Preserving Our Republic

The time is, at last, upon us. The choice of what we want our nation to be, and with it, how we wish to live our lives.  Democracy or oppressive socialism (for starters) Free elections or totalitarian control. Individual freedom of choice or centrally- dictated imposed choice.  It all comes down to: President Trump for the former.  Mr. Biden & Progressivism, Inc. for the latter.  That choice will be made by America’s voters tomorrow (November 3rd).

Mr. Biden has spent very little time talking about the Progressive’s true platform and intentions, for the same reason Senator Sanders is not at the top of his party’s ticket.  Hard-core, dictatorial, all-encompassing socialism will still be rejected outright by the vast majority of Americans. So instead of that, the Progressive masquerade ‘platform’ centers on all that’s wrong with President Trump, and especially his responsibility for every one of the over 200-thousand COVID-19-related deaths in our nation.  To be polite, that charge is bravo sierra lunacy, but that’s what Mr. Biden and the Progressive flock choose to bellow about.

Speaking in Iowa, with appropriate gloom and doom, Candidate Biden proclaimed: “America is dead because of COVID-19.” Since you are currently reading this, that would seem to be yet another false statement from the candidate.  And how all along the path of the virus, he/they never had plan to combat it, or treat it, let alone any constructive idea to offer the nation.  No need to do that, when hollow carping and complaining will do.  But, in the waning hours of the campaign, Mr. Biden has come up with a solution, once he rediscovered his heretofore misplaced magic wand.  ‘Twittered’ he, profoundly, just four days ago: “I’m not going to shut down the country. I’m not going to shut down the economy. I’m going to shut down the virus.”  Yes, America, Mr. Biden, M.D. will simply banish the evil virus on command, and do so, without either ruining the economy or the country.  As David Gelernter wrote about Mr. Biden’s magical powers: “Since he has nothing new to offer, his only choice is to say: Trust me and I’ll take care of everything. It’s exactly what Mr. Trump would be saying, if he were sufficiently dishonest.”  And just too doggone bad that Mr. Biden’s magic wand turned up missing during all those impact-free years of federal ‘service.’

Meanwhile, back in mid-September, in Arizona, his campaign partner, Mrs. Harris, provided us with a preview of coming attractions, a bit of “Who’s On First?” mis-speak, when she told an audience: “As part of our Build Back Better agenda, we will need to make sure you have a president in the White House who actually sees you, who understands your needs, who understands the dignity of your work, and who has your back.  A Harris administration together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States…”  Oh, my. A classic cart (Harris) before the horse (Biden) slip up, telegraphing what we all know to be true, what we know will be the actual outcome if programmed, robotic Progressive voters are tragically allowed to prevail in this election.

With no campaign platform that can be boasted about, or even mentioned, publicly, and given the limits of his, shall we say, “endurance,” access to the candidate has had to be tightly controlled.  Wrote’s Karen Townsend: “Biden’s campaign strategy consists of doing interviews with local news markets and random podcasts while remaining in his basement as much as possible.  There is little interaction with journalists assigned to cover his campaign.”  Adding to the obvious dictate that reporters are not to ask the candidate any tough or potentially embarrassing (i.e., about his son) questions, New York Post columnist, Miranda Devine, further illustrates: “The only reason the wheels haven’t fallen off his campaign is that almost the entire media establishment, coupled with the sinister power of Big Tech, is in collusion with the Democrats to cart Biden over the finish line and hide his frailties.  If Biden loses the election, Democratic voters ought to understand where their anger should be directed. Not against Trump voters, but against a party machine that delivered a candidate so deficient that all the considerable mythmaking talents of East Coast journalists could not convince us he was up to being president.”  And that’s the real key and conclusion here, his ability to actually serve as the nation’s leader, well-hidden as he has been, behind a wall of media pampering.  As Ms. Devine stated further, following Mr. Biden’s apparent confusion, perhaps before, but certainly after, his Saturday (10/31) speech in Flint, Michigan: “Biden’s cognitive decline has been obvious for months. It’s an indictment of the entire Democrat establishment that has conspired to trick America into voting for someone incapable of being president.”

Then, there’s the question raised concerning Mr. Biden’s character, as presented, or perhaps misrepresented, by the adoring, but held at arms-length, media.  Just two of several observations on this topic.  First, from Everett Piper writing in the Washington Times: “For over 47-years of public life, Joe Biden has shown himself to have an irresistible propensity to lie.  He has lied to his professors.  He has lied to his constituents.  He has lied about his academic work.  He has lied about his speeches.  He has lied about his support for civil rights.  He has even lied about the death of his own wife and young daughter. And today, he continues to lie to us about his son, Burisma, the Chinese Communist Party, and himself.”  And tagging onto that last point, American Spectator’s Melissa MacKenzie expressed  the following from her article, entitled  ‘Joe Biden Is Not a Good Guy’: “Far from being the nice old grandpa as he’s portrayed in the media, Joe Biden is a 47-year on-the-take politician with criminal misjudgment and a family that makes him vulnerable to outside influence.”

