Out Of Control Border Mayhem

It began as a concern.  Then it became a crisis (rarely acknowledged as such, however, by the administration causing it).  And now, based on sheer numbers of illegal migrants (including a frightening number of unaccompanied minors, to include two young children recently dropped over a high restraining fence, and amazingly uninjured!), the border debacle has now become either a catastrophe or a disaster, take your pick.  All, repeat all, of this America-punishing mayhem the direct result of Mr. Biden’s election, his seemingly welcoming past campaign comments, and especially the elimination of President Trump’s very effective border control measures, to include his remain-in-Mexico dictates with Mexican government cooperation, and his decisive action to build an entry-blocking wall intended to extend along, and protect, that critical border.

By removing all of that, and by handcuffing (perhaps actually overwhelming!) our border patrol, restraining ICE and other law enforcers, and by permitting those brazen federal-law-violating ‘sanctuary cities,’ we now face a migrant situation that is, to be kind, completely out of control.  The result not only of all of the above, but also the apparent complete lack of concern on the part of the current administration, despite assigning the vice-president to manage/oversee the problem, which it appears she has yet to do in any visible way.

Ironically, the most assistance to control the out-of-control migrant situation has come from Mexico.  That allied nation has reportedly deployed close to 9,000 of its soldiers along major routes through Mexico to help stop the flow, especially at its own southern border.  But while it’s partially Mexico’s problem, as the caravans and stragglers advance through their nation, the ultimate concern is not theirs, but ours, so there is only so much that Mexico is likely willing, or able, to do to solve what has now clearly, once again (from pre-Trump), our problem.

But, again, this administration seems more concerned about taking credit for the Covid vaccines that President Trump’s aggressive actions and policies actually produced, restricting Second Amendment rights for law-abiding Americans, and bankrupting the nation for generations to come with mis-guided, mis-targeted “assistance” programs, which among other negatives, are hampering the ability of small businesses to hire and retain adequate staffs in order to remain open.  Bottom line: Amidst all of the other chaos at present, does this administration actually care about the thousands of illegals ‘invading’ our nation, or are they simply viewed as additional Democrat voters?  In this regard, the ever-ready source of common- sense wisdom, the Republican Senator from Kentucky, John Kennedy, said this: “Sometimes when people act like they don’t care, it’s not an act.  I think President Biden just doesn’t care.  I think he plans on admitting between 2 and 3 million illegal immigrants into our country this year.  We had hints of that in his campaign.”  Senator Kennedy continued: “This is dangerous. The Border Patrol told me that people from at least 55 countries have already come in.  People from all over the world are getting to Mexico and flooding in.  Number two:  It’s very expensive (for America).  Many of these folks will go on welfare, particularly if they can make it to a sanctuary city or blue state.”

And it’s not just the sheer number of illegal entrants who are currently being apprehended and at least semi-processed.  Criminal aliens ‘with serious records’ are also being stopped, as often as possible, by overwhelmed border patrol agents, reportedly over 4,500 during the final three months of 2020 alone.  One individual, stopped at the border in mid-March, a Honduran, had a prior 2007 New York City conviction for rape against a child and served prison time.  Trying to enter yet again. Not the kind of person likely to become an upstanding, contributing in a good way, member of our society!!

And speaking of Honduras, without either malice or any intended reference to the proceeding individual from that nation, Reuters News is reporting that several hundred Hondurans, said to be the second large caravan from that nation so far this year, is reportedly now heading for the border with Guatemala, with an eventual destination of the United States, of course.  The question one must ask, regarding this caravan, others before and coming after it, as well as smaller straggler groups: Who is feeding these folks and tending to their sanitary and medical needs?  And are they really walking all that distance or is occasional transportation being provided, and if so, by whom?  Is it governments, charitable organizations, churches, smugglers and traffickers, or all of the above?  These are hundreds, thousands, of people presumed to be escaping poverty. Who is making their illegal journey to America possible? Even though the national media outlets are  apparently happy to cover the approach of still more migrants, you notice that there is never a word about who’s assisting and/or making that laborious trek possible!

Oh, and by the way, reportedly nearly 1,000 illegal migrants each day are entering the U.S. without being apprehended (mostly adult males,) while border patrol agents are dealing with the flood of minors and families seeking entry.  Those not apprehended, those not being tested for Covid (along with apparently way too many others), those not being given notices to appear for a legal entry hearing (which the vast majority ignore anyway), are referred to by border personnel as “got aways.”  One thousand per day, on average, “got aways” entering America without being stopped due to the processing flood, to go wherever and do whatever is needed to survive.  Crime, perhaps?

And some more swell news.  In one week in mid-March, only 13% of the 13,000 illegal immigrant family members seeking entry at our southern border were actually turned back and denied entry.  What’s said to be stopping more entry denials?  Reportedly, the capacity of Mexico to absorb more and more each week.  Ideally, if Mexico could stop more US-bound migrants at their own southern border, it would appear that pressure on both countries could be relieved.  Meanwhile, the 87% of migrant families who are not turned back, are admitted with the ability to eventually go through regular immigration proceedings, if they even bother.

Now comes word that the Biden administration intends to house over one thousand illegal migrants in border town hotels!  Yep, along with providing some in-person educational instruction to migrant children (reportedly, San Diego) before doing so for regular American children left with on-line only, and along with giving illegals food and shelter accommodations over Americna citizen homelessness, your tax dollars ($86.9-million worth, and counting) will provide hotel beds at a cost to working Americans of $72K per illegal housed. And how many months (years?) will this expense continue?  It’s a clear indication of the overwhelming need for border facilities for families, now to include, we’re told, 2 or 3 military installations, to date, to also help with the overflow.  Military installations forced to deal with migrant family “accommodations” on-post, rather than concentrating fully on the needs of military members and their families, and, ultimately, continuous preparations for the defense of our nation.

