A One Card Deck

If you ever play cards with a seething, teeth-bearing progressive/socialist (and for starters, don’t), be prepared for that person to throw down the only card in their deck: The Race One.  Today, it seems that everything done, and everybody who’s not one of them, and everything said by truth-speakers, is automatically labeled “racist.” How long before the traditional January “white sales” are labeled “racist”?  Or Moms who bring home from the store more white milk than chocolate become guilty of “racism”?  It’s the one-word response for those short of, and with no desire for, critical thinking, and, thus, the only word needed to shut-down and eliminate all discussion, reason, and responsibility. It’s hitting the verbal, and mental, off-switch.

And, of course, the principal cheap-shot target of their one card poker game today is President Trump.  Lately, of course, following his immediately rejected and lambasted fact-telling (quickly revealed to be pretty-much true) about conditions in Baltimore, but in actuality, that “racist” labeling has been going on since his election.  Any more, the ballistic race card is the only real ammo in their always aimed and smokin’ verbal cannon.

To that point, several Black members of the previous Obama administration wrote a recent opinion piece, published in the Washington Post, declaring that they simply could not stand-by during (Trump’s) “poisoning of our democracy.”  Supporting their interest in “building a more perfect union,” the former administration members proclaimed their refusal “to sit idly by as racism, sexism (and every other currently popular -ism) are wielded by (this) President…”  Rather than remaining silent, as he should, Mr. Obama, referring to that WP piece, when later tweeted that he was proud that his team members were continuing to “fight for an America that’s better.”  Yes, but better than what?  After his eight-years of actually making America worse, ironically better (“Great Again”) is actually what President Trump is successfully working to accomplish.

Then, the ever-shrill Congresswoman Omar boldly (and wrongly) stated, point-blank, that President Trump is a “racist” who “wants every black/brown person deported…” Coming from a woman who seems totally ungrateful for the privilege of living in America, rather than in Somalia, she is, of course, completely wrong on both counts.  Is the President a “racist”?  No. Proof of such does not exist in the real, rational, unbiased world.  Does he want to deport Hispanic or middle eastern criminal elements, and those who’ve overstayed their permission to be here, absolutely.  And the majority of Americans support his efforts to do so.  Likewise, the majority of Americans do not support that Congresswoman, regardless of her complaint du jour.

Ultra-lib Rob Reiner, another self-fueled luminary, who made his millions under our capitalist system, has now called the President a “racist,” yet again, and his administration one that is “based on white nationalism,” another favored label now tattooed on the brain of all progressives.  And anyone, who is a Trump supporter, that is, any nation-loving American, we are all “racist enablers.”  Bottom line, all who voted for the President, and who will gladly vote for him in 2020, are then, by association, “racists.”  Thanks for sharing your wisdom from deep in the west coast (we really should just go ahead and sell California to the lowest bidder).  Now please put a sock, or twelve, in it.

And Sunny Hostin, another wanna-be personality and expert, has stated, along with calling the President a “racist,” as is currently required by the Law of Enlarged Egos, has also slammed all Trump voters for being “complicit in what he is doing to this country, period.”  Now, that’s interesting.  What he’s doing to this country.  Presume she doesn’t mean creating the lowest unemployment in decades (lowest Black employment in history), a sustained, expanded economy, freeing businesses  to compete more effectively via burdensome regulation elimination, appointing federal judges who interpret, and are guided by, the Constitution, for a change, re-strengthened our military as a force to be feared, and trying, finally, to control the flow of illegal immigrants across our southern border, etc.  That, and much more, my dear lib-clouded Ms. Hostin, is what this President is doing for this country.

Seeking to counter the above examples of senseless, politically-motivated (and progressive-required) harangues about “racism,” from those purposely eliminating any and all facts, Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) stated on Face The Nation that, although the (national) news media seem to want to make everything that’s happening about race: “It’s not about race. It’s not about gender. It’s not about religion.  These members of the House…fundamentally believe in policies that are dangerous for this nation.”  And Republicans, she said, will challenge those policies “even if the mainstream media accuses us of racism when we do.”

Then, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Dr. Ben Carson, who has announced that he will personally tour the City of Baltimore residential neighborhoods in question, disputed the charges that President Trump is a “racist.”  Said Dr. Carson: “I have never seen anything that even resembles racism (in the President).  And look at the actions that have been done and the people who have been helped.” He went on to note the things that the President has actually done to help provide a “second chance for people,” while those in opposition have only talked about it.

The President met with Black inner-city pastors last week at the White House in a previously scheduled meeting. When finished, Pastor Bill Owens, President of the Coalition of African American Pastors, who indicated that he had, indeed, dealt with racism in his life, told reporters, after meeting with the President: “I know racism when I see it. I find it hard to believe that the President is racist.”

Despite the Democrat progressive/socialists repeatedly slamming down the race card, with the fawning national media dutifully proclaiming and supporting that baseless charge, it seems, every time.  The truth of the matter is that President Trump is not a racist, as his actions have clearly indicated.  Despite challenging the four women of color, whose love for America is clearly, and fairly, in question, it is not racism to challenge differences of political opinion, regardless of a person’s color, religion, or place of national origin.  That’s called, or should be, rational discourse; differences to be rationally discussed, preferably with proven facts and figures.  And by the way, it’s also called Constitutional freedom of speech.


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