“Mean” Joe Greene and His Current-Day Political Stand-In

“Mean” Joe Greene and His Current-Day Political Stand-In

Past National Football League standout and Hall of Famer, Joe Greene, was a key part of the Pittsburgh Steelers “Steel Curtain” as a defensive lineman, for several years back in the 1970’s.  He played in 10 pro-bowls, with 4 team Super Bowl Championships.  At 6’4” and 275-pounds, there can be no doubt that Mr. Greene was considered to be an ever-hard-hitting (i.e., “mean”) defensive tackle, dreaded by the opposing team runners he confronted, week after week, during his 13 award-winning seasons with the Steelers.

Time now to meet his modern day National Progressive League (NPL) stand in, who today, is also dreaded but for different reasons (lots of them), and while lining-up much slighter of body, and as such he makes no one fearful (except, of course, most of America’s citizens), except when he climbs steps, or makes a speech, or pretty routinely when he spends national debt-increasing piles of taxpayer money, please now welcome, or not, America’s three-year (of four) leader (except when off vacationing, a lot), our all-world Progressive hero, “Mean” Joe B-GREEN!

Yes, “Mean” as in his unending efforts to seemingly ignore our Constitution by issuing continual direct dictates (forget about Congress), according to his progressive/ultra-liberal political desires.  And, Yes, GREEN, as in the obscene amount of American money continually being spent by this administration to increase progressive-ordered, largely dead-end dream-works like: Expanding mega-land-wasting sun and wind power for woefully inadequate energy generation; attempting to urge/force the public adoption of electric vehicles which most consumers don’t want; while pressuring unwelcome traditional home appliance replacements; and ever floating in dreamland, by his ultimate futures desire to end or significantly curtail fossil-fueled aircraft and ship travel, as well.  And there are other steps (i.e. no doubt forthcoming executive orders!), all to assumedly encourage (ultimately, force) decreased energy use, while doing everything else possible to either cripple or end America’s most efficient and cleanest (in the world) fossil fuel (natural gas and oil) production itself.  All to stop alleged manmade CO2 emissions, without which, a gaggle of likely to be government-funded research scientists, or self-anointed “experts” predict that America’s citizens, and/or the world population, will eventually melt into a noxious shiny human puddle of nasal nastiness, by either 2030, 2040, 2050 or 20-whatever, your guess appears to be as good as theirs.

By the way, the end of humanity was also projected back in the 1980’s, followed by additional doomsday(s) handwringing, continuing right up to the present. Since we’re still here, it’s quite obvious that all of those ‘expert’ predictions, back then, to the present, never happened.  Regardless, man’s activities are still viewed as the prime villainry (one day, that will be a word) in the ‘climate change,’ melt-down-of-the-month march against humanity’s continuing end-of-existence saga. By the way, is it hot in here, or is it just me?

“Climate Change” used to be known as “Global Warming” which was removed by the powers-that-be either because we really weren’t getting any warmer and/or “CC” was a suitably broader javelin to take into the raging Battle Against Doubters, in the ongoing war toward the major reduction of demon CO2. Now, it would be one thing if manmade CO2 really was an earth-ender.  But it’s not.  There is one universally accepted form of climate change, and that is the original version created and maintained by Mother Nature (i.e., God) which is, of course, the annual change of seasons consisting of Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring.  And the “climate” routinely and predictably “changes” with each season.  Thus, endith our very brief Earth Science short-course. Class dismissed.

Now, then, is the liberal elite’s creation, the alternate “climate change,” valid, the one that predicts the end of our nation, the one dependent on convincing the vast majority of Americans of the need to follow every Biden administration, and media-featured activist dictates, in the domestic war aimed at greatly reducing manmade CO2, so that the temperatures and “the Creeks (actual days-past Indian tribe) don’t rise.”

One key thought before we get further into the man-as-villain assumption when it comes to CO2 production supposedly impacting our climate. Throughout world history, there have been several Ice Ages, the most recent of which ended some 25,000 years ago. What made it end? Well, citing Google, it was a “shift in the earth’s orientation toward the sun, which then melted the northern hemispheres.”  Thus, it wasn’t mankind’s fault at all.  It couldn’t have been! Henry Ford’s smokestacks, and a great many others in the 1920’s, no doubt belching massive amounts of suspected pollutants into the nation’s skies and air, weren’t a reality, simply weren’t a factor, until many thousands of years later.  And with the dramatic changes made in American manufacturing, with fossil fuels used to generate virtually all power, dramatic efforts now made to capture most of the harmful pollutants left, even before they’re expelled into the atmosphere, limits the rationale for hampering or eliminating fossil fuel production, distribution, and use.  Temperature rises today may well, as long before, still involve another shift in the earth’s position with the sun.  And speaking of any modest increase in the warming impact of the sun, for the record, 250-million years ago, the most recent example (!), according to solid research, the earth was, in fact, warmer than it is today. Pretty sure that mankind wasn’t a contributing factor to that warmer phase!

So then, in the MEAN-time, suggest we all buckle-up.  Domestically and internationally, it may well be a rough ride through this year and perhaps beyond.