Meanwhile In Other News….

While all of this insulting, juvenile, impeachment nonsense force-fed to us around-the-clock by our national pro-left media (print and electronic), transporting our dulled senses to mental internment, believe it or not, other things in America have been achieved or announced.

First, some good news for a change, make that, some very good news. With impeachment distraction in full force, the Republican-dominated Senate has been quietly confirming President Trump’s federal judge appointees. A lot of them!

So far, in the first three years of his presidential tenure, the Senate has confirmed 133 district court judges, and 50 judges for the nation’s appellate courts, both are impressive and thankful results, as the President’s appointees are very carefully selected. Of note, on the appellate side, 25% of those serving judges have now been appointed by President Trump.

In fact, three of our circuit courts have now turned from liberal to conservative majorities, so far during the President’s time in office.  And one of those circuits includes Georgia! That is great progress. And a reminder that these federal judgeships are lifetime appointments!!  The President is even getting closer to shifting the judicial balance of the historically liberal Ninth Judicial Circuit (western states), long known for migraine-inducing (for conservatives) decisions,  needlessly frustrating to those on the right side, while we’re left figuratively seated in the judicial waiting room, pending the hoped-for decision review.  Thankfully, a great many of that court’s decisions are, in fact, eventually overturned.

Secondly, in political science or civics news:  House ‘Squad’ leader, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), while in California recently, supporting the campaign of socialist Bernie Sanders, took the time to enlighten we peasants about the status of the nation and our federal governing system, by proclaiming the following about America (tighten your seat belt): “What we’re living in right now is not an advanced society. It is fascism, what we have, (and) what we’re evolving into, as well.”

Now, along with yet another ridiculous attempt to tie the President’s governing style to Hitler’s, if anyone(s) is leading us to socialism/fascism/communism, it’s the nation’s elected elite (and moneyed supporters) of the political left-wing, the same folks who seek, in 2020, control of the White House and both houses of Congress, so that our freedoms, our world-admired capitalist economic system, and oh, yes, our brilliant, ages-proven Constitution, can be buried in the ceremonial landfill of history’s fallen nations.

Does she have any historic or current comparative examples that would validate her pronouncement that America is a “fascist” nation?  She apparently has no working knowledge of the enormous price in human capital that Americans (and others) had to pay to destroy actual fascism, and return freedom to Western Europe. Me thinks this reference to fascism is but a current, history-challenged, leftist assertion, meant to help hammer the message that our nation is evil, an assertion pulled, by the way, directly from the large part of the brain that resides in the human posterior.  And also made to plant the notion that American could be, and could offer, so much more, if only voters would elect a committed socialist, offering to the people a much bigger government, bigger taxes on corporations & the rich, state-provided health care, open borders, and seemingly endless “free” stuff.  What’s waiting for believers at the polls, you ask?  Nirvana !!

And then, one is also left wondering, from her other generic statement, exactly which existing nation(s) she considers to be the poster-child for an “advanced society”?  Who, using facts, not feelings now, is more advanced, and has done more for the world, in any number of actions and disciplines, than our United States?  So what on earth (assumption) is she thinking, when she states that we’re not “advanced?”   Frankly, that’s a big steaming helping of bravo sierra.  But it’s political leaders, nationally and locally, who are thinking and speaking like this, joined by their brethren, the disciples of hate, that makes the November 2020 election so critical for our future. All of voting age, who care at all about the generations ahead, here in our richly blessed country, must get to the polls next November, without fail, to make crystal-clear the direction that thinking & caring Americans want our nation to go.

And, finally, in no less idiotic news than the Squadly assertions above, do read the following (but first, tighten your seat belt another notch): The American Civil Liberties Union, at least from this next over-the-top PC directive, seems to have  clearly lost its way, and possibly its relevance. They now want tampons to be made available in all public men’s restrooms, across the nation!

And why, you might ask?  Well, of course, “to prevent discrimination against every person who menstruates.”  Because, you see, “women are not the only ones who menstruate, get pregnant, or breast feed,” says the ACLU.  Could be wrong, but America’s biological males have never needed tampons throughout the over 230-years of our free and independent existence, and they sure as heck don’t need them now.  If “guys” want tampons, they can darn sure bring their own.

This is yet another example and outcome of the social decay, initiated, nurtured, and left to disrupt our heretofore sane traditions, that have resulted directly from the policies and intentions pursued during the 8-year reign of the person who unfortunately sat in the WH before Mr. Trump.  That person’s regrettable, residual, socially-disruptive impact seems destined to propel us down the increasingly traveled, steep slippery slope of Lunacy Lane.  But with that bizarreness freshly in mind, when it comes to the longer-term directionality of our nation’s destiny, thank heavens for News Item #1 above!

So, then, as promised, there are just a few other current news items for you to ingest. But that last item just might make one actually long-for the return to coverage of that mind-numbing, wall-to-wall impeachment stunt, a liberal initiative, three-years in the making, that never needed, nor should even have been permitted, to happen!


(Court confirmation stats via, Paul Mirengoff, 12-25-19; AOC quote via, Joshua Caplan, 12-23-19; Tampons for “men” via, Sam Dorman, 12-18-19).