Ripe, Hand-Picked Real Deplorables Are In: For Sale Now (As Always)

Four years ago, Mrs. Clinton refreshed our recollection of Webster’s (that’s a dictionary for today’s Progressive young and old dim-lights) by re-introducing the seldom used term, “deplorables.” She intended it to describe the stinky, swarming masses.  That is, all those pathetic losers among us who truly honor, respect, and love America.  Sadly, that love-America reality is a far-away planet for today’s indoctrinated and purposefully duped radical Progressives, most of whom are also blissfully unfamiliar with the long-standing physical reality we, the educated, know as the Boomerang Law of Return.  The simple rule translates to: always be careful what you fling.  What comes back may not be as you assumed or intended.  Mrs. Clinton’s verbal fling proves that point, as today’s Deplorables, with eyes and minds closed, have been smack-boomeranged (or “transformed” as the destroy America types prefer) into today’s domestic infidels, the insidious All-America- Haters.  After four long years, her deeply and purposely insulting term has now returned with an equal and (certainly) opposite reaction, but at long last, with a truthful meaning.  Today’s Progressives have morphed, by their own noxious and destructive behavior, into the true meaning of Deplorable!

First up among those who clearly hate our great Founder-created, citizen-empowered free and sovereign nation, and take self-serving pride in bad-mouthing, even slandering, our President, would be the radical Congresswomen and proud non-Christian from Michigan’s Detroit area, a funding “Squid” member, Rashida Tlaib, who, reacting to Mr. Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis, reportedly tweeted her compassionate and heartfelt concern: “He only cares about himself and his life, not those around him or the people he took an oath to protect. Too many lives lost because of his deadly sins.”  Presume among “sins” she’s not referring to her party candidate’s compulsive habit of smelling women’s and young girl’s hair. President Trumps only “deadly” sin is working and fighting, day and night, for the safety, security and overall betterment of the nation he loves, and is determined to preserve, our America.

Regardless, here we go again, right off the freshly photocopied, officially-proclaimed, and eternally-repetitive Progressive taking-points song-sheet.  Blaming the President for killing all two-hundred thousand+ alleged coronavirus-suffering U.S. residents (or 200-million, as her candidate mistakenly stated!).  Absolutely ridiculous, unseemly, lacking in all valid fact, and, yes, ‘deplorable.’  Which perfectly reflects the Progressive’s symbolic dodo bird (i.e., “rudimentary wings, useless for flying”) -inspired American’s-are-gullible-and-stupid-so-let’s-destroy-the-nation-formula.  Welcome to Team Deplorable, Ms. Tlaib.

And always robotically spewed, when everyone knows that her “party” did absolutely nothing, suggested absolutely nothing, did the ostrich-head bit in the sand, and chose only to complain lamely, while the President was shutting off international travel, pressing U.S. companies to crank up, to a degree of output unheard of, initial ventilator and PPE production (to relieve dependence on goods from China, the source of the virus), directing the military to initiate “Operation Warp Speed” (led by an esteemed Army General Officer) to coordinate DoD/American pharmaceutical companies’ development of safe/effective virus treatments and vaccines at an historic pace, and then working daily with medical experts (we were told) to inform and guide the public.

Wrote noted New York Post columnist, Michael Goodwin: “President Trump was indefatigable in ordering and overseeing a vast mobilization of government and private resources to combat the once-in-a century virus.”  As such, it’s pathetically humorous to hear Mr. Biden now try to convince us of all that he would have done more effectively, when he has done nothing, repeat, nothing constructive, meaningful, or positive during his entire almost five-decades in public office. Hollow presumption, hollow suit.

Meanwhile, over in suburban Progressive Cricketsville, again and continually, there comes nothing helpful, as if it wasn’t the uncompressing opposition’s  problem at all, since all they were elected to do was represent the American people (sorry, the “victims” we all are in the eyes of the Progressives), and have offered nothing except after-the-fact carping about the President’s malfeasance in not stopping a once-in-a century epidemic in in its tracks, when as we all clearly know (or should) that every American’s virus death was the direct result of China’s absolute, knowing, and stunning negligence (paired with some definite after-infection negligence on the part of certain Democrat state officials, as well).

