Pipe Bomber Questions

The alleged mass pipe bomber has worn Trump attire in public and drove a van plastered with pro-Trump pictures and stickers.  Question:  While others, even just wearing a MAGA ball cap get hassled or assaulted, and vehicles with even one Trump sticker on a bumper have been vandalized, how has this person managed to avoid all bodily harm and van damage?  Now, yes, he is a former body-builder, we’re told, and a good sized dude, but that can’t be the only reason he has been spared harm by the activist left.

The alleged mass pipe bomber is said to perhaps be living in his van, having awhile back filed for bankruptcy, it’s been reported.  Question: How then could he afford to purchase bomb making materials, as inept as those devices thankfully turned out to be, and then package and mail them with computer printed labels?  Where is the funding coming from, to both support himself, and to pursue this latest, very serious, felony stupidity?  This literally doesn’t add up.

The alleged pipe bomber apparently sent a dozen explosive devices (in theory) to leading Democrat opponents of President Trump from coast to coast.  And he did so just two weeks before an extremely critical election for the maintenance of Republican majorities in both Houses of Congress.  Virtually all would know that this act, meant to harm, or at the very least, effectively scare leading Democrats, thus providing them, their compensated activists, their Hollywood cheerleaders, and their owned national media, with a nationwide platform to decry the attempted violence and lay the blame for it in the lap of the President, both via the national media and in their remaining pre-election party rallies.  Question: Does it make sense, then, that a supposed die-hard Republican fan and follower would, on his own, do something that could very well seriously harm the chances of Republican candidates to prevail in November, both in his home state of Florida, and around the country?  Or, this close to the election, was the timing purely coincidental, like, for instance, the Kavanaugh hearing debacle and, now, more crucial, the intended migrant invasion?  Coincidental timing, with an extremely important election for Republicans in a matter of days to maintain federal control?  Absolutely not.  There is simply no way that the timing of both this terrorist-themed action, and the America-heading migrant hoard could possibly be coincidental.  So who really is (or are) the activist source(s) behind the funding and control of both this disturbed bomber wanna-be and the intended migrant invasion?  Much more digging needs to be done, by responsible journalists and web publications, to discover just who really is pulling the strings behind both of these harmful (but useful to Democrats) disruptions and distractions.

Just some questions and thoughts to ponder, as all of this plays out……..