Patriotic Reflections

A generation or more of America’s young people have been damaged, brain-washed, ideologically polluted, by the left-wing anti-nation slim our students are being slathered-in daily by self-idolizing adult instructors who, themselves have been taught to ignore our true history and, instead, through conjured-up, distorted falsehoods, profess dislike and dishonor for our great country.  The subject of true, factual, non-subversive American history, the greatness and the majesty of our nation’s traditions and incredible achievements, has apparently been swept to the side in favor of invented fictions to fulfill a false and progressively-acceptable bogus theory of the purported shame of America. One honest look at America’s role in vanquishing rampant international oppression in two World Wars, alone, if such was ever taught honestly to students, would eliminate any ability to instill in them shame in our courage, commitment, traditions, and accomplishments, offered selflessly, in but those two instances, to the suffering of others, regardless of the high cost of our losses paid.

So, at a time of an illegitimate national election, preceded by social upheaval in some of our cities, and with well-deserved shame on those self-centered Democratic leaders for letting such get so totally out of control (talking principally about you, Portland and Seattle, right now, among the true shames of America. Yes, you, who choose evil distortion and destruction, rather than standing up for your citizens and country with the strength of patriotically-principled reality, that is, simply doing what’s right), making this, then, the right time (with no thanks to our wobbly-kneed Supreme Court, apparently now suddenly content to duck and hide from basic Constitutional questions), that is, the right time to reflect on two of our most stirring and historic traditions: Our Flag and our Anthem.

America’s flag of symbolic red, white, and blue is a banner of achievement and prominence.  In fact, it is the most recognized flag, and certainly the most bold and beautiful, in all the world. To see it unfolding in the breeze, is to stir a sense of pride, positive passions, and thankfulness for the blessing it truly is to be an American. If similar feelings don’t instinctively come to you, at the sight of America’s flag, then whether native born or immigrant, you either need to re-educate yourself to honest American reality or, failing that, you simply do not belong in this country.  Your naïve, politicized distain is now a growing part of our national problem.  Your continued existence here is in no way helpful to America.  Kindly leave and find the perfect country elsewhere that you’ve been erroneous promised by your demented nation-haters.

America’s national anthem.  Especially inspiring when played by a military band, in person or on video.  With that very first and intensely familiar downbeat, a patriot’s instinct is to stand and place right hand over heart as that majestic melodic salute to our past and present glory plays on.  Each night, at the very start of his nationally-syndicated radio program, Mark Levin now airs our national anthem.  It is such a pleasure to hear it then, and every time that America’s truly symbolic song is played. And again, as with our glorious flag, if the sound of our national anthem isn’t the least bit emotional to you, if it doesn’t ever stir any feelings of pride in our nation and in those courageous brave colonial soldiers (and millions since) who braved harsh elements and a harsher enemy, in order to make us back then, and through later generations keep us, free, then, again, you do not belong in this country.  You and other mis-educated, mis-guided residents of this great land, as indicated earlier, have become a growing part of our national problem.  A problem of America-haters, those who ignorantly and selfishly seek to transform our land into one of tyrannical control, a destiny that was never meant to be, as designed by our Founders who were far more brilliant and visionary than, sadly, too many who are, heaven forbid, approaching positions of national authority today.

Despite the apparent illegitimate outcome of a fraudulent and shameful national election, we who love America will not permit the dissatisfied, the woefully disillusioned, those who’ve been sold a nightmarish dream of distortion and destruction, to further disrupt and malign our great nation.  A nation that has at least twice saved the world from the very tyranny the delusional now envision.   Either shake off the progressive-socialist-Marxist pablum you’ve been spoon-fed by fools, whether academic, political, media, or otherwise, and then re-generate and adopt a feeling of genuine pride in this fantastic nation you’re so blessed beyond believe to live in. That amazing pride one should instinctively feel when seeing America’s beautiful flag flying and hearing her stirring national anthem playing. Either that or do yourself and America’s patriots a huge favor: Pack up and leave our country. Without those feelings of emotion and pride, this is no longer your country.  You no longer belong here. You no longer deserve the incredible blessings of this incomparable nation.  Wave good-bye to your parents, or, if their distorted thoughts are similarly childish like yours, take them with you.  Find your ‘safe space,’ your promised nirvana on earth, somewhere elsewhere.  It is time for you to leave America, the land that genuine patriots so dearly respect, honor, love, and, as such, will do all in our power to forever protect.