It’s Progressive Ladies “Unload The Wagon” Week

Ain’t nothing worse, nor more ornery, than a Progressive woman scorned.  For most of them these days, scorned is a way of life. Their common theme: That evil man in the White House. No, not that one. The one there now: President Trump!

So, let the unloading begin. Former U.S. Senator Clair McCaskill (D-MO) referring to the President’s mistaken (we all agree!) interview effort to perhaps trust Mr. Woodward not to clobber him in writing, expressed these kind sentiments: “This president is the stupidest one that’s ever held office. For all of his followers, forget about the integrity issues, forget about character, this guy’s too dumb to lead this country.”  Somehow, the obligatory ‘have a nice day’ was left out of the translation.

Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen “Lock Down” Whitmer pulled these thoughts out of her, ah, wagon, after the President urged her to “Open Up Your State, Madam Governor!,” when she reportedly stated: “I think the biggest enemy of the state right now is the misinformation that’s coming out of the Head of State.  I think the biggest threat to the American people is the American president right now.” Speaking about the virus situation, as she kept a tight political tarp over Michigan, she demonstrated an uncanny ability to avoid repetition.  Oh, and the President did add a little something extra after his “Open Up” plea: Michigan would be better off if it “had a governor who knew what the hell she was doing.”  Thankfully we have a president who knows how to throw high and tight.  And, back to “the Head of State?” Believe that’s the main White House bathroom.

Now, a key component of Mrs. Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” our leftist entertainer types, who are always willing to share their keen insights with America, even when not asked, which is most of the time. Tweeted the adorable Bette Midler, referring again to the purposefully incorrectly perceived claims about the virus control: “You (President Trump) ridiculous, pathetic excuse for a public official.  You have 30,000 corpses on your hands (spoken back in April). Every single day you cause death, destruction, and untold suffering.  Four more years of your incompetence and we won’t have a country left!”  Four more years of entertainer verbal incontinence and there wouldn’t be a dry mop left.

And, strangely, the Progressive tribe never wants to mention that its scam and hoax of an impeachment blocked the view of the nation from the approaching deadly virus.  Correct to make the case that without that leftist diversionary charade, the Administration, which was then “on trial,” would most certainly have been able to react to the approaching threat more rapidly and comprehensively.  Although quickly forgotten is the fact that the President did shut down China travel back in late January, while some Democrats were out there (Mrs. Pelosi) joining with Alfred E. Newman saying “What Me Worry?”

West Coaster Alysa Milano, referring to the Woodward book revelations about the coronavirus, and the President’s again purposely mis-perceived efforts to calm rather than panic the nation, reportedly, via tweet, has said: “While a deadly disease ripped through our nation, Trump failed to do his job – on purpose.” She went on to conclude that “the entire GOP should be tried for treason”!  Tell you what.  Let’s first “try” all of the Progressive Mayors and Governors who’ve stood back for months, on purpose, to let “peaceful” rioters, pyromaniacs, and looters destroy parts of some of our major cities.  Let’s first see if that fills our prisons.  Then, if there’s still room, we can go after the entire Republican Party, so as to make Ms. Milano’s dream come true, out there in never-never-land (oh, if only that were true).

Finally, for now, on the subject of “biggest threats” to our nation, while the speaker is not a lady, per se, but rather a gentleman extremely fortunate-to-be-married-to a great patriotic American, Kellyanne Conway.  Her Never-Trumper husband, George, chose a sacred anniversary to reportedly proclaim, via twitter: “On this 9/11, the greatest threat to the safety and security of Americans is the President of the United States.” Now that’s strange.  Progressives are always telling us that “climate change” (the former “global warming”) is the biggest threat to our security, and we’ve just got to hurry up and bankrupt the nation, and our children’s future, to keep those huge Antarctic ice mounds from melting.  Another fable, from cold to hot, is that its “climate change” that’s causing all them wildfires. There is, of course, zero proof, among reputable, factual, actual scientists, that such is the case.

While the wily Progressive ladies ranted against the President with their redundant complaints about alleged mishandling of the coronavirus (and against everything else he says or does), the President of the United States was overseeing a dramatic step toward Middle East peace, with the signing at the White House of the Abraham Accords, designed to normalize relations among Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain. In the President’s words: “We’re here to change the course of history.”  Administration thinking is that Saudi Arabia, and perhaps other Arab nations may soon, or one day, also sign-on to the break-through Accords.  This is historic as it begins the process of better protecting Israel, and, it’s hoped, eventually isolating Iran in the region.  What a phenomenal achievement, with credit to our President.  He has done what numerous previous Chief Executives may have tried, but failed.

Progressives, these days (or likely always), are hauling around a whole lot of wagons jammed full of self-created organic matter that they choose to dump, when and wherever they deem unloading is needed, ever negatively impacting the nation’s well-being, and its aroma. On that eye-watering note, more when the entire Republican Party is tried for treason……


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