Our Mother Superior

A very definite Congressional Mother, sorry, Mother Superior, has emerged throughout this unnecessarily agonizing attempt to rapidly provide a federal safety-net (funding or loans) for businesses and individuals, as the nation attempts to lock-down, and hopefully, ultimately, lock-out, the destructive COVID-19 virus, which has been carelessly (at the very least) dumped on the rest of the world, by the usually far more restrictive and repressive central government of Communist China.

But all progress in the Senate ground to a halt when the Queen of Superior Mothers, oopps, sorry again, Mother Superiors, after taking the weekend off, flew back into D.C. to throw a dumpster of water on the almost blazing fire of emerging federal relief.  Yes, yet again, Mrs. Pelosi wasn’t pleased, suggesting that in her alternative “coronavirus rescue bill,” she had far more, make that one-helluva-lot more, to add into this critical, time-sensitive federal legislation.  And, so as not to let yet another Rahm Emanuel-labeled “serious crisis go to waste,” she obliged by ceremoniously proposing a metric ton of waste, slamming the brakes on anything either House had been proposing prior-to.  Joined by the Senate’s Mother Superior, Mr. Schumer, the two Congressional Mothers proposed adding billions of dollars more in totally unrelated fiscal waste (time and money), all of it pure progressive-socialist pandering nonsense, including just about everything but the kitchen sink.

Several of the proposed unrelated, unnecessary provisions for this totally irresponsible, proposed free-money spending binge have been identified in a previous post, so to avoid re-triggering previous conservative migraines, just a few of the boat-load of remaining idiocies will be mentioned.

One major area does, however, bear some repeating due to its extreme importance, that of promoting voter fraud.  Going from her home-state California’s how-to-assure-the-Democrat-vote playbook, she has actually suggested nationalizing CA’s infamous “ballot harvesting” scheme (legal, there, for ballots to be turned in by third parties); having more foreign language ballots (hint, hint); mailing out absentee ballots whether requested by voters or not (See: ballot harvesting); add to that same-day voter registration, and internet voter registration (both with zero chance to verify); all polling sites must located within walking distance of public transportation (!); and all provisional ballots are to be counted (!), all of which is clearly designed to make it easier for both citizens and non-citizens to vote and, in so doing, effectively guarantee that Democrat candidates will win, as was the case in 2018, when CA Dem candidates sweep away previous Republican seats, helping to secure House rule by their Superior Mother (darn, my next door neighbor’s dyslexia leeched through again) sorry: Mother Superior.

Then, there’s the automatic extension of alien worker visas; actual $10,000 student loan payments to each “qualified borrower;” one-billion-dollars to “sanctuary cities” (overriding DOJ policy cutting federal funding from such); amnesty for DACA illegal aliens (currently estimated to be almost 800,000 of them here); limits on “greenhouse gases” (airlines!); added climate change stuffing (and exactly how does that relate to getting Americans back to work?); and, of course, “diversity,” which is mentioned about 63 times in her Declaration of Dependence, strongly imposing and magnifying racial and other identity categories (again, no solution-relationship, whatsoever, to our immediate health and economic crisis).  And another pork provision: Multi-billion-dollar grants (bailouts) to “multi-employer (or union) pension plans,” again having no direct relationship at all to solving the immediate day-to-day existence needs of businesses and workers.

And all of that pure liberal butt-kissing excess, costing us billions.  Thankfully, much, but not all, of Mrs. Pelosi’s outlandish, unneeded, unprincipled funding gravy will not be included in the pending Senate bill that she plans, as of now, to have the House pass on Friday (3-27-20).  But some fiscal foolishness, with tax payers on the hook, will unfortunately, remain.  At the behest of her shadowy puppet-masters, as with all that she and Mr. Schumer propose and rant about, allegedly $100-million of America’s dollars will be siphoned-off to enrich three arts/cultural organizations, all located and/or headquartered right there in Washington.  How cozy.  And with millions of Americans heading for unemployment, and with our businesses hurting (and closing), how ludicrous right now is to be spending a ridiculous amount of pure pander money on the “arts.”  Pandering, of course, to the wealthy culture-types, mostly liberals, who not only support the “arts,” but also spend millions each election cycle to financially feed promotional dollars to the campaigns of big-time  progressive-socialist candidates whom they have anointed to continue to wield power in D.C.  It’s just that simple.

