently overlook nuclear power, the cleanest, least disruptive, of them all.

It isn’t that fossil fuel production is frying large numbers of birds, or disturbing people with the fan noise. But let’s not worry about the disruption of nature or sleep (birds, plus those thousands upon thousands of acres of developable, but unoccupied land to be taken up by hot panel farms and noisy huge-bladed fans).  We’ve go to save the planet from imploding all by ourselves, with no help expected from current reining polluters like China and India. No problem, we in the U.S, have got this.

Oh, and we can look forward to the time, in the not extended future, when the “Unity” plan would mandate that only electric vehicles may be purchased, effectively outlawing buying those that are (oh, no) gasoline-powered. There’s more to the Green Gagging New Deal, presented now as a two-trillion-dollar extravaganza, all based on what very will may be a colossal climate hoax, promoted by those with a direct stake in the game. Perhaps for the sake of our children, we should be more concerned about Steroid-Socialism and the enormous financial burden being left to them, than America’s cataclysmic climate change, which given the average temperature movements of mere fractions over the years, makes damage imaginary. Yet if the progressives have their way, the bill to taxpayers for something seemingly unnecessary, because it isn’t ethically or factually happening, will be enormous.  But just relax and be reassured, “the environment is very important to me,” says Mr. Biden.  There, that makes it all better.  Oh, and one footnote. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal unanimously failed in a Senate vote last year (meaning even the Democrat members rejected its lunacy).  And you think this November’s Senate races aren’t also extremely important!

Well, the Biden-Sanders “unity” plan goes on and on. No support or enthusiasm for school choice, that is, no vouchers, and as for charter schools, the latter they would like to see disappear to appease the teacher unions, despite the charter achievement levels. “Charter does not mean better,” asserts the “Unity” Task Force.  (Actually, in many cases, yes it does). “The goal,” they continue, “was never to undermine (with charters) the many extraordinary public schools in the country.” (Some are probably ‘extraordinary,’ but many are not).  And, hello…Charter schools are public schools! “So, by definition, Biden-Sanders would convert charters into standard government schools, just as sawing the wings off a Boeing 777 would transform it from a jet airplane into a metal tube!”

Speaking of education, the B-S plan also promises free public college tuition for students from families with annual incomes under $125,000.  That’s estimated to add $1-trillion over ten-years to tax-payer expense, as if tax-payers will matter anymore.  Just tax the heck out of them and print more bucks to cover the shortfall.  Never a problem for the Communist wannabes. Oh, and do you think the free public tuition might in any way harm America’s private colleges?  Yep. Enough to drive many of them our of existence. Gosh, do you think that might be the intension, giving government even more control of colleges, students, and families.

Now, the “disUnity” plan shifts to suburban living.  How about if we build a low-income, multi-family affordable housing development on your street, then on the next one, and the one after that. This was an Obama-Biden Administration brainstorm, but mercifully, never enforced under President Trump, for obvious quality-of-life reasons.  Forced social engineering, under the title of “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing,” was conjured up, then, by the Dem’s D.C. screw-the-suburbs cadre in 2015. Essentially, this would federalize local zoning laws, in order to permit construction of government rent-supported (Section 8) “high density” housing (i.e., apartment complexes) in neighborhoods previously restricted to single-family-housing.

Oh, and remember those future swarms of migrants pouring across our borders? They, too, would reportedly be eligible for government-vouchered, move-in rights, the same as legal residents from our inner-cities, according to the proposed Biden-Sanders “Unity” Task Force plan.  Wrote Fox News Anchor Tucker Carlson, in this regard: “Democrats want to abolish the suburbs. They are too clean and nice, and therefore by definition, they are racist. Biden’s team will cut off critical federal funds for municipalities, unless they submit to federal control of urban planning.” With due regard to the B-S proponents, objection to forced reconfiguring of suburban neighborhoods has absolutely nothing to do with the auto-pilot “racism” charge.

In our currently free nation, Americans have the right to live where they choose and can afford, thank you.  There are, in fact, many, many non-white families who have worked hard and achieved the ability, and made the choice, to live life comfortably and peacefully in suburbia. And by the same token, there are numerous families, white and non-white, who cannot afford to live in some of the nation’s toniest suburb developments, and may well not choose to go there, given the on-going, higher-level, expenses.   It’s not a race thing, as the B-S’ers would force you to believe.  It’s realistic desire, and plain old common economic sense, that so often dictates where folks choose to live.  And most often, if they can afford it, given a choice, most maturing, employed families, when able, would prefer not to life in congested, high-density housing neighborhoods. Again, race does NOT dictate, despite the 24/7 fixed-and-compensated-attitudes of the racism promoters. Oh, and then there’s this. According to a very recent Rasmussen Reports poll of likely voters, 83% of respondents “said the federal government should not play a role in deciding where people live.”  Only 10% disagreed.

