Progressively Speaking, This Says It All

Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a sure-to-be-elected Congressional candidate from her Democrat-Majority district in New York City, like other hard-core socialists, is a strong proponent of “Medicare For All.”  Experts who’ve researched this proposed plan and run the figures, estimate the cost to our nation, that is to our taxpayers, over a ten-year period, would exceed $32-trillion (Trillion with a T).

When asked how she thought we might pay for that plan, the soon-to-be Congresswoman basically responded: “You just pay for it.”  OK, that was easy.  Next question….

This is what happens with all of these wonderful “free” programs, like college, that are repeatedly suggested, and expanded, by our emerging hard-left socialist politicians.  There’s never a firm answer (although you know the answer: enormous taxation increases).  Apparently, they must feel that the money will magically appear, to be bestowed upon us by their mystical Patron Saint (i.e., Marx, not Harpo, the Moscow one).  Don’t worry, be happy (while we go broke as a nation).

By the way, on the subject of “Medicare For All,” please do realize that in addition to the unreasonable, unaffordable cost, that program would wipe away all current company and individual health insurance plans.  They would be no more. The Government plan would be the only one (except, of course, for those serving in government, if past is prolog).  With everyone in the same system, expect over-crowed waiting rooms and wait times, and over-crowded physicians trying to deal with it all.  Oh, and eventually, the doctors will inevitably become employees of the Federal Government, with set salary schedules, just like Canada and Britain.  How excited will young pre-med students be about going to med school, knowing who their eventual employer will be.

Oh, and did we mention rationing of healthcare, and especially for those extensive treatments for illnesses.  Beyond the extended wait-time to be scheduled for the treatment of serious, perhaps life-threatening illnesses (See: Canada and Britain), based on age, meaning our senior citizens, treatment may actually be denied.  Beyond a certain age, and with a serious and/or complicated illness requiring extended treatment, a patient may very well simply be told: ah shucks, you’ve had a good life, here’s an aspirin, go home and lie down!  Imagine having to explain that to your Mom or Dad.

Rationing will happen if/when Medicare “coverage” is extended to every living American, including every living non-American and, yes, illegals, certain to be covered by the vote-addicted socialists.

And this last thought for “You just pay for it.”  That $32-trillion expert estimate for the plan over a ten-year period simply could not “just be paid for.”  Said the economist who derived the cost projection:  “A doubling of all currently projected federal individual and corporate income tax collections would be insufficient to finance the added federal costs of the plan.

Let that lightning bolt sink in.  Doubling our taxes, painful beyond belief, and simply not feasible, would be required to cover the socialist plan, and even that extreme, unthinkable measure, wouldn’t provide for the total anticipated cost, which is likely to go ever higher.

Yep.  That says it all.  “Just pay for it.”  Except we can’t………

(Estimated cost quote via The, Aaron Colen, 11-5-18)