“Please Mr. Postman”

When the Marvelettes recorded their great hit song back in 1961, they could’ve had no inkling that, now, almost 60-years later, it would become today’s Progressive Party mass mail-in balloting unofficial theme song: “Please Mr. Postman…De-liver Dee Let-ters, Da Soo-ner, Dee Bet-ter.” Yep, from their massive, and ever-stoked, wind-powered, fact-free exhaust, pressure cooker, they’ve served up yet another piping-hot hoax: Steamed-At-The-Post-Office Stew.  The loony, now solar-powered (cuz the wind ain’t blowin’), assertion that the United States Post Office is in cahoots with President Trump to remove drop boxes and sorting machines, and do whatever else devious that can be conjured up to slow everything down, thus assuring that millions of their mass distributed, fraud-producing, mail-in ballots wouldn’t be received and counted in time to prevent a Trump re-election.

The Progressives (formerly known as the Democrat Party back in the sane era) began the wailing and chest pounding when it was learned that the P.O. was removing mail boxes and taking such other steps in a legitimate effort to reduce the billions of gallons of budget red ink they’re racking up each year of operation.  This facilities readjustment effort was annual, on-going, and cost-reduction justified. Taking minimally used mailboxes and moving them into locations of proven greater use was need-dictated.

Oh, but not so, say the fire-breathing (heat supplied solely by renewables), thus perpetually steamin’ hot Progressives.  Such transfers and other measures must be politically motivated (unlike anything they themselves have ever done). As with everything these anti-our-America types have tried to do (as in, 24/7 since Election Day, 2016), to disrupt and hopefully dismantle the Trump Presidency, concluding with the greatest hoax, scandal, and blue-ribbon scam of all time, to their historic disgrace, the phony (and failed) impeachment charade.

To solve what they saw as Post Office Administration deviousness, the Progressive Party, under the direction of Mrs. Pelosi, proposed and passed a $25-billion bail-out measure, which was, surprise, also devious, because it carried no operational reform provisions (of course), was a pure union donations kiss-on-the-check-or-a-location-of-your-choice thank-you, and the P.O. head had already made it clear that the organization could operate until year-end without further funding. There is every announced indication that the President will veto this particular, seriously flawed, excessively costly bill, if it even makes it out of the Senate.

Regardless, the Progressive hierarchy (Mrs. Pelosi) is insisting that the USPS crank up its operation to warp-speed, so as to ensure (again paraphrasing the Marvelettes), that they can effectively (and exclusively??) “Deliver D Letters.” That said, and with the assumption that their voters will want the Hoax-a-Thon against America to continue until (and well beyond) the time they are empowered to drive our nation’s Ship of State over freedom’s cliff and into the receding (they claim) ocean, the prevailing theme and dictate of the Progressive Party for this upcoming election has apparently now become: “Go Vote and Go PP.”