As for healthcare, Biden, without Sanders, seem to fall short, for now, of the latter’s “Medicare For All” push.  But however farther Left the shift goes in his thinking, he is adamant that working illegal aliens (soon to be legal ones, as previously mentioned), “should have access to what everybody else has access to,” meaning of course healthcare and the whole laundry list of U.S. welfare benefits. And will normal Medicare, private health plans and supplemental coverage be allowed to co-exist, given the planned greatly expanded governmental health coverage eligibility for everyone ho’s breathing within our borders, regardless of legal status?   We’d darn better hope so.  Otherwise, forget trying to get in to see your doctor (or anyone’s doctor) in a timely manner (let alone hospital care and surgery), if the needy herd is granted universal coverage.

By the way, last month, Mr. Biden is reported to have labeled President Trump a “racist,” which in today’s clouded world of slander, profanity, and generic name-calling, is so over-used (black printer ink use must be ‘racist’), that’s it’s now no more demeaning than calling the President a white man.  But a strange statement, given Mr. Biden’s seeming past lack of embrace for black issues. Said Mr. Biden, during a union roundtable discussion, alleging that the President is engaged “in the spreading of racism, the way he deals with people based on the color of their skin, their national origin, where they’re from, is absolutely sickening.”  Geraldo Rivera responded in defense of the President: “He’s not a racist.  I’ve known him for 45-years. For Biden to say he is the first racist (president) ever elected, just shows how disconnected Joe Biden is. Twelve United States presidents were slaveholders.  Joe should do a little research before he makes a flamboyant charge like that, so unhinged from reality.”

On that topic, prominent black civil rights attorney, Leo Terrell, had this to say about Mr. Biden: “Not only is he unfit to be President, Biden has the mind-set of a plantation owner. He thinks he knows how every black person thinks, how we walk, what we should eat. Joe Biden doesn’t understand that black people are individuals.  Republicans are the people who believe in a color-blind society.  Democrats are the ones who believe in identity and race politics.”  And a bit more from the phenomenal Leo Terrell: “Joe Biden has insulted every African-American by saying if you don’t vote for me, ‘you ain’t black.’  I’m black. I’m not voting for him.  He’s an insult to every American, because people decide on the competency of the candidate. Joe Biden has got to help the people in those cities (wracked by violence) and he’s not doing it. He’s in his basement.” Mr. Terrell was formerly a Democrat, but as he says, the Party “left him.”  Wrote New York Post columnist, Miranda Devine, regarding Mr. Biden: “They (radical leftists) will not rest until they have basically grafted Bernie Sanders’ entire campaign into Joe Biden’s brain.”  She continued, indicating, in her view, that his presidential nomination “is a sham to fool the voter into thinking that they are choosing an old-fashioned moderate. He’s really an empty shell.” Clearly the respected Ms. Devine chose not to hold back!

Well, there’s more in Santa Biden’s enormous gift sacks, so heavy already, in fact, that the career bureaucrat elves in D.C. are staging a sit-down, which actually isn’t a lot of effort, since they’re already darn close to the ground). But enough for the moment, since you’re likely drowning in freebie-overload and potential regulatory suffocation.  So, how does B-S & Company intend to pay for all of this “no-cost” federal gravy.  No doubt you already know that answer.  Major increases in federal taxation for individuals, for businesses, for some real estate transactions, and as someone once said, and taxing everything that moves. And if that’s not enough, and it won’t be, no problem (except for those who come after us), summon the ink and paper deliveries, and crank up those trusty government printing presses yet again.

The proposed increased taxes on corporations could well cause the flow of jobs to go against the receptive grain President Trump has worked so hard to create.  Said economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, reflecting on this prospect: “You can’t ‘Buy America’ if you create an inhospitable business and investment environment with tax increases across the board.  How can you buy America, if you’re repelling American business?  They will stay offshore.  And why would you want to raise taxes, if your coming out of a very deep pandemic contraction?  I don’t understand it.”  Sadly, it’s all too easy to understand.  If government trucks are going to be dumping freebies across the land, there is no choice but major tax increases. For example, under the polyamorous team of Biden-Sanders-Harris, the top capital-gains tax rate for individuals could be 39.6%, the same as for regular personal income. Wrote The Overtaxed Investor author, Philip DeMuth, wrapping up the package of damaging changes: “This could be a triple whammy: cutting the estate tax exemption in half, eliminating the capital-gains reset to fair market value, and then doubling the capital-gains tax rate.”  So, then, still wondering who to vote for in November?

