Omar Smack-Down

Anyone who hasn’t been sedated long-term lately is well aware of the insult launched by Minnesota’s electoral mistake, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, when she referred to the unprovoked, horrific, 9/11 Attack on America by barbarian Islamic terrorists as “some people did something.”  “Something,” was, of course, the slaughter that day of almost three-thousand innocent Americans and others, both on the ground and in the air, including numerous first responders in NYC, who ran into those burning, collapsing towers, as others tried in vain to get out.  And “Some people,” were, of course, the Islamic terrorist lunatics who carried out that premeditated, purposeful carnage.  Clearly, the callous truth of that terrible day is far more vivid and vile than “some people did something”!!

To refer to these venomous animals (with apologies to poisonous snakes) as “some people,” wrote the Editorial Board of the New York Post newspaper last week, “is to deny a cancer festering in the world Muslim community.”  Ms. Omar tap danced in the face of a well-deserved avalanche of complaints following her intentional terrorism cover-up, by claiming former President Bush called the terrorists “people,” too, in his bull horn response at Ground Zero as responders toiled away, purposely taking his words out of context, by doing what the Democrats have perfected, “cherry-picking” to suit their needs from within much more complete comments.

Deflecting attention from her ridiculous “some people” remark, insulting to the families of those who perished on 9/11, and to the families and battle-buddies of all those courageous American military members who’ve been gravely wounded, or have died, in the on-going battle to eradicate the evil of Islamic terrorism from the planet, Ms. Omar smeared the nation further, two years ago, when she wrote that “America was founded by genocide,” a term that was first defined and used  by the Nazis’ attempt to eradicate the world’s Jewish population.  You remember, just like Islamic Iran, by their continual threats and chants, vows to annihilate Israel and, ultimately, the United States.  Isn’t that right, Ms. Omar?

Well, grateful are those of us who love our country, and those who have sacrificed to defend this great nation against delusional fundamentalist Islamics, that a straight-talking, pro-America, Muslim woman has now stepped forward with some choice words for this apparently terror-defending Congresswoman.  Dr. Qanta Ahmed, a physician and professor in New York City, didn’t hold back in her bold and courageous assessment of Ms. Omar.  In a recent Fox News opinion piece, this proud, naturalized-American professional wrote, among other things:  “Ilhan Omar is a disgrace to Islam and doesn’t represent my Muslim religion.  She continues to be an embarrassment and a disgrace for me and other American Muslims with her outrageous, ignorant, anti-Semitic, and now anti-American comments. Her grotesque trivialization of a national tragedy amounts to an explicit denial of 9/11, (and is) inexplicable, unless she has strong and covert Islamist sympathies.”

Pretty sure Dr. Ahmed jack-hammered-in the nail of truth with those last few words.  Ms. Omar is almost certainly in sympathy with fundamentalist Islam. Dr. Ahmed went on with her welcome and justifiable smack-down, but you get the flavor of her valid assertions.  We owe her a debt of gratitude for re-leveling the respect-for-America playing field.  For speaking out, on behalf of nation-loving Americans, the adopted land that she clearly loves and appreciates, when staying silent would be far easier to do.  Now, may Ms. Omar kindly go sit somewhere and be quiet until she can be voted out of office in 2020.  One of at least three embarrassing, anti-America Democratic office holders whom loyal Americans will be watching closely next November.


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