Continuing with the “Deplorables” on parade, next comes an anchor from one of those lib-infected, non-news, purely entertainment. cable operations, Ms. Joy Reid reportedly referring to the President’s “wrecked credibility, claimed that “he lies so much” that speculation was that he didn’t really have coronavirus, and was just faking it to get out of the future debates.  “Credibility,” says she. Wow.  If anyone needs to shirk debate presence, it would seem to be the largely-phantom Mr. Biden, whose credibility bank account has long since been closed due to NST (Non-Sufficient Truth). Have you noticed that all of a sudden, it’s only the President who is accused repeatedly of lying?  Sleep-walk your way back to the abundance of lies Mr. Biden has told, currently and over the past many years, a practice perfected by his mentor, Mr. Obama, among whose “fibs,” at least one word stands out in shame: Benghazi. The lying tree has long been nourished, and biologically-watered, by the Democrat-Progressives. Their main man, Pinocchio, has been repeatedly hospitalized for years now due to severe nose strain.

Again, from New York Post columnist, Michael Goodwin, regarding the President’s virus condition and credibility in the world, looking, now, at the larger, international picture: “A spirit of national unity is not only desirable, it is necessary.  The world is full of malevolent actors always on the prowl for weakness, and expressions that reflect and harden polarization when a president is hobbled, amounting to an invitation to take advantage of it. Loose lips still do sink ships.  If you are anti-Trump, that’s what the ballot box is for.  Shut up and vote, or at least shut up. To his everlasting credit, Trump never stopped being President out of fear of getting sick. While you are praying for his recovery, you might also thank God for giving him uncommon courage.”

And continuing with the ‘President Trump is not the evil of COVID’ theme, Representative Steve Scalise, who knows quite a bit about evil, after narrowly  escaping death a few years back at the hands of an armed radical Democrat nut-case (redundant) when he wrote: “In the face of resistance and accusations of xenophobia from Democrats and many in the (no longer legitimate) media, President Trump closed our borders to China, and then to Europe, and other high-risk areas.  President Trump launched the ‘15 Days to Slow the Spread’ initiative in mid-March, then extended this initiative for another 30-days – protecting at-risk populations across the nation. In testimony before the select subcommittee, Dr. Anthony Fauci said lives were saved because of the President’s actions to ban those flights, followed by his ’15 Days’ (expanded another 30) initiatives.” And for a truth-telling, factual reinforcement of the President’s correct and timely actions, executed while the hapless, clueless, whiny Democrats sat rubbing their thighs together (solo or in group huddle), devoted Republican Congressman Scalise went on to point the obvious, well-deserved sting-finger: “Democratic governors ignored guidance from the Trump administration and sent coronavirus-positive patients back to nursing homes, resulting in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.”  Isn’t it amazing how neither the Democrats, nor their thigh-rubbing buddies in the national, no-longer-news, media never bother to remember this foolish, preventable, mind-numbing carnage of the highly-vulnerable elderly when they’re routinely and repeatedly harping on the President’s falsely-alleged errors of coronavirus inaction.

Continuing now, at last, with some additional, current, fresh-picked, but yet to be properly hand-washed or sanitized, Deplorables, the wife of the former president, the same man who has forbidden the American public’s access to any of his legitimate education or national-origin documents, because, they must feel, that’s what Americans want, a leader whose early-life-slate has been wiped squeaky clean for secretive, not viral, reasons. Spoken in a recent pro-Biden video, the former first lady is reported to have said: “President Trump isn’t up to the job (no reasons or proof given, of course, now standard procedure). Racism, fear, division – these are powerful weapons and they can destroy this nation, if we don’t deal with them head on.”  Good point, Ma’am.  “Racism” and “division” existed aplenty during the blocked-from-view youthful years of your husband’s seeming unending eight-years in office, and, you are absolutely right, America failed to deal with those sins head on.  Well, actually we did.  We elected Mr. Trump rather than Mrs. “Obama 2.0” Clinton.  Mrs. O then went on to accuse the President of “stoking fears about black and brown Americans.”  Well, not exactly, going back to her concern about “division” in America, her husband did effectively and continually “stoke” fears among black, brown and those evil white Americans to create and magnify the very “division” that seems to concern her.  And on the subject of black and brown individuals, what about the thousands of those folks, over the eight-years of immigration laissez-faire, who migrated from Mexico, Central America, and terror-regime countries elsewhere, and who were encouraged to enter the U.S. as social-services-demanding illegals?  Migrant rampage = good.  Wall = bad.

