Patriot Day 2018: Observance and Remembrance

Today, is Patriot Day, just as it has been on this date for the last 16-years.  Established to signify and remember the nation’s losses on September 11, 2001, the day America was savagely and destructively attacked, in New York City, in Washington, D.C., and in a rural farm field in Pennsylvania (with countless other lives saved on the ground, thanks to brave American heroes on-board).  The day when more individuals were killed than on that fateful day, when American soil was first attacked, that Day of Infamy, at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, now so many years ago.

That more recent day of attack, in September of 2001, with its savage, unprovoked act, that finally brought Islamic terrorism, and the threat to our homeland into dramatic, unyielding focus, no longer to be ignored as simply someone else’s problem far, far away.  On that day, we, the United States of America, had become Islamic terrorism’s most immediate primary target.

There was a time, sadly far too many years ago, when a day dedicated to recent past and present American patriots would include virtually all of our citizens.  Not so today.  For we now apparently  have far too many unthankful “citizens” in our midst, unfailingly showcased by the once-respected national media.  To include a past “leader” who harbored lack of pride in America, and who found it fitting to denigrate our great nation, lecturing about our faults in front of foreign audiences.  Thankless “citizens,” who, however, persist in living here, and who are convinced that this nation is unfair, unjust, unequal and all the rest of the nonsense crammed into the heads of mostly young, but some older, persons who feel (emphasis: feelings, not facts) that any other economic system but ours, any other leadership but ours, and far more free stuff, is the way America should be, in order to satisfy their unending wants and needs, becoming the promised land they seek. That warm, comforting, and huggy, United States of Safe Spaces, the all-socialist mecca of their soothing dreams.

For the rest of us, still the vast majority (ignored by the media), who remain patriots, who love and respect our country, are still thankful for this, our blessed homeland.  For all of them, we pause to remember those lost on that fateful, tragic day of heroes (those who perished, and those who responded), and in this era of terroristic concern (foreign sand domestic), we remain so very grateful for the protection of our military forces, our law enforcers, our intelligence and security services, and our first responders.  Thanks be to God for them all.  Thanks be to God for the United States of America.