Return of 2ABCT Third ID and Uncasing Ceremony

On a “beautifully brisk morning,” as CG MG Tony Aguto described it (tongue in cheek as it was indeed “brisk”!), the 2ABCT (“Spartan Brigade”) uncased its colors (12-18-2020) in Marne Garden at Fort Stewart in front of a largely virtual audience necessitated by the persistent virus.

Colors officially uncased, Major-General Aguto was the first to speak, promising to keep his comments short, which he did.  A key part of his message was to thank the families “for what they’ve endured, what they do, and what they will continue to do. You are the pride and the heart of the great Marne Division.”  And, in conclusion, to the soldiers of the Second ABCT: “Welcome home.  Happy holidays. Rock of the Marne.”

MG Aguto was followed to the podium by 2ABCT Commander, Colonel Terry Tillis.  Speaking for his soldiers, the Colonel told those assembled on-site and on-line that “we’re fired up to be back in the great state of Georgia.  We’re sorry to bring with us some of that cold European air.  Please don’t hold that against us!”  Then to his soldiers, he said: “Be proud of all that you’ve done.  We are part of a remarkable formation that continues to foster the legacy of the great ‘dog-faced soldiers’ who’ve come before us.”  And he was also proud of the fact that, despite undertaking multiple exercise across Europe, during the Brigade’s ten-month deployment to Poland and other nations, that the formation had “remained 99.9% COVID free.”  Colonel Tillis concluded his remarks with the Brigade motto “Send Me,” then “Rock of the Marne!”

At the conclusion of the formal ceremony, in keeping with Third ID tradition, those in attendance joined in the signing of both the ‘Dog-Faced Soldier’ and the Army songs.