Libs Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

More screws than normal have popped loose from the too-tightly-wound Lefties, as lately more than a few have again been spawned by cuckoos and taken their usual clueless flight.

Let’s start with the pride of immigrant Minneapolis, ever-out-front Representative Ocasio-Cortez and her like-minded “Squid” comrades, who took former president Obama to task over his recent comments that the virulent cries to “defund the police” had actually hurt down-ticket Democrat candidates in the recent election.

Her clan all countered Mr. Obama’s likely correct assessment of “defunds” negative impact, through its consistent (idiotic) over-use by ‘ever-peaceful’ street protesters and their always well-away-from-the-fray agitator-handlers.  One apparent “Squid” member, or wanna-be, Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) reportedly responded to Mr. Obama’s concern by claiming that “defund the police is not a slogan, but a mandate.”  She is said to have stated in her response: “We’re losing loved ones to police violence.  It’s not a slogan.  It’s a mandate for keeping our people alive.  Defund the police.”  Obscuring situational realities, and alleged motivations, they are choosing dreamland over the reality that crime isn’t going away, but rising dramatically, in the face of the “defund” fanatics and their reduce-policing megaphone barking. Assertions that somehow social workers,, can stem the tide of crime are the fictional moonlight squawks of Minnesota-bred loons.

Oh, but the anti-policing nonsense doesn’t stop there, with more cuckoo-lites yet being launched.  New apparent “Squid” member-to-be, Representative-elect  Jamaal Bowman responsive comments on policing were published, as follows: “Defund the police does not mean abolish the police. It means a dramatic reduction in the number of police in our poor communities and particularly our poor black and brown communities.”  Say, what?  Reduce the police in poor communities?  Well, yes, that’s because, says Mr. Bowman, black and Brown persons are “more likely to be killed by police.”  The assertion, then, is that other forms of intervention, such as social workers, mental health professionals, and clergy, are preferable and supposedly safer for residents, than a police response.

But the reality is that residents of poor and minority communities actually say they want more, not less, police presence, because they and their neighborhoods are the targets of increased rates of crime.  Those alternatives to actual policing, oft mentioned by advocates, have yet to be tried (or at least reported on), and one fears for the potentially (or likely?) violent results from those supposed non-violent crime calls!

Oh, but the “defund” advocate calls actually do get worse.  Take for instance the statement from a break-away group of Ivy League so-called “abolitionist librarians,” who want all of their Ivy League librarian colleagues to “explicitly name policing itself as the problem,” and to take such actions as may be necessary to effect the “complete abolition of law enforcement.” Well, just back from outer space, without a clue as to reality here on earth, here come the book-end loonies.  With all due respect to those who live in the ‘stacks,’ this is an absurd suggestion, which will come crashing down with the first unpleasant incident within the no-talking-zone, until the time comes here in fantasy land when disturbances and crime are no more.

Now, on the subject of potential lawlessness, this preposterous proposal from the Seattle City Council that would provide unending get-out-of-jail-free cards for misdemeanor crimes committed by the “poor.”  Yes, that’s right. You see: “the poor, in the logic of Seattle’s progressive elites, are forced to commit crimes to secure their very existence.  Therefore, as society is the perpetrator of his inequity, the crimes of the poor must be forgiven, and are transformed into an expression of social justice.”  What a giant steaming jug of bravo sierra.  It would literally provide a license to steal.  And clearly implies that all of Seattle’s “poor” residents must, by societal-imposed circumstances, be criminals!  An insult to an entire social-economic class of people, most of whom are law-abiding and hard-working.  May this utter foolishness in Seattle never become policy or law.  And may the concept and negative stigma never spread!

Enough about the “defund” fiasco, and those leftist-led metros now facing self-inflicted crime escalations, and on to MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, who reportedly called all those of us who support President Trump as “cultists,” and that we should all seek “help from mental health providers.”  Chimed in his co-anchor: “Here we are at 274,000 (virus) deaths, and that is shocking because it is stupid that we’re here.  It’s downright stupid.”  Tough to know where to start with, as she said, “stupid.” As for the true “cult” in all of this, no question, it is the Progressive hard-lefters who hate President Trump, dislike our country and traditions, and who wish to tear it all down and re-make it into something disastrous for all but the elitist architects.

Covid deaths being “stupid”?  No question. But let’s please blame the source, the all-knowing-from-the-start Chinese government, not Mr. Trump, whose full-court efforts made it possible to develop vaccines in world-record time.  What has the left ever suggested to somehow deal with the crisis, other than to lock everything down and put small store owners out of businesses?  In so doing, making more and more people dependent on government financial relief.  Perhaps the idea? Progressives had zero solutions to the epidemic.  You want “stupid’?  There you have it.

Then there was the Oakland, CA city council that voted unanimously recently to ban natural gas from all future construction there, commercial and residential.  Oh, look, there’s that “stupid” word again.  Natural gas is “the most plentiful source of domestically-produced electric energy in the United States.”  It’s also among the cleanest burning.  Just a reminder: the wind doesn’t always blow, and the sun doesn’t always shine.  No word yet on how they intend to power all of that new construction.  About time to give California, Oregon and Washington State away to the lowest (non-China) bidder.  Speaking of new construction, along that entire three-state eastern line is really where America needs a second wall.

And now, the fledgling cuckoos have actually flown en mass (or, in mess) over the U.S. Capitol and made suitable aromatic deposits.  The House of Representatives, your national representative body, has actually just voted to “decriminalize” (effectively, legalize) marijuana nationally.  Not surprisingly, the vote was largely along Democrat lines, giving you a lovely preview of where things may be (wrong) headed should the dog-tail-chasing Mr. Biden actually become you-know-what.  Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore)! reportedly said the following about that brilliant vote: “We’re not rushing to legalize marijuana.  The American people have already done that.  We’re here because Congress has failed to deal with a disastrous war on drug.”

Yes, so to improve the War on Drugs, it would be a good idea to eliminate the prosecution of marijuana possession, effectively encouraging its now increasingly penalty-free use?  While this legalization has received approval in a growing number of states, to approve use on the national level would seem to be sending the wrong signal regarding drug use altogether.

So today marijuana, tomorrow something worse, now that the House has officially opened a “crack” in that door.  We’re told that drug use in America, and stopping the supply influx across our borders, present major problems for both individual users, their communities, and the nation as a whole.  House approval sends absolutely the wrong message, a largely partisan one, it would appear.  Hopefully the Senate will vote to stop this wrong-headed move.

For now, then, that wraps up those lib birds-of-a-feather who are left-winging their way across the nation, predictably dumping all over the best interests of America, as they soar.


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