Warning Flag Rising

The word “insidious” means “characterized by treachery”; “more dangerous than seems evident;” “an ambush; to lie in wait.”  If fundamentalist (militant) Islam is the noun, does the adjective insidious seem a likely fit?  Heck yes it does.  Rather than taking that acceptance for granted, a reminder of the reality.  Fundmentalist Islam, a tightly controlled overall way of life (Sharia Law), far, far more invasive than simply a religion, has as its historic goal the eventual, no matter how long it may take, (“to lie in wait’) domination and strict control of the entire world’s population.

Toward that end, in historically record time, much to the glee, no doubt, of the international Islamic community, they’ve now established, at least in part, a most undesirable menacing presence (attacks/murders) throughout the nations of Western Europe. Assisted immeasurably toward their goal by the out-of-control, self-destructing liberalism (progressivism here), whose leaders foolishly (or to be kind, naively) threw their borders wide-open, earlier in this decade, to hundreds of thousands of migrants from Northern Africa and the Middle East.  Individuals who, for the most part, arrived with limited education, limited skills, and limited language comprehension.  And, as such, become immediate dependents on the welfare support and services of the respective governments.  The immigration doors there have now either narrowed or become completely shut, but by now finally tightening that welcome, it is an action that’s too little, too late.  The damage from being overrun is already done.

By overall historic (dark ages) Islamic design, whether by bullets, births, ballots, or any combination, as needed, the nations of Western Europe, as we studied them in history class, now on the road to Islamic domination, will, possibly within the next generation or two, cease to exist as free and sovereign countries, obliterated under the forceful thumb of Islam.  Think that’s not happening.  The Mayor of London is now a Muslim, as are the mayors of other English cities.  Who could have predicted that even five-years ago? They wouldn’t be in office, however, without substantial Muslim voter support.  No matter how long it takes, the move to Islamic dominance is underway.  And all thanks to the ignorance of European leaders, blinded by the feel-good liberalism of deficient historical awareness.   Come to our lands in droves, all ye seeking a better life, as we exhibit remarkable compassion, while opening the flood gates that will eventually drown our respective nations.

But you already know all of that. So then, what does this have to do with our United States?  Well, those long-stemmed ceremonial trumpets are blaring a warning to us.  One we must take seriously and pay close attention to, so that we don’t go the way of Europe.  And, oh, yes, it could well happen here, most likely not by bullets, but by births and ballots.

You will note, of course, that we already have, and unbelievably so, for those of us with senior citizen status, two duly-elected Islamic U.S. Representatives in the House.  One from the heavily-Muslim suburbs near Detroit, and the other Representative, one seemingly more devout, from Minneapolis.  How did the Minneapolis voting block happen?  Back during the anything-liberal-goes, “fundamentally transform America” era of the last president, with the help of church groups, some 30,000 Somali migrants were deposited in that city, which is very much a continuing liberal strong-hold.  As such, reportedly, that cluster of Somali transplants has now blossomed to about 80,000 over the last few years.  Apparently, quite a few of those folks must have achieved U.S. citizenship relatively quickly. Representative Omar and her family are refugees from Somalia.  She and her Michigan colleague seem not to love America (understatement?) under President Trump, and are demonstrably anti-Israel, anti-Semitic.

And now (in football terms, piling on) comes devout Muslim, Ms. Zahra Billoo, an attorney, and the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), whose recent statements, even prior to her very recent appointment to the left-wing Women’s March Board, should give nation and freedom-loving Americans no comfort. In 2018, she reportedly wrote that she “doesn’t see any difference between American youth leaving the country to join ISIS or the IDF (Israeli Defense Force).  Both are murderous, war crime committing terrorist entities.”  Earlier, it’s been reported that she had also written, that she “opposed all terrorism, including all that is regularly committed by the US military and Al Qaeda.”

Warning Flag Rising!  An American Muslim organization leader who considers the United States military to essentially resemble a terrorist organization, and one she would freely compare to both Al Qaeda and ISIS!  Good grief.  It’s certainly possible that our two current Muslim Representatives in Congress (one of whom, devout like Ms. Balloo, also covers her hair in public), silently feel that same negative way about our military, but it’s doubtful, as to date, nothing close to that has yet been uttered by either.

To disparage the United States military in that way is beyond insulting and totally unacceptable. To equate our efforts overseas, along with our Allies, to rid that part of the world, if not all of it, from the deadly and insane scourge of Islamic terrorism, is ludicrous.  The courageous men and women of the U.S. military are sent to war, as a last resort, to defend (and restore) liberty, and to keep America secure.  Terrorist organizations like ISIS or Al Qaeda initiate conflicts, force wars on home countries, hoping to draw in the West, with the intent of destroying national liberty and personal freedoms in order to gain complete Islamic control, subjugating populations to fear, cruelty, and murder along their evil way.

Equating our military to murderous fanatics is totally indefensible.  And certainly, if facts and the truth, not ‘feelings’ and invented hysteria, are used to judge.  Such remarks and comparisons about the great, skilled, and compassionate military branches that defend our nation are absurd, especially when spoken by an American citizen, whose pronouncements, yes, are protected by our First Amendment.  Yet despite that shield, given those slanted and unjustified pronouncements about our military forces, and her apparent distain for them, a suggestion that perhaps she would be more comfortable living in a different country.

Insidious: “more dangerous than seems evident.”  That would seem to be an accurate way to describe devout Islam (and its repressive Sharia Law), as its very presence (and influence) seems to be ever-so-gradually increasing here in America.  Remember what is happening to Western Europe, as its languages, cultures, traditions, and laws are overtaken and replaced, gradually to slip away over time.  That is not the picture, nor eventuality, that any of us would wish for our great country, the finest and freest in the history of the world.

When it comes to the risk of the growing fundamentalist Islam influence or actions here, we must all be vigilant about preventing any meaningful foothold, whether from words, deeds, or growing numbers.  Immigration must be limited only to those legal, “front-door” newcomers who are actually committed to our language, to assimilation, to industrious productivity, and to a peaceful existence here. Vigilance, again, is required on the part of our government, as true fundamentalist Muslims/Islamics cannot assimilate, as their laws and beliefs are incompatible with the American Constitution and American ways.

So, the Warning Flag of awareness and vigilance is out, and rising in defense of our glorious red, white, and blue.  We must do all in our citizen power and might to preserve our traditions and nation, as the home of the brave and the land of the free, for untold generations to come.

(Ms. Zahra Billoo via dailycaller.com, Peter Hasson, 9-16-19)