No White, No Blue, Just RED

In the midst of a seemingly rookie Congressional Democrat frenzy backing Socialism (translation: Marxism/Communism), in his great State of the Union speech (76%  approval, on both CBS and CNN polls!!), President Trump masterfully slammed that door shut, leaving the Looney Lenin-ites with a collective poopy face.

Said the President: “Here, in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country.  America was founded on liberty and independence – not government coercion, domination, and control.  We are born free, and we will stay free.  Tonight, we renew our resolve that America will never be a sociality country.”

And great as that sounds, and it does, let’s pause for a dose of reality. That commitment can only be effected, if President Trump is re-elected in 2020.  Realize that if a Democrat is elected President (heaven forbid), and if the Democrats can take back the Senate (heaven forbid #2), there will be nothing at the federal level to stop the Lenin Express.  Far beyond socialism, we’re really talking about a straight downhill track to Communism.

And the lib-train seems headed in that disastrous direction.  There are four key basic requirements that would please Karl Marx (the very worst of those otherwise comedic Brothers) to insure a “successful” dictatorship: (1) Remove the guns, (2) Remove religion, (3) Control education, and (4) Control healthcare (the obvious, purposeful attempt of that last guy).  And it’s a bit unsettling when we stop to realize, looking at just those four criteria, how close we’re becoming to achieving that unthinkable, literal dead-end to freedom.

Some cities, and some federal politicians on the far-left, are working hard, inch, by inch, to eliminate or essentially cripple our Second Amendment rights (for that matter, to them, our whole Constitution is outdated and in their way).  And the Libs aren’t going to stop their anti-gun crusade anytime soon. Case in ugly point:  A newt elected State Representative in Connecticut has introduced a bill into their State legislature proposing a 50% tax on the purchase of ammunition! The Democrats control both legislative chambers, and the governor is also a Dem.  Pretty good chance this attempt to discourage gun use, or even possession, by good citizens (since bad guys don’t follow the rules) will become Connecticut law.

Now, in addition, there is a disturbing trend in America toward not only anti-Semitism, but anti-Christian faiths as well. Remove God, and substitute Government, as the accepted form of unified, national worship.  It’s interesting that we’ve yet to see an anti-Muslim movement.  Fine to ridicule and slander the Jewish and the Christian religions, a sentiment that appears to be openly growing, but don’t even think about challenging or demeaning the Islamic religion, since, for starters, you’re apt to be killed, let alone infringing on their First Amendment rights (note the sad and cruel irony of only one faith deemed to be untouchable by the politically squeamish).

Then, central control of the schools.  While the other three legs of the stool are still works in progress, the education piece is already done, as everyone paying any attention in America knows all too well.  Liberals (i.e., the central governing philosophy of choice) have controlled the public schools, along with the nation’s public and most private colleges, for several years now, and were allowed to really dig in and fortify their lib-turf during the permissive years of the previous president.  As you know, most of our colleges are now liberal indoctrination centers, where students (more likely, parents) pay a ton of cash to be held captive for four-years to left-wing teachings, effectively losing the ability to think, or to even listen to thoughts that might be outside the very tall, protective concrete wall (!) of Liberal acceptance.   This has produced young people in search of “safe spaces” if they are ever, ever “offended,” then “triggered,” by unacceptable speech, writing, signs, emails, texts, gestures, or if even sensing (by smell) the presence of a conservative within a one-hundred-mile radius.

The effort to achieve total central government control of the nation’s healthcare was attempted by the previous destructive administration (“you can keep your health plan and your doctor,” a crass lie and fraudulent assertion from the get-go, and all in power on that side knew it).  But watch for the ultra-lib House attempt to solidify what’s left of the failed Crockacare. It’s a key stool (pardon the expression) leg in the Socialist take-over, needed to keep the nation’s injured and ill totally dependent on those ever-caring and compassionate folks in Washington, literally deciding, and mandating, who lives and who has outlived their usefulness.

The designated college indoctrinators have worked unceasingly to create a generation or two of young people who see America as the principal (if not sole) cause of the world’s problem.  We’re unfair to others, we are single-handedly causing global warming and, lately, global freezing, and our economic system, Capitalism, is simply “unjust.”  In short, America is evil. No surprise then that an alarming number of college-types say they favor Socialism over Capitalism, after four-years of relentless lib brain-scrubbing.  What a change from previous generations raised to respect our flag, cherish our freedom, give thanks to God for our abundant blessings, and love our country, warts and all.

And on the subject of America is the problem in the world, Somali-American and new Representative, Ms. Ihan Omar (D-Minn.), would like to second those Ultra-Lib emotions.  According to Ms. Omar: “Nobody wants to take accountability for how these (i.e., terrorist acts) are byproducts of the actions of our involvement in other people’s affairs.”  Translation:  Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, North Africa, and here in America is OUR FAULT!! Yep, we started it all, forcing the world’s terrorists to teach America a lesson and clean up after us. If we’d just keep our darn nose out of other people’s dictatorships, terrorism would go away.  Yes, and gun-controlled Chicago is a shining example of love they neighbor.  Sadly, we have at least another 1 ½-years of this woman tearing down her adopted country and defending Islamic terrorism.  May voters please come to their senses in 2020 (although in her district, they won’t).

Bottom Line:  We’d all want to believe, of course, that a Socialist/Communist take-over of our nation will never happen, as President Trump emphatically promised.  And if that effort ever became actual, it’s gonna happen reality, surely there would be a civil uprising. Such would of course be deadly and awful, if, by then, it could even still happen.  Remember the advice about the best way to eat an elephant: Just one bite at a time!  And the same advice that the Ultra-Libs are following regarding national gun control: just one bite at a time. There could well become a time, when prior, gradual gun confiscation would eliminate our very ability to mount an effective challenge to approaching dictatorial control.  Would there be a time, then, when our military forces would rebel?  It’s all about legal orders. On that critical question, take a look at Venezuela so far.

In our battle against the encroachment on our systems, laws, and ultimately our very freedom as individuals, by the domestic forces of Socialism (Marxism/Communism), both those elected and sadly gullible millennials, it is imperative that Republicans hold onto the Presidency, the Senate, and for a bonus, win back the House in 2020.  President Trump made a powerful start in that direction with his tremendous speech Tuesday night (1-5-19).  May we build that border wall (physical barrier), and may America’s patriot citizens (i.e., all who support the continuation of our democratic republic), ensure the continuation of Donald Trump’s Presidency, both actions are critical to the continuation of our nation as we know and love it.

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