Patriot Day 2023

September 11 is a special day set aside each year so that we might focus on, and remember, all of those innocent Americans who perished on that infamous day back in 2001, when, literally out of the blue, Middle Eastern terrorist ‘passengers’ managed to overtake the pilots on two regularly scheduled commercial airline flights, and then, mid-morning that fateful day, purposely flew the two aircraft, one each, into the top floors of the twin towers at the World Trade Center in New York City, immediately killing all on board. Killed also were most of those unsuspecting employees of business firms at work that morning, primarily on the upper floors of those two prominent business buildings.  And far too many first responders, primarily fire and police, were also killed or injured that regrettable morning, racing fearlessly up into the impacted towers, in an attempt to rescue those trapped within upper floors.

The eventual death count was mind-numbing, resembling the number of U.S. Navy service members especially, along with some island civilians, lost with the sudden and unprovoked attack, again from the air, of Japanese aircraft that managed to savagely and successfully bomb and sink, or severely damage, a great number of our war ships anchored and moored, that previously peaceful, calm, and unsuspecting morning at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  Thus, September 11, 2001 became the historic, second major, unprovoked attack on America.  Now, approaching 22-years since that horrible day in New York City, we can all hope and pray that no further such vicious attacks on our homeland will ever again occur.  Wishful thinking, perhaps, but we can all hold to that fervent hope.

Upwards of two-thousand innocent Americans perished within those burning and collapsing towers that day, and in the year that followed, it was felt appropriate to establish Patriot Day, primarily in remembrance of the courageous first responders who rushed to the scene of that unthinkable attack, too often sacrificing their own health or lives, while steadfastly coming to the aid of their fellow citizens.

It was principally those brave New York City firemen and policemen, then, who were the American patriots for whom this special observance day was initially established and named.  And, today, we appropriately include all of those selfless, highly-trained, everyday male and female first responders, police, fire and medical, on duty all around the nation, who are always there and ready to come to our aid, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the danger.

Please allow yourself a few quiet moments, this Monday, September 11th, to remember the sacrifices made on that shocking and tragic day in New York City, and to give thanks that our great nation has yet to suffer another such unprovoked and punishing attack. May Almighty God continue to keep us safe, while continuing, as well, to preserve for us all this exceptional nation of opportunity