Rude Awakening

Two employees at a Little Caesar’s Restaurant in Alabama learned quickly that it’s not nice (or smart) to snub a police officer.  In their immature wisdom, recently they refused to serve one.  Not just any officer, a U.S. Navy veteran and a two-decade member of the town’s police department.  The officer reported his mistreatment on his Facebook page.  Once restaurant management determined what had happened, the two young ladies had their employment there terminated.   The restaurant management sincerely apologized to the officer, and followed up by delivering free pizzas to his department the next day.  The notion on the part of, thankfully, only the fuzzy-brained few that law enforcement personnel are the enemy is delusional.  The brave men and women of law enforcement, sworn to uphold the law, are all that stands between the over-whelming majority of good citizens and anarchy.  The police are on our side, the side of truth and right.  Thoughts to the contrary, by the naive and misguided, are problematic, destructive, and need to cease.  (2-27-18)