Mark Levin: A Timely Quote

As many, or most, of you likely know, Mark Levin, the brilliant, highly respected radio/tv commentator and published author, is a staunch conservative. And along with that, he’s a vigilant defender of our Constitution; of our individual rights and freedoms; economic capitalism; and limited government (especially federal, which is very worrisome to him currently).  While we’re presently dealing with state-by-state  restricted citizen movement mandates (work, shopping, travel, etc.), for the greater health of our citizens, Mark is also worried, as the stay-at-home orders drag on, about the health of our nation, from the standpoint of our economy, the vital backbone of our system, with more and more businesses having to close, resulting in more and more Americans losing their jobs, and with it, the ranks of the unemployed continue to swell.

Mark is justifiably concerned, then, about both the current and long-term damage being done to our economy by this lengthy citizen shut down (and ‘temporary’ government domination).  Will businesses be allowed to come back, and for those still able, how quickly can this happen?  Will stagnant consumer spending impede or, hopefully revive and accelerate, the return of fiscal health to our business communities?

To that end, using an analogy to the patient recovery device we’ve heard so much about during this virus crisis, on the evening of April 9th,  a very concerned and exasperated Mark Levin said to his nation-wide radio audience: “We need to get a ventilator to the private sector so that it, too, can breath again!”  Genuine concern for the restoration of American commerce, just as he has for the health, well-being, and Constitutional liberty of America’s citizens.