And one thing more while we’re on the subject of leftist Democrat Party suck-up.  This is the party that goes overboard to convince everyone (and themselves) that they are the ones, the only ones, who care about the middleclass, that is, the so-called “working Americans.”  By the way, and they don’t ever want to acknowledge this, it’s pretty much a definitional fact the all Americans who go to work each day, in or out of the home, are actually “working Americans”!  If acknowledged, of course, that would spoil their smokescreen of compassion.  The fact of the matter is that, through constant “caring” puffery, aimed at coddling and corralling those voters at election time, progressive-socialists, the leftist Democrats, i.e., our domestic Peace Corps, don’t give a rat’s rear end about the middle class, or the so-called “forgotten people,” once the election is over.  At that point, the election now past, those voters, once so heavily beloved and recruited, with promises made (but never fulfilled), then literally do become, the “forgotten people.” We’re taken care of ourselves electorally (and financially), think they, with smug satisfaction. Time, then, to cut the tether. And those good folks, who swallowed the cool-aid, and voted for their political care-givers, are on their own. Only to be wooed, once again, the next time they’re needed.

That said, the purposeful, self-centered delaying tactics over passage of relief for America, voiced by both Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Schumer, came at a price, sadly, a verbal one only (but certainly not financially, nor politically within their clan). Wrote the New York Post Editorial Board (a rare non-liberal big city newspaper): “Hey, congressional Democrats.  In case you haven’t noticed, the economy is headed for a crash. Stop playing games — and do your jobs.”  Then said Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA): “Roll up your sleeves. Throw this bill in the trash that Pelosi filed and get back to work for the American people who are literally facing losing everything. With every day that Nancy Pelosi and her allies play this dangerous game of chicken with our economy, they are taking a wrecking ball to Main Street America.  We don’t have days to wait and play games.”

Along with his right-thinking colleagues, justifiably angry about the irrelevant stocking-stuffers proposed by the Democrats, Texas Senator Ted Cruz spoke before his gathered Senate colleagues: “What the hell do the emissions standards on airplanes have to do with thousands of people dying and millions of people out of work in this coronavirus epidemic?  The Democrats are pushing wind and solar tax credits.  What the hell does a windmill have to do with this crisis?”  Also unhappy with the efforts of the Democrats for purposefully holding off on approving the Senate plan, Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said on the Senate floor: “Is this what we’ve come to? We don’t have another day. We don’t have another hour. We don’t have another minute to delay acting.  I cannot believe that the answer from our friends from the other side of the aisle is delay, delay, delay.  No sense of urgency.”

Representative John Barrasso (R-WY) also expressed extreme anger at the Democratic efforts to delay, while hoping to pile unrelated mega-million-dollar freebies into the House, then Senate bills.  He condemned “the demands by the Democrats to muck up a bill that is designed as a rescue operation for the American people. Nancy Pelosi flew back from California to throw a monkey wrench into the works. We’re here trying to fight for the man and woman in the street in our hometowns, and yet they’re fighting for the Green New Deal!”  By the way, Mrs. Pelosi’s outer space wish list (literally, with climate change and even some more millions for NASA!) also included added funding for another lib love-child, PBS, again totally unrelated to the crisis and, thus, absurd.

Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy, speaking on the Senate floor after the Democrats voted Sunday not to approve the COVID-19 relief bill, said the following with rapier tongue: “Do you know what the American people are thinking right now? They’re thinking that the brain is an amazing organ.  It starts working in a mother’s womb, and it doesn’t stop working until you get elected to Congress.  Do you know what the American people are thinking right now, Mr. President (of the Senate)?  They’re thinking that this country was founded by geniuses, but it’s being run by a bunch of idiots. Do you know what the American people are thinking right now? They’re thinking: why do the members of the United States Senate continue to double-down on stupid?”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also let loose when the Senate Democrats played the stall game last Sunday.  Said he: “I’d like to see Senate Democrats tell New York City doctors and nurses, who are literally overrun as we speak, that they’re filibustering hospital funding and more masks because they want to argue with the airlines over their carbon footprint!”  And the Republican National Committee’s Elizabeth Harrington followed later with the following tweet: “What Pelosi blew up a bipartisan deal for: 1,400+ pages of radical Democrat fantasies, 60+ mentions of “diversity,” government-mandated race reports, and gender quotas for scientists and boardrooms. In the middle of a pandemic.  What a joke.”

And speaking of a really bad, make it, detestable joke, what this all comes down to, on the part of progressive socialist-sympathizing Democrat leaders (and their ever-obedient lemming colleagues), following orders, as always, from their big-money, stealth string-pullers, is this: Here and now, at the time of a literal life or death crisis throughout America, those leaders have decided to make the absolutely unconscionable choice of Self and Party (in that order), rather than Citizen and Nation (in that order).  To put it more bluntly, the large type headline on the front page of the Congressional Observer newspaper, referring to Senator Schumer and the Senate Democrats, when they voted as one to purposely stall the Senate bill last Sunday, perhaps conveyed the now-obvious Dem attitude best.  In large type on the front cover it read: “DROP DEAD AMERICA, POLITICS COME FIRST!”

