Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren has, again, had her common sense removed and replaced with a purely leftist-socialist political implant.  This was once again in view during her recent appearance at a CNN Town Hall in Mississippi.

Among her other leftist bloviations, Senator Warren urged elimination of the Electoral College, a rising socialist rallying cry.  Just go with a pure national, winner-take-all, vote, so that “all votes count,” said she. As if they all didn’t count already!  “I think everybody (candidate) ought to have to come (to Mississippi) and ask for your vote,” said Warren.  Oh, yes, eliminate the Electoral College so that we can simply ignore almost all of the mega-millions of voters in states located between the coasts, like Mississippi, and let the mass of Democrat-dependent voters in leftist hostels like California, New York, and Illinois dominate the federal voting, guaranteeing the nation leftist governments (or worse) for life.  Ironically, effectively disenfranchising her very audience there that evening, Mississippians who’ve voted for Republican presidential candidates, continually, since 1980!  So, reverting to a national vote for federal offices is a great idea for the Democrats, but a lousy, unthinkable one for Constitutional Democracy in America.

She went on to say that all “voter suppression” laws in force within many of our states should be done away with.  Let’s see, voter suppression.  Oh, that’s right, she means those badly needed state laws that require a valid photo ID to vote, and registration to vote well before the election, those and other efforts to ensure, as much as humanly possible, that only American citizens are permitted the privilege of voting.

Switching topics, she called for changing Mississippi’s state flag because it includes Confederate imagery.  That, dear Senator, is up to the legislature and the people of Mississippi.  It’s not a pitch you can swing at.

And to wrap-up her likely too-many moments on TV, she decided to go back in time, way back, to bring up an issue, specifically designed to please her liberal audience: Reparations for slavery.  This is one of those politically charged issues, kept buried in the closet, to surface again only when it’s politically convenient in front of a receptive liberal audience.  She’d like for Congress to resurrect the issue via a special House committee.  In the real world, it’s a non-starter.  Payments to whom? Since the only real victims of past slavery in America have passed on many decades ago. Plus, multiple government social programs have now long existed to assist those in our nation with economic and other needs.  In an exceptionally crowded candidate field, she has clearly put forth the old, seldom-if-ever-discussed, reparations issue, in an effort to help separate herself from all the others.

The Senator, whose national campaign time has passed, probably needs to put a cork in it.  She stands no real chance of winning the presidency.  Thus, the Electoral College stunt, introduced by Senator Warren and others of her persuasion, requiring a change to our Constitution, will gain little traction, beyond the East and West coasts, when voters in the core of our nation understand what the real objective is: permanent democrat control of everything. Ironically, this move could, itself, be a form of huge “voter suppression” by attempting to suppress the impact, and the voices, of voters in the vast majority of interior states, and in particular, the smaller ones. The level electoral playing field, equality, if you will, between big states/small states, would cease.

(Warren quotes and info via, Tim Stickings, 3-19-19)