Some Random Thoughts On Current Issues

With much WH fanfare, last week Mr. Biden proudly announced that he had arranged for the release of women’s pro basketball player, Brittney Griner, confined for several months by Russia, after having been arrested, tried and convicted of possessing “cannabis vape cartridges.”  She was exchanged for international arms dealer and U.S. prisoner, Viktor Bout, known as the infamous “Merchant of Death.” Said a pleased Mr. Biden upon announcing the release of Ms. Griner: “Brittney is an incomparable athlete.  She represents the best of America, just across the board, everything about her.”

While she may well be an “incomparable athlete,” he perhaps should have pre-considered the “best of America” accolade, in that such a claim in her case simply doesn’t fit.  Prior to her arrest in Russia, she was anything but a fan of America, the same country that gave her prominence in college basketball, affording her, then, the opportunity to achieve stardom and financial reward as a noted player in the professional ranks.  Ms. Griner is female, a minority, and a married lesbian, all of which brought sympathetic support from liberal Americans, pressuring the White House.

Sadly, former U.S. Marine and American businessman, Paul Whelan, convicted and held now in a Russian prison for four-years on likely-false “espionage” charges, was not included in this high-profile prisoner exchange.  We don’t leave Americans behind, as the belief goes, except, that is, in the case of Mr. Whelan and an untold number of our citizens left in Afghanistan following the hasty, chaotic, deadly, and absolutely shameful withdrawal from that nation, ordered you’ll recall by Mr. Biden for political deadline purposes.

The freeing of Ms. Griner in exchange for a death-dealing arms agent was not well-received beyond the White House hallways.  Considered to have been a foolish, Putin-elevating, and globally-embarrassing deal, given that it involved a basketball player for an international death merchant, likely to be the behind-the-scenes source of future killings, perhaps even here. The poor quality of the deal is being compared to when President Obama freed Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, also not a great role model, having presumably gone AWOL in a war-zone, in exchange for five Guantanamo prisoners, who reportedly went back to become Taliban leaders in Afghanistan!  The exchange might very well have received far less scorn and negative press had it also included the other American, Mr. Whelan.

But then, let’s say, had Mr. Biden managed to free former Marine Paul Whelan, rather than Ms. Griner, he most certainly would have faced “racism” claims at the hands of this foolishly growing Nation of Woke.  As it is, the exchange deal was way, way out of balance, clearly favoring Russia, as the world clearly recognizes. Current American weakness, and our appears-to-be-weak leader, were on display internationally once again.

In plain English, the Griner-for-Bout deal stinks.  This administration would be doing itself a major favor by arranging for Paul Whelan’s release from Russian incarceration, but within a far more advantageous scenario for America than occurred with Ms. Griner. Chances of that happening anytime soon are likely, and sadly, slim.  In hindsight, Mr. Biden should have negotiated for, and held out for, the release of both individuals this time.


Along with the vanished, falsely-projected “Red Tsunami” in November, the run-off race for U.S. Senator last week did not turn-out in favor of the Republicans either, with Herschel Walker unfortunately losing.  And that’s despite a record voter turn-out for a run-off election, and despite the fact that, in the November Mid-Term, all of Georgia’s state-wide races were won by Republicans. That would seem to imply that in too many cases, Republican voters may have, for some unknown reason, split their ticket when it came to the Senate race.  And, the third-party-candidate voters in the Mid-Term, did not go with Herschel in large enough numbers to help make the difference in the run-off.  One cannot overlook the voting power of metro Blue Atlanta (although, that premise makes the state-wide Republican candidate victories thankful, but confusing).

While these Georgia elections, to date, did not seem to raise any claims of mis-counting or fraud, we simply must get rid of mass ballot distribution, mail-in balloting, ballot “harvesting,” and drop-boxes for ballot submission, all of which provide slickly-paved avenues running directly downhill to the goal of election fraud.

Some states or municipalities (CA comes to mind) reportedly actually send out unsolicited ballots to all “residents” holding state driver’s licenses (which, out there, can include illegals)!  Done without any coordination with election officials, thus no consideration for cleansing voter rolls of deaths, persons moving out of state, or even simply changing residence in-state without notifying authorities. This leads to undeliverable ballots, piling up at post offices, door-steps, apartment multi-unit/one location boxes, etc.  All ripe for false submission of multiple ballots, and/or ballot “harvesting,” where kind-hearted Democrat field workers go door-to-door offering to assist elderly, infirm, or otherwise confused voters.  And should “harvested” ballots be discovered unfavorable to Democrat candidate(s), they are likely discarded, with the voter being none-the-wiser.

Absentee ballots are understandable, and fine, for legitimate requests.  It’s the mass distribution of ballots by mail, partisan “assistance” and “harvesting” that must be stopped, if Republicans ever expect to win future control, whether local, state, or national.  And above all, a government-issued I.D. MUST be required to vote. The end-run on that requirement is, of course, mass mail-in balloting!