Summing up, here are some of the serious thoughts and warning shots from vastly-experienced former U.S. Senator Phil Gramm, the former chair of the Senate Banking Committee. Wrote Mr. Gramm, and this will sound familiar: “The (Biden-Sanders) ‘Unity’ program declares that virtually every significant gap – in wealth, health care, housing, policing, education – can be blamed on racism. The cure, then, is a massive transformation of every aspect of American life, using a reparations commission, wealth transfers, subsidies, employment and promotion preferences, and quotas.”  Now, if you can stand some more of his depressing-to-hear wisdom, without a medicinal alcohol break, here you go: “Their ‘Unity’ manifesto envisions the socialism of an all-encompassing welfare state, with virtually every need a right, and every right guaranteed by tax-payer funding.”  Housing will become a right (!), says Gramm. “Student loan payments are capped and eventually forgiven. (Government) school lunches, along with breakfast and supper (what??), will be universally free.”  OK, then, as tax-payers, we might want to remember to stop by the nearest public school after WORK, and grab us some of that free chow (that we’ve paid for).

The former Senator goes on to mention yet another third-rail for freedom-loving and securities-investing Americans. It’s the Marxist-Communist (sorry, B-S) concept of, read this carefully because it’s unbelievable, actually ending “shareholder capitalism,” that is, corporate-expansion funding and individual investing, either directly with stocks or in mutual funds, the latter as in virtually every working American’s retirement plans!  To be replaced by (don’t be holding hot liquids for this) “stakeholders,” such as “government, environmentalists, unions, and communities.”  Exchange-listed businesses/corporations would be forced to turn a yet to be determined share of their revenues over to these “stakeholders,” at which point, as you can well visualize, the stock value of those corporations sinks dramatically.  Reminder, were this insanity to actually happen, along with formerly-freely-operating businesses dropping to their knees, so too, would the bottom fall out of your investments, to include your specific retirement savings in 401(K)’s, pensions, and other futures holdings.  This is absolute destructive tyrannical lunacy, far beyond the definition of insanity.  Only a Marxist-Communist demolition team could come up with something so bizarre and hurtful, hurtful to virtually everyone working, or who has worked!!   Total disregard for the well-being of independence-minded Americans, so typical and expected, however, from intended totalitarian regimes. Yet another in the huge stack of reasons to vote, and vote carefully this fall.

And now, these final thoughts, from this observer of America’s  potentially flattened crystal ball, Phil Gramm: “Democratic leaders want to use the economic destruction of the pandemic shutdown as an opportunity to implement a leftist agenda, with enormous new taxes, federal control of the health care system, crippling energy mandates, a bailout of profligate states and cities, and an overpowering regulatory state.  Their proposals go well beyond doubling down on a big government approach that didn’t work; they are to the left of any governing socialist party in Europe.”  Pretty sure that last statement got your attention. Yep, that’s it.  Let’s turn our great free nation into something below the very worst of Europe.  As it’s easy to conclude by now, the B-S folks are certifiably crazy, and incredibly dangerous. As Phil Gramm concluded, realizing that some folks are ‘unhappy’ over the current status of things in America (virus + riots + Trump) and think we may need change, “there’s a big difference between being unhappy and being suicidal!”

Concluding this time, really(!), Daniel Greenfield, in his article, “Open Borders Biden,” comments on that which we spoke about much earlier in this essay (illegal migrants), the real core of the destructive plan to eliminate our nation as an actual prosperous, free, and free-standing nation: “President Trump is now under attack for condemning the Biden-Sanders plan.  Meanwhile the Democrats who claim to care about workers, refuse to condemn Biden’s descent into a radical extremism that puts illegal aliens first and American workers last.”  America’s voters: We simply cannot allow this extreme-leftist (being polite) permanent elimination of our national liberty to happen.  In November (or earlier), vote sensibly, vote for your America, vote Republican. And do it as if your future and that of your family depends on it.  It does!!

“If fascism (today, Marxism) ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.”  — Ronald Reagan


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