Protecting The Unborn: Some Good News At Last

After seemingly endless demonstrations, signs, and shouts from those supporting abortion anytime, including, unbelievably, even at the moment of birth, in some Democrat-controlled jurisdictions, finally comes some positive news from those who support the sanctity of human life.

We’ve heard about the far-to-many, illegal, “sanctuary cities” in Democrat-controlled municipalities around the country.  Well the Roswell, New Mexico city council has recently voted to make their town a “sanctuary city” as well, but with a huge twist.  Roswell has now declared itself to be a Sanctuary City for the Unborn!  The city council’s resolution intends to “honor the rights of healthcare providers to object on moral grounds to performing abortions and opposes any regulation or law seeking to violate that right.”  Speaking in support of this municipal action, a local citizen said the following: “Here in the United States, we have severe penalties for destroying eagle eggs or turtle eggs, but human children in the womb, with a heartbeat, with feelings, are being dismembered and killed.” Her support for the city council’s resolution was mirrored by the majority in Roswell, along with so many other pro-life voices throughout the nation.

And still more good pro-life news, this time from the State of Mississippi. That state’s legislature has passed, and the governor has signed, its new Fetal Heartbeat Law.  This act bans abortion in Mississippi once a heartbeat can be detected.  There are, of course, provisions in the law meant to protect the life of the mother in the event of a “medical emergency.”  Observers there are certain the law will be challenged in court by pro-choice organizations.  In response to such a likely challenge, to his great credit, Mississippi’s Governor Phil Bryant, has issued the following statement: “We will all answer to the good Lord one day.  I will say in this instance that I fought for the lives of innocent babies, even under threat of legal action.”  A stout piece of positive legislation by a conservative governor and his conservative-controlled state legislature.

Two positive steps forward. Looking at both Roswell and Mississippi, sometimes things just turn out right.   Addendum:  Ohio, Georgia, and other states have now written “heartbeat” measures into law, as well, a concept that is likely to be challenged by pro-abortion groups on up to the Supreme Court.


(Roswell quotes via,  Amanda Prestigiacomo, 3-18-19;  Mississippi law info via, Frank Camp, 3-21-19)