Patriot Day 2022: America Remembers

Sometimes major world events share similar dates.  For instance, just a couple of September days ago, the UK’s beloved Queen Elizabeth II passed away, with the onset of failing health apparent to her family, subjects, and the rest of the world, within only a couple of days.  This grand monarch bridged the decades from World War II right up to the present time of uncertain world concerns and discord.  She will be remembered fondly for her characteristic poise, grace, faith, and dignity.

Then, way back on September 9, 1776, by decree from the Continental Congress, America’s collection of separate colonies became joined together as the “United States of America.”  Just two months earlier, that four-word term had appeared for the first time within our bold Declaration of Independence from England’s onerous control.  Reminded today, with the Queen’s passing, that England is, perhaps, America’s longest, closest, and most faithful U.S. ally.

And, then, this Sunday, September 11th, marks the horrific date in our history (2001) when radical Islamic terrorists overtook four commercial jetliners in-flight and purposely flew them into both World Trade Center towers in New York City, into the Pentagon in D.C., and “fortunately,” we must say, thanks, totally, to brave Americans on board, that fourth plane was made to crash into a rural Pennsylvania field, instead of its assumed actual target of a federal building in D.C., likely the Capitol or the White House.  Tying in Queen Elizabeth II, the day after our 9/11 disaster, side-stepping tradition, the Queen instructed the Royal Band, in formation just outside her Palace, to play America’s National Anthem, in tribute to our major loss of life.  A very meaningful gesture of support.

So many unsuspecting, and unprepared persons, in the air, were flown that morning, not to their planned destinations, but suddenly and violently into the arms of their Lord above, by very evil men who, obviously and despicably, saw no value or reason for the continued lives of non-Islamic humans.  And lives on the ground were also sent to heaven that day, both among Pentagon employees working near the massive building’s one-side of impact, as well as so many of those courageous first responders in New York City, who had instinctively charged up those World Trade Center stairs to the rescue, while so many panicked tower workers inside were charging down those stairs hoping to get out.  Sadly, way too many did not, along with way too many of those brave firefighters and law enforcers, who unexpectedly also lost their lives that harrowing day.

It was a catastrophic event and subsequent time, in, and for, our nation.  It was in fact, the second vicious and unprovoked Attack on America, with Pearl Harbor, of course, being the first.  On 9/11/2001, almost 3,000 good people lost their lives that disastrous morning, purposely not to include in that count the despicable Islamic murders responsible.  And, several thousand persons were also injured as a result of their actions.

But subsequent days were, you’ll recall, brighter ones to remember.  American flags were on display around the nation, millions of them, proudly waving from buildings, on vehicles, carried by individuals, and even flag lapel pins were proudly worn. In the midst of a horrible national tragedy, American pride in nation, and the collective strength of our people, broke through the darkened clouds of tremendous loss.  That visible national pride-in-country continued for several weeks, before eventually, inevitably, we settled back to day-to-day-life, as America, then, having to show a forceful response, went to war against those Middle Eastern terrorist-enemy forces thought to be responsible.

This is the 21st anniversary of that damaging and darkened day in our nation.  It’s called Patriot Day, a proper reflection of our citizen and military response.  For it truly was a time of, and for, America’s patriots, both civilians and those in uniform.  Hopefully, the true story of 9/11 is being taught, and honestly so, in our schools, along with so many other of our historic events that have involved American pride, resolve, and forceful response to unacceptable, unprovoked challenges to our sovereignty and freedom.  Think Pearl Harbor, among other unprovoked national challenges, natural and otherwise.

9/11 is a time to remember all those who perished, as well as all those, in and out of uniform, who subsequently rose to the challenge of defending, and also healing, our nation.  American patriots, one and all. And despite the seemingly foolish woke-wave of current negativity by some toward anything pro-America, patriot is still a very appropriate and revered word.  It refers to those who truly love our country, who want the very best for all of us.

America is not an evil land.  We stand for all that is right and good. But we did collectively witness genuine, despicable evil on 9/11.  We must always remember those life and nation-changing events, in order to better view and understand true and contemptible evil.

America is an extraordinarily just and exceptional country, despite the ignorant, self-pleasing slander spouted by some.  A land and a people who have fought for freedom, beginning way back in 1776, and who have continued that commitment and fight ever since, whether with, or on behalf of, our trusted allies in two world wars and subsequent conflicts, right on up to the present.  A land where, thankfully, among genuine, thinking Americans, the term, and the concept of, patriot remains an honorable one.

Sunday, September 11, 2022, is Patriot Day.  Do remember the tragedy and the loss we suffered on that fateful day, now 21-years ago.  But remember, as well, the remaining existence, today, of American patriots, that mass of man and women, throughout the generations, in and out of uniform, and now continuing today all around this great country, who understand just how blessed we truly are, and who by thoughtful word and compassionate deed, continue to stand strong for right, freedom, and the American tradition.  Thank you, dear patriots, one and all.

September 11th each year is a day of remembrance.  But every day of every year, that we share here on earth, is one of celebration for the breadth and depth of genuine, and generational, patriotism right here in our nation.  Please share your pride in America with your children, every chance, every day.  That may well be an effective and peaceful, rule-of-law way to form a proper, effective, and thoughtful defense against those, who at the present time, choose to demean our nation, who claim to see other parts of the world as superior, but who, regardless, haven’t the courage (mind over mouth) to ever, ever leave our blessed shores. Though the nay-sayers will never admit it, their assumed Utopia simply does not exist. It never has.  The very closest location we’ll ever come to, for all those with cloudless, clear vision, is right here at home. Take great and continuing pride in our America. You, we, and our unmatched land of opportunity and freedom, and all those who’ve made it possible, deserve it!

(“United States of America” via, Kerry J. Byrne, 9-9-22).