Our Pledge of Allegiance Dumped

Here’s another example of the mental erosion impacting too many students, courtesy of liberal professors who now dominate our nation’s increasingly hollow halls of ivy, those four-year progressive-socialist indoctrination centers, previously referred to as universities. Not all of them, mind you, but far too many now bear that odor.

Reportedly, the Student Government Association’s Undergraduate Student Congress, at the University of Oklahoma, has recently voted to remove our nation’s Pledge from the beginning of their meetings.  As to the rationale for such an unpatriotic, anti-America action, you might want to be seated with restraints.

Here it comes:  “The Pledge of Allegiance is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, as pledging your allegiance to the flag of the United States, as one nation under God, conflicts (with) our rights to free exercise of religion, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.”

Well, there’s a steaming hot serving of bravo sierra for you.  The short response is: No it doesn’t, to both.  So we’re back to removing God from our lives again, the very deity (“creator’) that our Founding Fathers referred to so often in their writings.  A smokescreen hiding the real objective, which is the right to the free exercise of NO religion, a right which all Americans already have, although clearly not the preferred choice.  It’s just more of that worn-out foolish “fear” that if you walk by a Catholic Church, you automatically become a Catholic.  As for grievances, the aggrieved would far rather act-up in public, attracting media attention, with silly chants and signs, than actually submit a stodgy petition.

The amazing irony is that these young impressionable minds, indoctrinated by their handlers, who seem to be deeply concerned about offending non-Christian or Jewish believers, imagined diversity “victims,” such as, oh, let’s say, for example, Muslims, are actually embracing the Constitution as their defense for Pledge dumping.  The Constitution, you will remember, is that old, out dated, and out-of-step-with-today’s-realities document, crafted by the brilliance of our Founders, who were gifted, visionary men, undeniably smarter and more future-preservation-of-a-free-America-savvy, than most anyone today.

College students, except those who successfully avoid academic sedation (i.e., conservatives) are lectured repeatedly, until they are too numb to dissent, that they are VICTIMS of an unfair society, and especially of an evil corporate-controlled  system, called Capitalism, the finest economic system in the world, preserved for us by the sacrifice of generations of courageous men and women in uniform who fought, and often died, to preserve that gift to America, along with all of our other freedoms that we take far too much for granted.

Coincidentally, it’s the same system that pays professors their salaries, on a non-socialist, merit basis, and then allows students the freedom to pursue the career of their choice, and to be compensated according to their skill and productivity, rather than by a strictly controlled, government-imposed salary.  Capitalism is private ownership of property.  Socialism is government ownership of human beings. Despite that, we have produced far too many young people seduced by socialist victimology, similar, it seems, to baby animals whose eyes haven’t opened yet.

Bottom line:  There is no rationale for rejecting our nation’s Pledge that is not absolutely ridiculous.  You don’t want to recite it. Fine. Then stay silent and respect the rights of the majority who do. Shame on the SGA at Oklahoma for accepting this unpatriotic foolishness.  And even more shame on the University for not stepping in to either over-rule the no-Pledge decision, or at the very least issuing a statement clearly distancing itself from those mis-led students and their faulty logic.  For lack of the latter made known to-date, it does make one wonder who’s actually running that institution.

And now for some much better news regarding our Pledge.  In this case, our Pledge was also dumped, but then restored.  Last year, the Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School organization had adopted a policy of removing the Pledge from the daily all-school morning meeting and leaving it to the individual classroom teachers whether or not they chose to participate in basic patriotism.

The elementary school principal suggested instead a “pledge” illustrating “student civic responsibility to their school, family, community, country, and our global society.”  Pretty effectively watered down.  And, yes, our “global society.”  Far more important for young people to learn primary, genuine patriotism embracing our own flag and nation, well before some sort of “responsibility” to other world countries.  That globalism stuff has the scent of Lib-speak all over it.  Yep, it appears it all starts that young. And it pretty much never lets up.

Thankfully, parental and political pressure combined to reverse that wrong-headed decision, and quickly. Then-Georgia gubernatorial candidate, Brian Kemp (who became Governor) said: “Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance is the right thing to do.  At school, students should stand united to honor the flag, our country, and those who have sacrificed for our freedom.”  And, as apparently was the case at that school and regrettably others, increasing numbers of students were failing to stand and/or recite the Pledge.  Tell you what.  If some students are guests in America, here from other countries, that’s understandable, if they are uncomfortable reciting our Pledge.  But by golly, they can stand and show respect for this nation which is hosting and educating them.  As for American citizen kids, there is absolutely no excuse for not reciting our Pledge.

Regrettably, Georgia State policy says that students cannot be forced to say the Pledge. With the exception of students temporarily here from other nations, every American citizen, young or old, should stand, with hand over heart, and recite, without being forced to, just because it’s the right thing to do, as Governor Kemp stated.  Failure to tackle this basic citizenship opportunity and, frankly, obligation, at that level, risks raising ever more resident-visitors who are simply not fully invested in, nor appreciative of, the incredible gift, they’ve been given, of American citizenship.


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