During a recent CBS “60-Minutes,” in between still more foolish and dishonest bashing of our solid, standing-strong-for-America President, delivered by a demonstrably-flawed, president-wanna-be, Candidate Biden was asked about current threats to America.  Skipping past China, for reasons we’re understanding more about with each passing day, he concluded the following: “Well, I think the biggest threat to America right now in terms of breaking up our – our security and our alliances, is Russia.”  Yep, all-things-Russia, all the time.  Ironically coming from a Progressive Party that’s currently lurching full-speed toward becoming America’s All-Things-Marx-All-The-Time Party.  The sad and worrisome concern here with our national security, and our alliances, is that Mr. Biden and his anti-America party are actually more of a serious concern for our nation than the Russians.  Security concerning theft of our research and intelligence by China, and concern over the disruption of our newly-forming alliances in the Middle East.  Both are far bigger and more threatening concerns to our nation, right now at least, than is Russia.  Yet another reason why Mr. Biden has no business being in the White House…even as a visitor!

And the concluding issue, beyond character flaws, but related to, is that because of the apparently now verified foreign company/government dealings of his son (and reportedly his brother), Candidate Biden’s singular loyalty commitment solely to America, and his ability to faithfully lead our nation, has been compromised through those alleged foreign financial dealings now surfacing.  Which makes him, it would seem, subject to potential blackmail, or to be more politically-correct,  subject to policy development, direction, and actions, by or at the behest of, outside entities.  For all of these and still other reasons, Mr. Biden would seem to be neither capable of, nor deserving of, being elected as the leader of the United States of America, the greatest nation in the world.

NOTE: Since the respective comprehensive lists were too long to do proper justice to for this narrative, might draw your attention to two excellent article compellations of reasons why Candidate Biden should not be elected President: (1) “35 Reasons why you must vote against the election of Joe Biden,” by Shari Goodman at, 11-1-20; and “Reflections on Sleepy Joe,” by Don Feder at, 11-2-20.

President Trump’s rallies have exhibited enthusiasm and sheer numbers that have far out distanced those of the Biden campaign, and for good reason.  Mr. Trump’s personal charisma, energy, stamina, genuine enthusiasm, and heartfelt love for America have been on display for our citizenry (and the world) to witness for nearly four years now, but perhaps never more so than in this last month of campaigning.  An unimaginable intense rally schedule (as many as 5 multi-state appearances in one day!), compared to relatively few actual personal appearances by an aging-before-our-eyes, warn-down, seemingly mentally-challenged at times, and clearly frail challenger in Joe Biden.  Don’t mean to knock Mr. Biden for physical and mental attributes now beyond his control.  The shame, here, goes to the Progressive Party who effectively forced him into performance demands clearly beyond his capability, as most certainly must have been known by those  in control upfront.  Holding off selecting an unelectable, avowed socialist (Sanders), in favor of a challenged candidate being forced from a moderate-Democrat to a socialist-Progressive position, then having to support and proclaim that untenable radical progressive-socialist proposition to a nation’s majority citizenry, who was not the least bit interested in buying what he was selling, now or ever!

Re-electing President Trump ensures a continuation of our rights under the First and Second Amendments, at a time when the Progressives are itching to chip away at, or outright eliminate, those treasured citizen protections.  History has shown, specifically with the Second Amendment, that when guns are taken away, the Central Government is then in total control, aided by eliminating citizen religious freedoms, then simply substituting the State as the object to be worshiped.

On the world stage, President Trump has stood up to China in a way that Mr. Biden no longer can for reasons discussed, if he, in fact, ever could have. But the crown jewel, over all that he has accomplished internationally has been the move of our embassy to Jerusalem (talked about by former presidents, but never done) and, especially, the recent three Middle Eastern nations, to-date, that have agreed to enter into formal “recognition” agreements with Israel (vs. continuing to cower to Iran).  From the standpoint of future Mid-East peace possibilities and from the standpoint of protecting our great lone democratic ally in the region, Israel, this Trump-directed diplomacy is huge in significance, not only now, but for well into the future (and may well include additional regional partners).  And because of that very meaningful significance, America’s media have either ignored completely, or down-played, the importance of it, so as not to shine a positive media light on a major, lasting (we all hope) Trump benchmark achievement.

President Trump stands firmly behind, and in defense of, all that makes our nation great: our founding & guiding documents/principals; our dynamic, best-in-the-world economic system; our endless opportunities to excel and achieve; incentives to innovate; the rule of law, and with that, enforcement of those laws; controlled & managed skills-based legal immigration; ample healthcare availability; medical research and discoveries; increased domestic manufacturing (= job creation); the on-going improvements in education at all levels; improved racial understanding & advancement; favorable international alliances and trade agreements; a dominant, unmatched, continually well-funded military; the critical importance of religious freedom; and all other traditional individual freedoms, to include ownership of property.

President Trump not only deserves another four-years as our nation’s Chief Executive, but in the best interest of our great country, we need his continued leadership, tireless dedication, and selfless service.  From America’s electorate, the eligible, registered voters of our nation, we need this: Enormous active participation, as voting is not just a traditional, treasured privilege, but also a solemn citizen responsibility.  Along, then, with participation, critical to that, we need rational, eyes and minds wide open, thinking, both before, and during, the vote casting process. The very future of our nation, as a free and independent one, is at stake on November 3rd.  I you have yet to do so, vote wisely. Vote not just for today, but for our nation’s tomorrows. Vote for your children, for it is they who will live those tomorrows.  Vote to sustain our precious freedoms.  Vote to preserve our republic. Vote for America.


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