No Borders, No Nation

The Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, Minnesotan Keith Ellison, feels that our borders, the southern one in particular, represent an “injustice” to Mexican citizens, because it prevents free access to the United States; prevents the freedom to go back and forth across the border for work, among those (and no doubt from other nations) seeking to earn a better living here.  He went on to suggest that “the 12-million undocumented people in the United States are here because somebody wants them to be.”

This is starting to sound and smell identical to what it must be like to be buried under a ripe load of manure, home-delivered by a cluster of cows plagued by stomach issues.  First, a nation without protected borders is no longer a nation. It’s just a large expanse of identity-free land (key word: free).  Secondly, the only “injustice” is the one perpetrated by Mexican citizens who persist in crossing our southern border without documented permission.  That is, coming here illegally.  Consider the reverse. Try sneaking into Mexico without that government’s permission, and see what kind of a welcome you get.  And, thirdly, while some of the undocumented persons from other nations may, with some form of seasonal or temporary permission, be desired here by the agricultural and some service sectors, the remaining illegal millions, here for America’s handouts without contributing in return, are clearly not here “because someone wants them to be.”  And you can be darn sure that the apparent illegal immigrant who allegedly killed Iowa college student, Mollie Tibbetts, reportedly here with a false ID, along with fellow male illegals, guilty, we hear too often, of assaults, rapes, and murders, nobody “wants them to be” here.  Not now, not ever.

Ellison’s claim of “injustice,” imposed on those who want to come here illegally to better themselves, is nothing more than smoke-screened support for open borders.  Shame on him, or anyone, who feels that no-border is in the best interest of a stable, prosperous America.  It may well be in the best interest of those who selfishly support the continued invasion of hoped-for future Democrat-Socialist voters.  But it is in no way in the best interest of our sovereign and free nation, the one most of us continue to love and cherish.  You want to come here to better yourself?  Fine.  We welcome you.  When you do it legally.

(Quotes via The Daily, Peter Hasson, 7-18-18)