In a New York Post article, entitled “Democrats never cared about border security – and now they’re proving it,” a columnist for the paper wrote: “The truth is: Democrats have never believed in ‘border security,’ and the current mess President Biden has us in is the ultimate proof.  Each new ‘asylum claim’ is more often than not a charity case for the American taxpayer.  Yet Democrats have never seen that as a problem. What we’re seeing now at the border isn’t a ‘crisis.’ It’s the fruition of the hopes and dreams that Democrats have had for years.  It’s open and operating just as they want.”

The Post’s Editorial Board followed up with another stinging, well deserved, and abundantly truthful editorial: “From President Joe Biden on down, the administration is telling nonstop, bald-faced lies about the border crisis – while trying to stop the media from reporting the truth.  Biden insists the surge is normal, when it’s setting records.  He insists it’s not because of his words and policies, when common sense, and the migrants themselves, say the opposite.”  And the numbers, again and always, are frightening.  In the Del Rio, Texas entry point alone, reportedly 2,000 migrants have been released into the U.S., without a Covid test, just since February!  And in that month alone, says the Post, 9,000 unaccompanied children came across our border, which is an increase of 63% over January (!), bringing the unaccompanied total just since October (2020) to almost 30,000!  The Post editorial concluded: “You can see why Team Biden has moved to restrict media access, even though left-leaning reporters focus mainly on the feds’ failure to help the migrants enough.  It’s amazing that they keep all these lies coming, but, apparently, they have no idea what else to do.  Be outraged, but also ask: How much else is the Biden administration lying about?”

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark) had some further on-point comments to make about this current migrant crisis.  Said he: “There is nothing virtuous to inducing migrants to make a journey, that is dangerous, to the country, even when they don’t have a legal right to be here. The reason why we see the Biden border crisis is because Joe Biden said if you are a kid, or a teenager, or purport to be a teenager, or show up with a kid, we will let you in the country.  What did he expect would happen?”  Cotton made an on-site visit to the border recently, speaking with migrants, and he continued: “Not a single one with whom I spoke on the border was claiming asylum because of persecution on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, or their political views. They were coming for a better job.”  And the latter reason is not grounds for asylum. Cotton continued: “Migrants may get into the country, and they may never go home, and that’s part of the problem, but the idea that they were going to get asylum is simply false.  Almost all these asylum claims are bogus.”

But as he stated, and we’ve discussed, migrants admitted to America may simply never go home; never applying for asylum, and then remaining here perhaps forever as illegal residents, living, in way too many cases, partially or totally on the public dole.  And that public dole is us!

According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 62% of respondents (likely U.S. voters) said that “gaining control of the border was more important than providing amnesty for the roughly 11 to 22-million illegal aliens living in the U.S.”  Republicans agreed (82%).  “The issue resonates significantly with America’s working poor, working class, and lower-middle class who are the most likely to compete for U.S. jobs against illegal aliens and foreign visa workers.”

Estimates are that, as things now stand with dictated ineffective, perhaps in some cases even non-existent border control (due to the current and projected overwhelming flood of families and minors, and insufficient number of border patrol agents), somewhere between one-million and two-million illegal immigrants are expected to cross our southern border this year (2021).  Socially and economically, this is unacceptable.  Politically, for the Progressive Democrats who see a mob of added voter sugar plums dancing in their heads, it’s all perfectly acceptable, and proceeding according to their Marx-like plan for permanent power and control of our central government.  This mayhem at our border, and resulting serious mayhem for our nation, simply just must be stopped.  But, tragically, with the current situation of adverse political control within our branches, there seems to be no apparent means of doing so.  And illegal immigration, sadly, is only one Progressive effort spewing continuously out of Washington that common sense, nation-loving, American patriots will likely be unable to stop.  Reclamation of at least some partial control rests with patriot voters in 2022, regrettably still a very long way, and much likely further damage to our nation, away.

ADDENDUM:   If your hair isn’t already on fire, try this:  An estimated 2.675-million illegal immigrants residing in America actually have U.S. Social Security numbers and, thus, will receive stimulus checks from this most recent round.  The total going to those illegals is reportedly about $4.38-billion.  (Source: theepochtimes.com, Charlotte Cuthbertson, 3-22-21).

ADDENDUM #2:   Two Yemen male nationals have been apprehended late at night in Southern California by our Border Patrol agents, one on March 30th and the other on January 29th.  The key here is that both individuals were on the FBI’s terrorism watch list!  We are darned fortunate that the CBP agents nabbed these two.  Both were separately already 2+miles within our border when arrested!!  (Source: dailysignal.com, Kaylee Greenlee, 4-6-21).

ADDENDUM #3:   It is reportedly costing the administration (i.e., U.S. taxpayers) almost $60-million-per-week to house, feed, and care for the over 16,000 illegal migrant minors currently under its control.   That totals over $3-billion per year.  And, again, that’s the current weekly figure and annual total.  As the number of “unaccompanied” migrant minors increases, as it shamefully does each week due to lack of sufficient border restrictions,  those dollars will also continue to go up.   (Source: foxnews.com, Morgan Phillips, 4-8-21)


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