With the Covid crisis, the original rationale for the creation of mall-in balloting, now considered to be under control, or at least creating mostly non-lethal illnesses, following nation-wide mass vaccinations. Accordingly, there is no longer any reason for mass ballot distribution and mail-in balloting.  If Republicans want to work seriously at eliminating vote fraud, that is a great place to start the clean-up.  Realistically, however, such will not happen without Republican control of state legislatures which is where, constitutionally, the rules, regulations, policies & procedures for voting in each state are supposed to originate.  We have two years, now, to make something positive happen with regard to stopping the more obvious schemes for vote fraud. And that starts with the universal demand for, at a minimum, government-issued voter I.D !


Meanwhile, our porous Southern border continues to spew large numbers of undocumented migrants every day.  Last week, reportedly almost 5,000 illegals crossed the Texas border in just 24-hours! Imagine anything near that rate on an annual basis (do the math). This is against America’s firm immigration laws and, as such, continues to make legally-applying immigrants look like fools for waiting in line for months or longer.  Since illegal entry clearly violates our immigration laws, why has it been allowed, all these months, just because Mr. Biden decreed it so?  Why haven’t court cases shut this extreme violation down prior to several million illegals having now been permitted (welcomed) in?  This needs to be among the first orders of business for the new House and Senate in January.  The illegal WH mandate needs to be over-ruled and shut down, either by Congress or by the Courts.  Our nation has been invaded, now, for almost two years running.  The invasion of unwanted illegals must be stopped for the sake of our nation and for that of the cities and towns that are home to America’s citizens.


There is a U.S. Department of Energy employee, responsible, we’re told, for nuclear waste disposal, or something like that.  His name is Sam Brinton and he seems to consider himself, in public, to be both man and woman.  You’ve likely seen pictures of him with a moustache and bright red lip stick wearing some form of women’s clothing, looking, shall we say, mighty undignified for a presumed government official.  Beyond bizarre, fully representing the WH compulsion for diversity and inclusion to a tee, Mr. Brinton has now been accused of knowingly walking off with a piece of luggage from an airport baggage carousel that was not his. Even more troubling, he has now been accused of taking a second piece of luggage not belonging to him, at a second airport.  To date, the administration has put him on leave, but has not terminated his position.  One alleged theft was unacceptable enough.  But now two!  We would assume he faces arrest. The Biden team needs to remove Mr. Brinton from his government position.  It’s the right and proper thing to do, given the accusations (backed by video evidence!).  He needs to be dis-inclusion-ed.                     UPDATE:  It’s now been reported (12/12) that Mr. Brinton is “no longer a Department of Energy employee.”  It’s likely that the “DEI” movement, when unforced, has some merits.  This particular case appears not to have been one of them.


We are currently, and for too many months now, reading about the increased level of gun violence in U.S. cities large and small.  Far more law enforcement officers would help, as would far more aggressive policing.  And far fewer prosecutors who seem to behave as if the violators are the victims would also be a help, along with firm confinement sentences.  But Democrat leaders are, it appears, astonishingly hesitant to do anything meaningful. The no-doubt-coming move to attempt to confiscate certain types of firearms, and perhaps eventually, all of them, regardless of the Second Amendment is worrisome.  That effort, if doubtfully successful, could well make the violence even worse, since only the “bad guys” would be left with guns.  Oh, and doubt not, the bad guys will indeed still have guns, no matter the laws and efforts.


A Massachusetts town library has ended a long-standing tradition by deciding not to put up a Christmas tree this year.  You can see the reason for this one coming.  Reportedly, the sight of the tree made some patrons “uncomfortable,” while others claimed to be actually “offended.”  Just another example of the fashionably disgruntled few being able to stop the enjoyment of the many.  So many pseudo-victims, so little time.  Here’s an idea. Perhaps just add in a Satanic Temple display along with the Christmas tree or nativity scene.  For the last four-years running, that delightful “inclusion” move has apparently worked to quiet the offended, and the confused, at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, IL. !  UPDATE:  Common sense and majority rule have scored a yuletide victory.  It was reported today that the Massachusetts library has now decided that it will put up a Christmas tree this year after all!  One small step for man; one giant step for mankind. Merry Christmas to all.


And the U.S. House just passed the badly needed defense bill, including a provision that would eliminate the COVID vaccine requirement for our men and women in uniform.  As difficult as it has become to recruit new soldiers, sailors, and airmen, we don’t need to be discharging current military members from serving our nation, volunteers all, over enforced vaccination mandates, with members resisting due to religious or personal desire reasons.  The pandemic seems to have largely run its course in America. We need a much stronger and more fully “manned” fighting force protecting our nation and freedom, not one additionally weakened by a questionable federal order from a stubborn administration with its eye seemingly off our very real national defense need. Along with the full military appropriation, this eliminated military vaccine mandate now goes to the Senate.  Hopefully they will agree with, and pass, the vaccine-free House version. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome.