This day of reverence and reflection continues to be one of our nation’s most solemn tributes. It is the day I consider to be the most sacred of our secular observances. It is the specific time of the year that we set aside to honor and remember all those brave Americans who, through the decades, and right up to the present, have not only served our nation, but sacrificed their lives to defend and preserve it, so that all who follow might continue to live in freedom.

The death toll of American men and women who, through the generations, gave their all in combat, now exceeds 1.3-million. It’s hard to imagine that magnitude of loss, that ultimate devotion to our nation, that number of courageous hearts that no longer beat. Paraphrasing President Trump who spoke today at Arlington National Cemetery to honor those who’ve fallen in battle: “They marched into hell so that America could continue to know the blessings of liberty.” Sincere thanks to all who devoted at least a portion of Memorial Day to remember what so many brave men and women contributed, their lives, and their futures, so that we might continue to enjoy the opportunities and blessings of our exceptional nation, birthed and preserved in precious freedom.