Open Southwest Border: Purposeful Surrender

While some of our attention is directed lately to the invaded Ukraine border, far more of our focus should return to what’s happening, and what’s about to, at our own politically-porous southwest border.

The number of illegal migrant entries, both those apprehended and those who continue to sneak through, is staggering.  In January (2022), there were reportedly 154,000 ‘encounters’ at our southern border, which was double the number of illegal migrants encountered the previous January (2021).  In February (2022), the number of border ‘encounters’ rose to 164,000.  And for March (2022), entry numbers went way up, totaling over 209,000 illegal alien apprehensions (up from 169,000 in March 2021), frustratingly “setting a new Biden-era record,” per the Border Patrol source.  But for March, it gets even worse, since we must add to that illegal migrant total in excess of 62,000 additional illegals who snuck past our Border Patrol in March alone, making a reported total of so-called “gotaways” at over 300,000 during the past six-months alone (2022 fiscal year began in October 1, 2021).  For the past six-month period, it becomes quite likely that perhaps well over one-million illegal migrants were apprehended (with unknown numbers allowed entry), or who evaded notice, at our border (220,000 gotaways). That assumption has now been verified!

Instructive to recall the depressing reality that these people are from countries to our south, and now well beyond, who are either non-or-marginally English speaking, are mostly un-or-minimally skilled, will need U.S. healthcare, housing, educational training, and will need considerable government social and financial assistance for a very long time, already totaling billions in U.S. taxpayer dollars each year.  And it just continues. At a single Arizona border crossing (Yuma Sector), 100 illegals were apprehended in just one week in March, who were arriving from 10 different countries!  Meanwhile, the Del Rio, Texas Sector became the busiest entry point in the nation, when agents apprehended over 2,000 illegal immigrants within just 48-hours!

The Center for Immigration Studies released a report in March (2022) which indicated that, as of January of 2022, the total population of illegal immigrants here in America now stands at 11.4-million.  “The number of illegal immigrants grew dramatically this past year as a result of Biden administration policies which released most of the people encountered at the border and stopped most interior enforcement,” said Steven Camarota, the report’s lead author. “Absent a change in policy, it seems certain the illegal immigrant population will continue to grow rapidly.”

And, yes indeed, it will. The Biden administration, in conjunction with the CDC, has just announced that it will be terminating the Title 42 Illegal Immigration Rule, effective May 23rd.  This measure was established by the Trump administration at the start of the Covid epidemic as a health precaution, making it more expedient to send back those seeking entry who might pose a health risk.  Supposedly (stress: supposedly), Title 42 “forced the return of about 55% of illegal immigrants” at the border in February (2022).  With Covid seemingly under control in the U.S., the powers that be apparently feel that Title 42 protections are no longer needed.  Leading Republican Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to warn of an upcoming “title wave” of illegals seeking entry. Said he: “Your (Biden) immigration policies have already led to the worst border crisis in our nation’s history, and now we understand that your administration is rolling back a vital policy, Title 42, which will further compromise public health and overwhelm law enforcement. This is not humane, it’s insane.”

If Title 42 is allowed to expire, Homeland Security is predicting a massive influx of “economic migrants,” which, for those of you still wanting someone to adhere to the rule of law, job seeking is not legal grounds for granting asylum.  DHS is projecting as many as 18,000 illegal migrant ‘encounters’ each day (not counting, of course, ‘gotaways’).  “That inflow would add up to more than 500,000 people a month – or more migrants than American births in a month!”

Republican members of Congress, along with some Democrats, are expressing disgust and disbelief over this proposed border procedural change.  One would hope that enough pressure will come from some influential and/or political quarter to keep Title 42 in place indefinitely, or better yet, something significantly stronger.  Will that happen?  Not if the Biden administration retains its apparently largely unchecked draconian power.

Why is this all happening?  Why is America’s southwestern border essentially open and about to become even wider so?  Because, it would seem obvious, the Progressive-driven Biden administration seems to want a borderless America.  Progressives dream of unlimited illegal migration and of eventually turning all of these migrants from other lands into legal U.S. Democrat voters, so the transformation (ruination) of our nation can continue, under their power and control, unabated.  For unlimited national economic, health, cultural, safety & security, legal, Constitutional, and individual freedom reasons, this Progressive/Globalist take-over scheme is our very worst current domestic nightmare.  And it is progressing as we speak, with Title 42 elimination only the tip of the migrant stampede iceberg.