Now, some concluding Deplorables deserving of far less spotlight.  A district attorney in migrant-magnate California, just outside of San Francisco, which will explain what follows, has reportedly decided to require that her prosecutors consider the personal “needs” of radical, out-of-control, law-breaking looters when deciding whether or not to charge them with any crime.  Rationale: rather than stark, evil liberalism, the rationale and ‘villain’ here to explain why bad people aren’t really bad, must be, and conveniently of course, the coronavirus epidemic!  The mayor of Antioch, CA was appalled, and reacted as follows: “When I read the (new) policy, it was disturbing.  I understand the difference between protesting and looting. Peaceful protesting is OK.  Looting is not.”  And the head of the city’s police officer’s association also voiced his displeasure: “ It shows the District Attorney’s Office is picking and choosing the types of crimes it will prosecute versus just following the laws on the books.  At what point does our D.A.’s Office advocate for the victims?”

Then here’s “Lady Gaga” (just for the heck of it, let’s assume that’s the actual name on her birth certificate, bestowed by zany parents captivated by the sound of food caught in a baby’s throat).  Said she, reportedly: “Every day, people in America are racist, that’s a fact. And of course, that being the false “fact,” President Trump is “a fool and a racist.”  For starters, successful people who excel in business, and then become President of the United States, are not fools.  As for the very tiring “racist” claim, which the Lady seems to be saying includes us all, and, thus mandates a future for us all amidst the searing embers of Hell, that term has been forced upon us today, and made to fit everyone and everything, whether it’s an issue that’s important (within Progressive minds) or one immaterial to life here on earth (never possible for a Progressive), while such is too-often spouted in his direction, there has never been an ounce of proof or fact during the unending times that charge has been leveled at the President, and always for unsupported, vacuous, political reasons. Look honey, the baby just said her first word…gaga.

Then there’s the Middle School teacher in delightfully liberal Tacoma, WA who asked his virtual class of students to name (and detail, why) the one person whom each admired the most.  Thankfully for America, one ten-year-old student chose “Donald J. Trump.”  But not so in Tacoma.  The teacher banished the student (recall 10-years-old!) from his “remote learning chatroom, deleted the chat, proceeded to attack the President, while calling out the student for mentioning him.”  Without damning anywhere near all regular public schools, this incident turns out to be the perfect advertisement for our excellent public charter schools, parochial, and other private schools.  Note for the record, at least in this instance to be fair, the caliber of those infected by super-liberal colleges of education.  This particular young lib-pawn ‘educator’ should be encouraged to seek other employment, preferably away from the chance of further passing along his untreatable lib-infection onto additional young minds.

And finally (for now), in case anyone tries to convince you that we still have a fair and unbiased national media, NBC (Naturally Biden Centric) “News” held a televised ‘town hall’ earlier last week reportedly featuring “undecided” voters.  This will neither shock nor amaze you.  Some, if not all, participants were anything but.  Two in fact had previously declared for Biden on NBC’s sister cable channel, MSDNC.  How totally shocking (not really) that a respected (no longer) news (no longer) national network would mislead viewers in that manner.  Consider the national media (possible exception: FOX News) to now be happy, single-bunk, cell mates with the Progressive-Marxists, who when given a one-year sentence, with immediate release for time-served, vociferously opted instead for a life-sentence with no possibility of parole. Seems it’s true. You can’t hurry love.

That irritating beeping you now hear is coming from a dump truck backing up, this one crammed to the rim with Mrs. Clinton’s unintended (shame) reverse Deplorables.  Without question, more to come, as they are dumped onto the pavement, conveniently within reach of an absentee ballot drop box.

Please don’t send in your vote.  Recent polling indicates that the majority of in-person voters intend to vote Republican, while the majority of mail-in voters claim they will choose to vote for the Marx-Stalin ticket.  Since you can safely go to the store, or even “peacefully” protest, you can sure as heck safely mask-and-social distance yourself to vote in-person.

Early voting in Chatham County begins Monday, October 12th. Please, for the sake of our nation, be sure to vote.  And VOTE IN PERSON !!  If we should lose this election to the Marx tribe, you will lose any impact of your voice and vote forever.


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