Each year at this time, we hear played quite frequently, two modern-now-classic Christmas hits: Darlene Love’s “Baby Please Come Home,” and Mariah Carey’s “All I want For Christmas Is You.”  And now, the latter has just become a major hit with the Chinese Communist Party/Government (redundant).  The reason why is sadly and ominously obvious.  And that’s because the “You” in all they want for Christmas is: Joe Biden.  Yep, by hook or by crook, and likely both, along with their oh-so convenient election-impacting-tampering virus, they got their guy.  China wins the White House.  So, it is indeed a very Merry Christmas for the Chinese Communist Party! Oh, come all ye Party faithful, come let us adore us.  The Chinese Communists, those nice folks who added face-masks, hand sanitizer, and “virtual” to our lives, have just received, in all likelihood, not only a great compliant gift, but, as the saying goes, one that will “keep on giving”!

The apparent Biden “win” is a cruel charade. The energy-challenged, mentally-fading, Democrat hail-mary replacement for the once clearly-leading presidential candidate contender, Bernie Sanders (possible South Carolina primary vote manipulation; oh, don’t be silly), a man who barely campaigned, and for reasons we now more fully understand, rarely took questions from a fawning media.  A candidate who achieved little if anything in four-decades of public office, yet has miraculously become president-elect of the currently freest, most successful, most respected, and most influential nation in the world.  The question on at least half of America’s mind, although not the CCP’s, is how on earth did that happen. The answer, of course, is an apparently manipulated national election.  The fix was in. The question is just how much of that manipulation was domestic and, is it possible, that at least some portion was achieved internationally by rouge nations intent on harming America?

So, then, the biggest issue for Americans going forward (in addition to our continued security) is that, now, with the tag team of Progressive Democrats and the Communist Chinese potentially playing off of the same sheet of political music, will we every again have truly honest elections?  And importantly, will we ever know for sure? From the Constitutional freedom and rule of law perspective, that is one of the, if not the, most worrisome, darkest clouds hanging over America’s head, as the sky above, right now, looks ominously gray.

And now, as we, with conservative, love of country regret, prepare to trade an America-first, action-oriented, stout backboned President, for a global-fawning, fumbling-talk-oriented, spine-of-green, and by all apparent examination, a fraudulently-elected one, the most pressing issue is the Georgia Senate run-off.

All Republicans and all Independents who care at all about the future of our nation, must vote in this election, either through in-person early voting or on election day (Tuesday, January 5th).  This election comes down to a choice between our continued freedom and market-place capitalism, or heightened federal government control, punitive taxation, one-party rule, loss of individual freedoms, and Progressive-Socialism-Marxism economics, all of which encapsulates the opposition’s long-time infantile dream. Get out and vote.  And especially all of our conservative and right-leaning independent seniors!  Vote for our two incumbent Republican Senators as if your life depends on it.  Because continued traditional freedom in our lives, and the continued security and independence of our nation, this time, truly does!