Positive Policing (Away From The Fray)

Enough of the destructive “defund” nonsense.  There’s always good news about law enforcement out there, although far too little makes the Big Boy media for purely self-adoring, anti-police, delusional political reasons.  Time, then, for some more examples of darned good, often lifesaving, police work.

First stop Pensacola, Florida.  Two PPD officers arrived at a home to find a 3-year-old girl floating face down in a relative’s backyard pool.  The officers pulled her from the pool and immediately began open-palm back strikes to try to dislodge anything that might be preventing her from breathing.  They were preparing to use their portable defibrillator when, thankfully, the little girl suddenly attempted a shallow breath.  Locating a pulse, one officer began performing chest compressions, and then turned her on her side to help her spit-out any remaining pool water, etc.  Miraculously, the 3-year-old then began breathing even more and moving a bit.

Medical help arrived and transported the little girl to the hospital, where she fully recovered.  Yet two more heroic police officers who saved a life which, although certainly reported locally, appeared to only make the national level, via the popular American edition of a British on-line site!  By their progressive code of dishonor, U.S. national media must only grudgingly report good news to uphold their mantra that America is evil and everything bad (which is everything) is the fault of President Trump.  What a deceitful time, in politics and national media we’re living (suffering) through!

In Michigan, police pulled an inebriated man out of his burning car, after he had been witnessed driving in circles, at an intersection, in reverse! When he finally did stop, smoke billowed out from under the hood, led quickly to fire.  When asked to react, one witness stated that “clearly these officers showed a great deal of compassion in saving this individual’s life.”  Thank you, officers!

One recent afternoon in Peoria, Illinois, like happens during the summer all around the nation with children of all ages, continuing the tradition, two young teenagers set up a lemonade stand and had already served a number of customers.  Without warning, two sweatshirt-hooded older teens approached and stole their lemonade profits ($30), at gunpoint!  A mini-example of society out of control.  Thankfully, the teen-entrepreneurs were not injured. And, fortunately, the event was captured and preserved on their neighbor’s home security camera.  No arrests yet, but apprehension is likely.

So, a week later, the boys re-opened their stand, and thanks to local media coverage of the incident, they had abundant customers, including, of special note, a long parade of Peoria police cars, with each officer actually, and willingly, paying $20 per cup of lemonade!  Just a terrific gesture that those caring police officers did not have to take the time, nor make the effort, to do. Additionally, neighbors had set up a fundraiser, resulting in $3,500 in donations. Regarding the latter, one of the teenager Dads said: “The intent of this money comes from a deeper place, (people) just wanting to live in a world that’s safe for a 13-year-old to have a lemonade stand.”  How safe will that activity be, or anything else involving citizens at home, if crazed progressive-Marxists, their voters as well as elected officials from Loony Land, are at all successful in weakening, or heaven-forbid, even abolishing, local police departments?  Embrace civilization. Remember November.

You gotta love this one.  A “protester” (i.e., out of control, about-to-become a criminal) was caught on videotape throwing an IED-type device (that did explode) at the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, a city that can probably rule out any elective tourism for quite a while, not to mention waving good-bye to businesses departing.  This particular young man was wearing a protective vest recently purchased for him by his 69-year-old grandmother. The vest was green with a distinctive logo on it.  As mentioned, his criminal act, clearly aimed at causing destruction, was captured on video.  It made the nightly news in Portland.  His grandmother saw the video on TV.  She recognized the vest right away.  She then had a couple of choices. So, what did she do?  With little hesitation, she contacted the police and turned in her own grandson!  If there is actually any law and court left in Portland, this deluded young man will hopefully be doing federal prison time.  The hero, here, is that great law & order grandmother. And, indeed she is a hero.  Helping to wind down, and hopefully eventually end, the out-of-control violence in that Oregon city, one bomb-thrower at a time!

And on the subject of law enforcement, he’s a totally unexpected but welcome reverse on the norm.  The scene is the Gwinnett County (GA) Jail. In early July, 46-year-old black Deputy Warren Hobbs, the lone officer then on duty in the cell block room, began experiencing a serious health issue at his desk.  He collapsed, struck his head as he hit the floor, hard enough to cause bleeding, and he, then, actually lost consciousness. Nearby, on the upper jail-cell tier overlooking the deputy’s position, an inmate noticed the deputy’s distress and witnessed his fall to the floor.  With that, he and other nearby inmates began yelling for help and banging loudly on their cell doors.  The noise was enough to jolt the deputy into semi-consciousness, and in a daze, instinctively thinking an inmate, needed help, he was momentarily alert enough to hit the button opening some of those upper- tier cell doors. At that moment, three inmates jailed for drug offenses (two white males and one black), raced along the tier, on down the stairs, coming to the assistance of the deputy, while quickly using his radio to call for help.  All three then offered Deputy Hobbs what aid they could. Fortunately, again, medical help arrived, thanks to those caring inmates. The deputy was transported to the hospital, and he is now recovering at home.

There is no question that those three alert inmates saved the life of that deputy who was suffering a ‘cardiac emergency.’  The deputy remembered, when thinking back to those moments, that he thought he was hearing loud noises ‘sounding like drums’ (cell door pounding), and inmates shouting his name, thus the move to open a few cells. Said one of the three inmates later: “I will do whatever I can to save a man.  I don’t want anyone to die.”  A great, humane sentiment, coming from an individual incarcerated.  One would hope that the selfless actions of those three would be considered at trial or sentencing.  This actual event goes to show that, sometimes, heroes can appear, wearing different uniforms!

To conclude, with additional support for our police, TV series and movie producer, Atlanta’s Tyler Perry speaks about the police defunding issue, voicing deep concern that it would become, as it has, a progressive politicized issue: “And that’s exactly what’s happened.  It’s (defunding) been weaponized.  Now, you’ve got to understand this. I’m not for taking money from the police department.  I think we need more police,” said Perry.

According to a recent Gallup survey, black Americans agree with Mr. Perry.  Eighty-one percent responded that they want the police to spend the same time they currently do, or even more, in their neighborhoods.  Of that 81%, a full 20% wanted an increased police presence.  More persuasive positive police backing, and anti-defunding sentiment, from those who need it the most vs. those self-centered, politically and physically protected elites, kept safe by gates and guards!  Our law enforcers (at all levels), and all other first responders…America’s everyday heroes!


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