Mice That Roar

As all are only too well aware, leftists have long preferred feelings and fabrications to facts and truth.  Since genuine honesty about their policies ( for those that actually have any) would never attract enough votes to win an election, and especially nationally, they’ve had to hide truth and project the fantasy world they choose to live in.

Take for example Democrat presidential hopeful, Pete Buttigieg, who told a South Carolina audience that America “was never as great as advertised.”  Great position, Pete. Thanks for being a stalwart cheerleader for America. Departing from his fantasy memory or knowledge, America has been incredibly great in many fields.  Things like science, medicine, economics, oh, and freedom!  Let’s see, who was it that landed on the Moon?  Oh, you’re right, that was Finland.  America’s greatness has perhaps never shown brighter than with our world freedom-restoring, victory-making efforts in World Wars I & II, as the nation and the world have just been reminded, with our tide-turning heroics on D-Day (along with our British and Canadian Allies).  It’s a shame that political self-interest made you state that falsehood, sir. When it comes to decades upon decades of American greatness, for you, Pete, it’s game over.

Next up in the Slam America Contest, Representative Omar (D-MN) recently stated in a podcast that “ignorance is really pervasive in many parts of this country.”  Thanks again for the encouragement, Congress-person.  When you read that, it sounds like a statement from a visitor, a non-citizen. While we might wish that she was just a visitor, she is actually a U.S. citizen.  A Somali immigrant who has been given the gift of freedom and all other benefits of the greatest nation on earth (sorry, Pete, it’s true). Somehow that doesn’t come through in this or most of her statements. She doesn’t specify whether the problem is “ignorance” in something like basic math, or in lack of acceptance of other cultures.  Best guess is the latter. Tell you what, come to this country legally, assimilate into our culture & laws, learn English, repudiate all radical politics, bring or gain employable skills, and you’ll be amazed how open and accepting the citizens of American will be.  Ignore any of those requirements, and your acceptance will be on indefinite hold.

Oh and then there’s the pride of New York, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. Among her maze of statements, she is now pushing to expand the Constitution’s pronouncement of citizen “rights” to include “dignified housing” at an affordable price.  Said she: “It means our access and our ability and our guarantee to having a home comes before someone else’s privilege to earn a profit.  So those who work hard, either as an employee or a business owner, and earn a profit for that hard work and risk taking are being selfish and unfair until all residents of our country, citizens and non-citizens, have access to “dignified housing”?  OK, people who run profit-making companies, organizations, factories, etc., create jobs, allowing job-holders to earn money with which to “afford” housing.  You can’t effectively run a train with the caboose in front of the locomotive.  Her thinking is bass-ackwards.  Little chance the states will approve adding “dignified housing” as a guaranteed Constitutional right in this or any other lifetime soon.

Shifting now from leftist deep thoughts for a Better America, to not deep, but cheap shots at President Trump.  The two words most in prominence today seem to be “obstruction” and “impeachment.”  Many politicians claim he’s guilty of the former, making him eligible for the latter.  While the leftist politicians, subservient media, west coast entertainers and others pound the table for impeachment, no one, repeat, no one has come forward with any specific charge or proof that would make impeachment legitimate vs. a screaming crowd, with torches, gathered in the town square demanding that Sheriff Nancy string him up.

First up on the impeachment wagon, so-called “celebrity” and rabid Trump hater, Chelsea Handler, is now calling for the President’s impeachment, again, this time because he referred to guns as “entertainment,” callously insulting those who’ve lost loved ones from gun fire. As constantly happens with fantasy island leftists, and their media bunk mates, the President’s comment was taken totally out of context.  He was referring to the fact that many responsible gun owners go to ranges or legal hunting areas to shot, which for them is a source of enjoyment or “entertainment.”  Again, this is true for responsible gun owners, which is the vast majority of owners in America.  For criminals and thugs, their use is definitely not entertaining, but relates directly to another “E” word: Evil.

One more thought on Handler and her west coast types.  A bright person once put it this way.  In life we all really need the services of electricians, plumbers, teachers, policemen, doctors, dentists, etc.  As this person correctly concluded:  Not once in his life, or in any of our lives, had he ever really needed an entertainer!

Speaking of totally out of context, Democrat Beto O’Rourke reportedly stated in a campaign address that President Trump had referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists and criminals,” and he then went on, said O’Rourke, to call asylum seekers “animals and an infestation.” The President would be in trouble if he actually said those things, but he didn’t.  Context is a wonderful thing, too often purposely ignored by opposition politicians and media suck-ups in an effort to throw a knock-out punch.  Here’s the reality. The President was speaking at a meeting regarding sanctuary cities.  The subject was the killing-for-sport MS-13 gang and their too often successful efforts to come into our country illegally. On this specific subject, the President said of them: “These aren’t people. These are animals.”  Not all asylum seekers, by any stretch, just the members of this vicious gang.  Selective editing to form the most damaging statements possible. The same for the “rapists and criminals” claim.  Clearly the President would not label all Mexicans seeking entry by those terms.  But in the mass migrations we’ve seen in recent months, no question, criminals are getting in, with major crimes, including rape and murder, to follow, in way too many cases.  You’ll notice also that O’Rourke referred to Mexican “immigrants.”  Another leftist tactic.  The issue is the horde of illegal immigrants continually surging at our southern border, from Mexico, yes, but principally from Central American countries to the south.

Now, zeroing in on a couple of far more personal suggestions, wishes, desires of the lefties.  First, Representative Jim Himes (D-CT), while being interviewed by Wolf Blitzer, reportedly stated: “The lizard brain that I have says I hope bad things happen to (Trump), because he has been so destructive to our republic, to the concept of democracy, to the concept that internationally, we are a light unto the nations.” Hiding behind his “lizard brain” he wishes for “bad things” to happen to the President.  Dangerous ground there, but an obvious example of the depth of the hatred that he and his fellow lefties have for the duly-elected President of the United States (and, no Hillary, he did not steal the election from you; the nation is mighty thankful he won).  By the way, pretty sure lizard brains are small.

Which leads us in the direction Congressman Himes apparently wants efforts to go (assuming “bad things” doesn’t mean violence).  This past week, Speaker Pelosi actually told a meeting of select Democrats in D.C. that: “I don’t want to see him impeached. I want to see him in prison.”  That conclusion, perhaps more than anything else said, shows the totally irrational, out-in-left-field (appropriate!), all- consuming hatred Democrat leftists and their assortment of lizard brains have developed and fueled for two years+, against President Trump.

Little is being accomplished in the House, because of the seething hatred the left-wingers have for the most powerful man in the world.  Hatred is apparently the key plank in the Democrat’s platform going into the 2020 election.  For the good of our nation, its security and future, may the voices of the lefty mice (and associated lizards) illustrated here, be scattered and muffled, may the voters of America accept Conservative facts and truth, not Liberal fantasy and fiction, and may President Trump be victorious in 2020, this time winning both the electoral college and popular vote!

In the meantime, may the participants in the traitorous Presidential coup attempt, that gang of white collar, highly-placed, brainy political thugs, be exposed, to include all those from the White House on down, and receive proper legal justice for their crimes.


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