Patriotism At Its Best

It was movie night in an auditorium at an American Army installation In Iraq. As is customary, before the start of the movie, our National Anthem is played. In anticipation, the roughly one-thousand soldiers in attendance that evening were on their feet, standing at attention. The Anthem recording began, then, about half-way through, due to a technical glitch, it abruptly stopped. No movement, no chatter, among the soldiers. The room remained silent. After a few moments, the recording began again. And once again, it stopped, in about the same place. And once again, the room remained silent. That is, until, down front, one soldier began to sing the Anthem’s words from where the recording had left off. Almost immediately, that soldier’s voice was joined by the rest of the soldiers present, as they joined in singing, together, the remainder of our Anthem. An impromptu display of patriotism by the best of our best: America’s men and women in uniform, standing at that moment in a building, within a war zone, many, many miles away from the families and the nation they love.

Our thanks to the dedicated men and women who so proudly serve in our magnificent military, attempting daily to bring civil order and peace to Iraq, while at the same time, working to maintain our liberty at home.

Now, if only those of our citizens, here safely at home, who voice and display displeasure with this country, while enjoying its bounty of blessings and freedoms, could only come to their senses and show similar thanks and reverence for America which offers them so much, without question the finest nation on earth. What a positive difference that would make for us all. (1-23-17)