Omar The Claims-Maker

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, the Progressive-Socialist-Muslim fire-brand has now labeled President Trump as “the worst president we’ve had,” along with calling for his impeachment, in her latest vitriol, unleashed, not surprising, on one of the two progressive-socialist safe havens, MSNBC, with host, the happy Mueller infatuator, and then flame-out ratings suffer, liberal Rachel Maddow, no doubt hoping that Omar’s hostile blather would goose her ratings back skyward.  Too bad she failed to look back in Presidential history before her claim, and she wouldn’t have had to go back all that far.

Omar and her henchwomen are peeved this time because President Trump told her progressive mini-cabal to go back and fix their countries of origin before continually complaining about America, as if the U.S. is the dump, and Somalia, and other distressed nations, are the true fun paradises.  He unfortunately didn’t initially state it that politely, which has led to verbal Democrat flaming torches marching in the progressive streets against his perceived evil.  Although his original words may have been careless, Americans nevertheless pretty much feel the same way about individuals who spend their time complaining about our country, rather than being thankful to be living in it, as do all nation-loving Americans.

Mrs. Omar has been characterized by her past remarks as being anti-Israel and with it, anti-Semitic.  For the latter, she was mildly reprimanded by a Democratic majority in the House, where she received a punishing slap on the wrist with a soft tissue, leaving no mark, neither physically nor intellectually.

In her verbal revenge for the President’s suggestion that residing in some other country might be a nice idea for she and her America sucks mini-mob, in addition to calling him the “worst,” she went on to charge him with being “corrupt, inept, and we are going to call him out on it and hold him accountable.”  She’s on a demented roll, so she goes on to make several other charges against him, referring to “the lawlessness of his administration, the constant human rights violations, the policies that are detrimental to our existence in this country, and the harm that he is causing on a daily basis to our Constitution and the existence of our country.”  All legitimate charges in her mind, saints preserve her (oops, sorry, wrong religion), but without proof and actual existence in the real world in which we all live, apart from whatever solar system she orbits in.

“Lawlessness:” Only in the progressive mind because they aren’t in control so that they could be lawless.  “Human rights violations:” The chaos from the invasion across out southern border is the fault of Congress’ total inaction in ending it, because the Democrats (the Open Borders crowd) don’t’ want to do anything to stop the flow of future voters, regardless of the permanent damage done to our country, economic and otherwise, now and for generations to come.  The solution is firmly instructing migrants not to come here, and certainly don’t bring children, getting that southern fence built pronto, and then slamming the door shut to illegals.  “Harm to our Constitution and the existence of our country:” That’s nothing but a progressive air-horn, blaring in hopes of frightening us.  No harm to our Constitution (the document the progressives want to bury!), nor to our existence.  All of it is political blather with no genuine, truthful evidence ever presented, because it doesn’t exist, outside of the cloistered and failed Socialist world.

Oh, but wait, she wasn’t finished.  We’ve waited for it. And here at last, comes the required cliché, anytime Omar, or another Progressive-Socialist, or indoctrinated college student, or media-mouth speaks: “This is the agenda of a white nationalist.”  An errant claim as overused, as is the every-ready charge, “racist,” and because of it, like elevator music, it’s meaningless, useless, and now instantly forgotten.

No one is trying to do away with brown or other non-white skin tone. For proof, look no further than the legal immigrants admitted to America, and who have become American citizens, over the past couple of decades. Is our mission to stop the invasion of illegal migrants through our southern border, regardless of skin color?  Yes, absolutely!  The fact that most are brown-skinned is immaterial and not “racist.” Their presence here is illegal, period. Ironically, the real “racists” in this instance, then, are all the Open Borders Democrats who could care a whiff about humanity, and instead seek the largest number of exclusively brown-skinned future voters they can encourage to enter illegally, then the happier and prouder the progressives are, as they seek a future one-party system, with a Socialist dictatorship. Progressive-Socialists are the, to-date, undeclared enemies of America.  But their status as such becomes more and more evident every day.

Mrs. Omar’s next claim is even more ironic.  As she goes on the charge that President Trump “would love nothing more than to divide our country based on race, religion, gender orientation, or immigration status, because it’s the only way he knows he can prevent solidarity…..”  That’s just perfect.  She apparently has no idea that she has just described, exactly, the agenda of former president Obama, and his administrative gang of Progressive-Socialist-Communists who, you’ll recall, emphatically sought to “fundamentally transform” our nation.  Sadly, in too many respects, he succeeded, leaving in the embers significant societal damage that may take generations to repair.  That “divide” the country strategy came right from the Alinsky Communism For Dummies guide-book.  Which, if she knew anything about our history, would have been incredibly obvious.  But that remains the designated P-S-C pathway to the eventual takeover of the American system of society, economics and government.

Mrs. Omar, no doubt like her amazed-they-were-ever-elected pals, proclaims now that: “…As an immigrant, I probably love this country more than anyone who is naturally born (here).”  Time to pull out the air-sickness bags.  Given all that she has repeatedly said about our nation and our ally Israel, either directly or by inference, that statement would merit her the maximum number of Pinocchios permitted by the Federal Office of Fantasy (FOOF).  She could not possible have been more disingenuous.  And in so doing, insulted all native-born, genuine American patriots who love this country dearly, warts and all.  Since patriots, and other rational citizens, know that there is no finer, nor freer, nation on earth.

Then, in another forum, she opined about “how much further we have to go to achieve full equality for all people.”  What she means is not full equality of opportunity, which all Americans have now, and have had, in abundance, but rather far closer equality of income, by means of guaranteed increased corporate and personal income taxes, providing for greatly-increased redistribution of government revenue, to a greater degree even than the U.S. does today, which is massive in terms of social welfare dollars.  And that temporarily lifting of personal income for the disadvantaged, while freedoms dissipate, is the core initial objective of Socialism, leading, as soon as practical, to full Central Government control.  Such monetary relief, and personal freedom retention, again, are only temporary.  One word: Venezuela.

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson summarizes the real Omar persona:  “Omar isn’t disappointed in America.  She’s enraged by it.  She has undisguised contempt for the United States and for its people.”  Continuing in his response to her charge that he (wait for it) is “racist,” Carter stated that Omar: “learned to be a professional victim (from the) cultural gatekeepers on the left.” “She’s a living fire alarm, a warning to the rest of us, that we better change our immigration system immediately, or else.”

Tucker Carlson’s final warning perhaps sums up Mrs. Omar and her fellow progressive-socialist “squad” members best when he warned: “No country can survive being ruled by people who hate it.”  Their masks are off.  It’s up to America’s responsible, common-sense voters to provide the badly needed change, especially, which is most obvious, in the House, come November of 2020.


(“Worst President” and related quotes via, Emily Goodin, 7-16-19;  “I probably love this country”/Carlson “enraged” via, David Krayden, 7-14-19; Carlson “no country” via, Andrew Court/Emily Goodin, 7-10-19)