Roll (Republican Red) Tide!

Republicans simply must prevail on Tuesday.  It is unthinkable to envision going back to the likes of Pelosi, Waters, and their obedient gang of bobble-headed leftist-socialists.  They have ratcheted up the rhetoric in recent days, even beyond their routine cheap and “uncivil” dirty shots at President Trump.

This past week, non-independent independent Mr. Sanders (not the Kentucky Fried one, the Vermont Fried one), while campaigning in Maryland for a fellow progressive, referred to the President as “the most racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted president in history.”  What a ridiculous string of total untruths, and unsupportable insults.  A Gatling-gun volley of slander that our President doesn’t deserve.  “The most” … (everything bad)… “in history?”  Quite probably the extreme socialist from New England just made that up to extend and punctuate his verbal venom.  Chances are excellent that he hasn’t actually researched and analyzed all of America’s past presidents to reach the far-fetched conclusion that President Trump is the worst ever.  Mr. Sanders is just doing more of the unsupportable, big-shot, in the spotlight thing. Truth or merit be damned.

And the “racist” label is ridiculous.  Are we referring here to his laudable efforts to keep Islamic radicals from entering our country?  Or are the angry, frothing-at-the-mount leprechauns implying that “racism” is the reason why the President intends to do everything humanly possible to prevent the approaching hoard of illegal migrants from invading America?  None of this is about “race.”  It’s about protecting American citizens, and our nation as a whole, from totally unnecessary and, whenever possible, preventable harm.  “Race” has nothing to do with it.  National security and sovereignty have everything to do with.  And common-sense Americans, across the land, know that, and are thankful for his courage and leadership.

Then here’s that regrettably, soon-to-be-elected, socialist female Congressional candidate from New York City, whom the swooning media have adopted, who last week sent out the following way-over-the-top-of-sanity email, saying in part: “Six days from now, we can defeat the brutal white supremacist forces of anti-Semitism, anti-immigration nativism, and racism (sound familiar?).  We can hold accountable the cold-hearted monsters who have repeatedly attacked our health care.  We can send a message to the bigots (sound familiar?) and billionaires that this country belongs to us all.  We must end Republican control of Congress and begin to reclaim our nation.” This one contains so much blather, it’s tough to know where to begin. Or whether to begin at all, since those incendiary falsehoods all sink beneath the surface of the pond muck of their own weight.  Her last chandelier bulb has apparently finally burned out.

So, “white supremacist forces.” Leftist have latched onto this incredibly misleading slogan leading up to this election.  It is intended to make Republicans out to be the Fascists, so as to shield the real leftists “Antifas” from their more correct title and mission. Interesting to see the momentum of non-white voters switching to the Republican side, ignoring completely the desperate and fraudulent “white supremacist” claim.  And the lefties don’t like the term “nationalism,” somehow trying to compare that stance to 1930’s Germany.  So let’s make this easier for the hard-of-comprehending.  Nationalism means love of country; America first.  That’s what the President means and stands for.  Which is exactly what most Americans want, because that’s how they feel.

Oh, and then her reference to “anti-immigration.”  Typical for leftists, they always cast Republicans against all immigration, which of course is ridiculous.  The President and the vast majority of Americans understand and welcome legal immigration. It’s the open borders loonies who always gloss over the term illegal in their complaints, since we know well that it is the illegal (government hand-out) immigration, and the most possible, that is far better for them politically.  Not for our nation, of course, but for them, as probable future voters, politically.

Her “cold-hearted monsters” slam is far more appropriate for berserk assailants, or those illegal aliens who rape and murder once here.  It has zero to do with nation-loving Americans, Republicans or not.  Then she refers to “billionaires” as if these are exclusively Republicans.  Laughable inference.  Who do we read and hear about, daily, dumping millions of dollars into Democrat campaigns all over the country, in hopes of “buying” the election for the Dems?  Democrat-Socialist billionaires, of course.  So, again, that claim falls unintelligently flat.

And then finally, her plea to socialist-supporting voters to “reclaim our nation”!  Again, ridiculous. President Trump has spent the last two years doing exactly that, reclaiming our nation from the destructive, nation-diminishing policies from the far-too-long administration of that most recent former president.  If America wasn’t drastically diminished, both domestically and internationally, while the government unceasingly redistributing more and more of American’s hard-earned personal income, there would be no need for the President to invest so much political capital, and take so much daily slander and opposition heat, for doing all that he can to help Make America Great Again!!  And that’s why that “reclaim” bit is so lame, and gets absolutely no traction among realists.

These leftist fables, and everything you’ve been hearing, and will hear until Tuesday, from these unhinged, out-of-control, hopefully-panic-mode Dem candidates, backers, activists, and media bunk-mates, are more than enough reason to Vote Republican. Let alone the absolutely great condition our nation is in economically, with strong job creation and employment, among other meaningful gains.  We cannot permit these misfit political dreamers to regain any kind of meaningful control over America.  So, we say it again, if you haven’t already early-Voted Republican, be certain you do so on Tuesday, and encourage family, friends, and neighbors to do the same.  The stakes are too high to sit this one out.  The risk to you, your family, your employment, and our nation, is simply far too great.  And just in case any of this is unclear:  VOTE REPUBLICAN !!!


(Sanders quote via, 10-31-18; Socialist candidate’s quote via The American, Martin Walsh, 11-2-18)