But beyond the usual left-wing political self-centeredness, there is another key reason why the Democrats in both Houses have tried all they can think of to stomp on the Relief for America brake pedal. And it all comes down to President Trump.  Said one respected (and blunt) conservative political writer: “The Democrats are blocking this (relief effort) to avoid giving Trump and the rest of the country a win. The party of the so-called worker told them to go f-themselves (last Sunday).”  And this, perhaps fuller explanation of the Senate & House Democrats’ reluctance to do what’s best for America, which may be not that surprising for this gaggle of progressives, not well known for actually being pro-America.  A further, fuller assessment which, again, accurately reflects political reality, goes like this: “She (Pelosi), and other Democrats, are frantic.  President Trump has survived Russiagate, impeachment, and is now enjoying approval ratings near all-time highs, even as the coronavirus ravages the nation. Not only is his overall popularity improving, but in a recent Gallup poll, 60-percent of Americans gave him high marks for his management of the crisis.  It should be noted that the surge in approval for the President is occurring in spite of constant criticism from the Left.”

And there may well be another piece to this puzzle regarding the Democrats’ national assistance delay game. They may well be figuring that the longer they can drag out badly needed federal financial help, the more damage will be done to our economy, our businesses, industries, and individual citizens.  If our eventual economic turn-around can be delayed to the point where the nation is in deep economic and social turmoil, with hopefully (for them) a recession, all leading to possible or probable civilian unrest, triggering a spike in protests and crime, all now regardless of the extreme damage to America, then the progressive-socialist leaders could safely assume that the President’s likely dramatically-reduced popularity by the third and fourth quarters, could well cause his re-election to fail, permitting the opposition party to declare victory, figuratively and literally.  In that doomsday scenario, once again the opposition’s unofficial battle cry would be “Drop Dead America.”  Of course no sane person wants to see anything like that happen, or even think of it as an actual opposition strategy/tactic, but then how else to explain the obvious foot-dragging on relief legislation passage, by trying to add in more and more extraneous, incredibly costly puff-stuff, raising continuing opposition by the Republicans, and the President, causing delay upon delay in allowing this Administration to effectively resolve America’s virus crisis.  Dragging needed solutions out as long as possible to prevent timely implementation. An awful circumstance for our nation. And clearly anti-America thinking.

And there you have it. Something many of you had already concluded.  It’s all about doing whatever additional Democrat evil it may take to keep President Trump from being re-elected in November, and with that, our hoped-for Republican control of both Houses of Congress. When it comes to all of their fake, fraudulent maneuvers to prevent the President’s re-election, going back now almost four-years, non-stop, the Democrat leadership in both Houses have now earned, and richly deserve, the derogatory term that Mrs. Clinton famously used four-years ago to label conservatives. Now, today, Democrat leadership, and those who follow along their path, are today’s genuine, and absolute, “deplorables.” Respect the inevitable boom-a-rang.

To end on an even more uplifting note for our President, and this may really surprise you given its origin, West Coast actress Kirstie Alley sent a very positive twitter message to Mr. Trump on Monday (3-23-20).  She wrote as follows: “Dear Mr. President: I wanted to thank you for your recent decorum, sincerity and care towards us. You’re taking charge and leading in a manner needed and wanted for this country.  I highly commend you for your boundless energy and willingness to solve problems.  Thank you.”  Needless to say, she received less than supportive comments from the cluster of lib-zannies who inhabit the LA-left side of our nation.  But a nice way to conclude a story about our national leader who, despite the continuing full-time barrage of opposition, slander, and profanity (See: lib-zannies), has again stepped up, as we knew he would, to effectively lead us though an unfolding national health and economic catastrophe, the likes of which none of us thought we’d ever see and experience, and hopefully one that we, our children, and grandchildren will never have to experience, and witness, so many citizen lives so dangerously impacted, again.

ADDENDUM:   It would appear that Mrs. Pelosi didn’t cave completely on her ridiculous, unrelated-to-the-virus, pander-puff list.  Among other unneeded, non-emergency-relief stuff, she managed to load into the final bill $350-million for “Migration and Refugee Assistance,” which smacks of support dollars for illegal migrants who have (or will yet) wedge through our southern border.  This was another exceptionally costly item that she was able to cram into the bill, while selfishly, needlessly, delaying its passage, since the Senate bill already included billions more than was needed for immediate direct financial help to small businesses and individuals.  On that note of the purposeful Democrat-caused delay, an irritated House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said: “What Democrats did a was a total disgrace. History will not be kind to the days that added to the millions who are unemployed simply because they (Democrats) wanted to change the election law, put in a Green New Deal, and thought it was a tremendous opportunity to change the direction and vision of this country, based upon their philosophical beliefs.”   (breitbart.com, Hannah Bleau, 3-26-20)


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