Operation (Silent) Coup

Operation (Silent) Coup

The fix was in.  In point of fact, the fix has been in since the very night back in 2016 when President Trump was first elected. It wasn’t ‘in’ prior to, since no one on the Democrat side ever dreamed that Mr. Trump would win.  And in the minds of most on the Left, he never did (making the current situation’s revenge factor all the sweeter for them). Operation Coup was born, planned out, and activated, well before our new President placed his hand on the Bible and was sworn in as America’s 45th President.  The objective: Whatever it takes, remove the duly-elected President from Office.  In plain language:  Get rid of him!

The silent, behind the scenes coup against the President began with the totally phony Russian dossier, said to have been financed by the Clinton Foundation, which led high-level FBI-operatives to submit phony FISA applications resulting in unwarranted surveillance authorizations, then verbal entrapment and fraudulent indictment of a top retired, pro-Trump, Army General (Michael Flynn) whom the opposition feared would discover their scheme, leading ultimately to phony claims of presidential misdeeds and collusion with the Russians;  which led to the phony Mueller investigation, which disappointing to the anti-Trump elements within, turned up no evidence of anything at all inappropriate (as hard as they tried for 3-years!); which led to that scam impeachment based on phony, meritless, and, significantly, non-Constitutionally-mandated charges;  which, thanks to the mysterious arrival on our shores of a deadly China virus, led to some, key Democrat-run state legislatures opting for ‘voter-health-protecting,’ bulk mass ballot mailings’ leading to large quantities of un-vetted, in too many cases likely improper or outright illegal returned ballots; leading to ballot counting being by stopped by on-site “officials,” when it became apparent that the President was leading in the returns, leading to an eventual resumption, minus, in some cases, obligatory Republican poll watchers, while large numbers of Biden ballots magically appeared. Which then, predictably, found Mr. Biden surging from behind to generate the Electoral College number to overcome the leads of the President in, principally, upper-Midwest, Democratic-dominated states, and to go on, then, for now at least, to “take” (or is it, steal) the presidency.  And that’s where we sit today (11/8):  A wanna-be president winning the required number of cumulative state Electoral College votes, while our sitting, and should be continuing President, is forced to challenge the vote ‘results’ (contentions!), after the fact, and thus, unfortunately, perhaps without all of the mandatory critical evidence necessary to prevail in court, and, ultimately, at the Supreme level.

Meanwhile, to keep the muddied water properly stirred, some vocal “entertainment” representatives (made wealthy, you’ll recall, by the capitalist system they may have already, or may soon, be scorned under Progressive rule) from the ‘loyal’ political opposition, the party of alleged compassion, equality, tolerance, and love, have now publicly exhibited none of that, with their initial knee-jerk reactions to the seemingly successful coup.  Said a person named Natalie Morales, reportedly, about Trump voters: “They aren’t racist.  They aren’t bad people who want bad things for the world.  They are 10,000% brainwashed.”  Great news, by the way, for America’s soap manufacturers, because that’s one heck of a lot of brains being washed.

And that admonition was one of the mild ones.  The love-for-all types nose-dived from there.  Someone named Janelle Monae has reportedly tweeted: “F**k Donald Tromp(sic!) and every American citizen, celebrity, white woman, black man, etc., who supported him burnnnnn.”  She apparently wants those folks, which it appears includes everyone except non-citizens, who must be getting a skin-peeling pass, from the “burn,” with a whole lot of extra “n’s” to apparently intensify the scald.  Interestingly, her fantasy burn wish, purely accidental, we’re sure, seemed to match what of the anarchist arsonists who have literally been trying to do the burn thing in the downtown areas of some of our major cities.  Bad omen. Then there’s lib cable channel contributor, Malcolm Nance, who reportedly stated on Bill Maher’s program, that everyone of the mega-millions who voted for President Trump’s re-election are “racist” and “tribalists.”  Racists, whatever that actually means anymore, as it now borders on having no meaning, of course that isn’t categorically true about Trump voters nor, realistically, the vast majority of others for that matter.  Tribalist, if that means being members of the ‘tribe’ that loves America, and is thankful everyday for her blessings of freedom, why yes, indeed, that would be a capital true!

Batting clean-up among those, to date, slamming Americans who voted for the continuation of Mr. Trump as our President, is ABC’s Sunny Hostin, who reportedly has stated the following: “For the past four years, this President has shown us that he is a misogynist, that he is homophobic, that he is a racist (of course!), and that he has mismanaged a coronavirus pandemic to the tune of 250,000 American deaths (yep, he killed them all, and meant to!). “Yet 50% of America saw all of that and looked the other way to their brothers and sisters and said, I’m going to vote for him anyway.”  She feels that it is really “disheartening” and “selfish” to have voted for President Trump.  Now, if you’ve just joined us, after four years of this claims nonsense, ‘misogynist’ means “hatred of women, especially by a man.”  The term has no validity when referring to President Trump, but it’s a word seldom used, so apparently it’s just become just kind of fun to say.

Returning directly to Operation Coup, the true co-conspirators, along with the Progressive-Socialists who apparently dream of an American future free from the shackles of capitalism, individual freedom, and responsible government of, by, and for our citizens, those very impactful help-mates are the national media, electronic and print (once known as news media, now with a few laudable, thankful exceptions, the vast majority of those operations are now the political advocacy media), along with, as we recently witnessed, in full-Biden Family censorship protection mode, the dominant giant tech industry social media platforms.  They have reported on President Trump to the skin-line and beyond, while backing-off (and backing) Mr. Biden, meaning either zero coverage while hibernating, or some obligatory coverage, but with the collective understanding that no difficult, or in any way embarrassing, questions were to be asked of the candidate, ever.  A virtually total blockade by traditional media of information for the American voter was imposed, aiding immeasurably, especially in the final days of the campaign, in preventing any or all negative information from reaching the public.  Mr. Biden became the anointed candidate by most of America’s national media in all its forms.  By preventing the free gathering and flow of critical information, and the ability to provide countering facts to the opposition’s continual mis-information, all at very consequential times for our nation, our insincere, back-handed thanks to the seemingly co-conspiratorial national media (except for the notable all-in-for-America exceptions) for their key role, behind and in front of the scenes, in the painful and disruptive four-year-long Operation Coup effort.

Yes, clearly, the fix was in.  And depending on the courts, may very well remain so. Right now, then, we have a candidate claiming the presidency, while, in the face of seeming corruption, lies, cheating, and fraud by the political opposition, President Trump’s team pursues legal review in several states and courts (likely to include our Supreme Court), as it should, working tirelessly now, on behalf of freedom, fairness, and election integrity.  Meanwhile, the vast bulk of patriotic Americans await decisions, hoping for legal justice, ironically, the very thing the other side is always screaming about, but blames us for seeking it!


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