But the plan is even more devious and threatening to our existence as a nation of freedom.  Columnist Mark Krikorian explains what the administration hopes will ultimately happen as the flood gates semi-restraining illegal migrants are blown wide open by the pending surge:  “What is means is that the White House plan for dealing with the surge of new illegal immigration – which will come on top of the existing historic surge of illegal immigration – is not to halt the surge but to launder it by granting asylum immediately to virtually all those who jump the border. The goal is to ‘process’ hundreds of thousands of border jumpers in a ‘efficient and fair’ manner, so that they’re no longer illegal aliens. Once they’ve been re-christened as asylees (and on a path to citizenship), there are no more messy questions about whether they’ll show up for court and whether they’ll leave when they lose their asylum claim (as most currently do).” Krikorian continues: “Fact is, most of these people about to be granted asylum aren’t asylees.  Most have already crossed multiple borders, paid cartels huge sums of cash to get smuggled in, engaged in country-shopping in order to obtain the best jobs and benefit packages, and come from the lower middle class, not the dirt poor of their respective countries.”

Hard for law-and-order folks to believe this could all happen, but by intended rapid processing upon border entry, and literally, it appears, being granted asylum on the spot, rather than the traditional route of being given a notice to appear for a hearing before a judge at a later date, all that messy court stuff just goes away, reportedly, now, putting these illegals on the express road to American citizenship.  Hard for those of us who still believe in established procedures rules, laws, freedom, the value of citizenship, and common sense to think this short-cut to U.S. citizenship could legally happen.  Hopefully those with clout, on our side, can cut through this intended illegal insanity and get it stopped before America becomes the Titanic.

And what is the administration doing with all of the newcomers arriving at our border?  Why simply bussing or flying them to communities across the country, making it the problem of local municipalities to solve, along with then transforming inland areas into, in effect, “border” states & cities, as well!

And the issue is far more, and far more serious, than simply “labor migration,” which directly impacts American job seekers, wages, healthcare access, housing, etc.  It overlooks the serious national health problem of illegal drug smuggling and other nefarious activities of those who smuggle, humans and otherwise, into our nation. Fentanyl deaths, from drugs smuggled in, especially among young Americans, have reached dangerous new highs.  Not to mention the criminals and gang members, even, we hesitate to think, evil-intending terrorists, who are not always stopped at our border, made even more difficult for Border Patrol by the sheer numbers of entry seekers, and notably those who manage to sneak through undetected, becoming an unwanted added issue later on for local/federal law enforcement, at a time when too many of our major cities are already seeing a terrifying increase in crime.

Lately, it is apparent that this administration is spending more time and money worrying about the Ukraine border, as it should, of course, than what apparently is about to happen, and far worse so, to our own border and national security.  But, as we’ve discussed above, and you all know by now that this mass illegal migration is all being done intentionally to both our border states and, ultimately, to our entire nation and economic well-being.  This wide-open border policy is about to overwhelm us, if strong actions (federal troops?) aren’t taken very soon to slow or stop this greatly-expanded, unthinkable, and purposeful invasion of America. It appears that no one in the current administration has America’s best interests in mind.  Their attitude is clearly politically self-centered and very much anti-traditional-America.

America-first Congressional leaders simply must rise up to do all in their power to slow, if not stop, this predicted onslaught of foreign-speaking illegals seeking American jobs, or as indicated, the possibility of much worse literal damage to our nation.  As Monica Showalter put it in her article: “Republicans should raise hell about it, because it makes a mockery of citizenship, rule of law, and basic justice.”  And said Representative John Katko (R-NY), with the assumption that Republicans can take back the House in November: “One of the central issues that must be addressed is passing a bill finishing what we started on the border, using barriers and electronic technologies.  Along with that, we must reinstate and codify the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which is probably the single most important component because it takes away the incentive for individuals to come here.”  Hopefully the backbones exist in adequate numbers to put this and other measures firmly in place before it becomes too late to save our traditional freedom-loving nation from being dismantled.  Oh, and as if you needed yet one more reason to be concerned, and yet one more reason why this ridiculous open border situation must be solved…..our Customs and Border Patrol is “expecting up to 13,000 unaccompanied children to cross our border in May alone.”

Addendum:  By the way, as of late March, it’s reported that Mr. Biden has spent 114 days at his home in Delaware, plus a recent trip to Eastern Europe, but not a single day to personally witness the growing chaos at our southern border.  By intent, of course.  And now, the President, who cancelled Trump’s protective southern wall building project on Day One of his term in office, is said to be building a substantial fence around his beach house in Delaware!  Understand, the U.S. President must be protected at all times and in all places, but the irony of protect thy own ‘border,’ but not that of our nation, makes for more than a bit of punishing hypocrisy.  (Days spent in Delaware via, Wendell Husebo, 3-26-22;  Beach house fencing project via, Spencer Brown, 3-24-22).


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