Lib-Flakes Keep Falling On Our Heads

The situation on our southern border with Mexico is serious, very serious.  And if a solution can’t be found, between the U.S. and Mexico primarily, but with other Central American (even UN) countries, as well, there will be more and worse violence than was exhibited by a large number of migrants this past weekend. Yes, it was the migrants, reportedly hundreds of them, determined to charge across our border, throwing rocks and perhaps other projectiles at our Border Patrol agents, who triggered the response, the defensive response, when tear gas was used to repel the invaders. Yes, we used tear gas to stop young, male, rock-throwing migrants trying to force their way into America.  It was a non-lethal way to stop the aggressive onslaught.  And if the challenge to our border by the migrant hordes is not stopped, and permanently so, the necessity of lethal force may become the last resort.  And no one wants that.

The provoked use of tear gas, to repel the violence-initiating invaders, brought immediate out-cries and chest-beating from the lib-flakes (i.e., snow-flakes grown older, richer, but not a lick wiser), to include left-hugging national media types, progressive politicians, and the usual array of “entertainment” industry deep-thinkers. Tear gassing women and children!!  Such was actually called by at least one of the flakes: “terrorism!” An absolutely ridiculous assertion.  It was quickly identified that the charging hoard, the majority of whom, as we’ve known for weeks, were unattached young men, who purposefully forced some of the far fewer women and children out in front of the rock throwers as “human shields,” to thwart whatever the Border Patrol agents might use in response. So of course those in front were most affected by the tear gas. Brave guys those rock throwers, behind the women and children, just the kind of young men we should welcome into our country with open arms and no vetting!

And, oh by the way, while the left-leaning national media commentators and others here went ballistic over the use of non-lethal tear gas, convinced it was excessive force against a large crowd of simple rock throwers, and, of course, blaming President Trump for the alleged over-reaction, according to Department of Homeland Security records, Mr. Obama approved use of that same tear gas on migrants attempting to illegally cross our border close to 80 times during the latter years of his administration, including 27 times in 2013 alone!  And, back then, did the media-types raise holy heck with the former president like they have now with President Trump?  Nope.  Crickets.  How’s that for blatant lack of media objectivity. Fairness, once again, missing in action.

In support of the migrants, with tear gas use being out of line, the media’s apparent current political spotlight favorite, Democrat Representative-elect Ocasio-Cortez reportedly proclaimed the migrant horde to be very much like the Jews fleeing the Nazis during the Holocaust.  What?  Comparable to fleeing from intended extermination by a regime out to conquer the world and kill all of those of the Jewish faith within it?  How absurd.  While some of those Central American nations, and others, are sites and sources of poverty, no one that we know of, on this side of the globe, is rounding up and slaughtering great masses of people. There is simply no rational comparison here to Hitler’s Germany.  It is now a well-known fact that the vast majority of the “caravan” migrants have made the trek north in search of economic opportunity, meaning jobs, not to escape extermination.  A huge difference. Her implied wish, along with those of the progressive movement:  open the border, let them all in, they deserve asylum, even though, and here’s that old pesky federal law thing again, they aren’t the least bit eligible, based on economic opportunity grounds. And we’ve seen the crime and other problems that result within our communities when large numbers of single young men, from totally different cultures, some with criminal backgrounds, different languages, and with different expectations, become displeased with the quantity of handouts our governments provide, can too often turn, then, to anti-social behavior, sometimes violent.  And so, to conclude, what we apparently have here are massed migrants hoping to gain asylum, being supported, it seems, by assorted lib-flakes out on a day-pass from the asylum!  Certainly a true assessment of the ideologically-possessed open borders crowd.

Then there’s pro-migrant Spanish-language cable giant, Univision, whose primary anchor has reportedly stated that the United States has a “responsibility” to take in these job-seeking migrants.  Said he (put down any hot liquids before reading): “It’s not an invasion. The U.S. can easily absorb these refugees without significant economic consequences.”  Do note the use of the softer, more sympathy-generating term, refugee, rather than migrant, which is what these employment-seeking folks really are.

Oh, where to start.  Like the soon-to-be Congresswoman appears not to fully understand the Holocaust, this Univision anchor doesn’t agree with the invasion label.  Wonder what he thinks it is then.  Many thousands of migrants, mostly young men, with little education, few known skills, limited English, no real interest in America except as a source of work, clustered together and all intending to illegally force their way into our country (and violently so, in last week-end’s attempt), without invitation or approval, and without the need for asylum (for which they’re ineligible).  That, folks, is an invasion, plain and simple.

Oh, and the need for asylum?  That approval process is the prescribed procedure for legal entry into the U.S. as an immigrant, or more often, as a refugee. Several of the young male migrants, from among those massed at the border, have freely admitted to reporters that they have no time for, or interest in, applying for asylum.  Don’t need it; don’t want it.  They’re too “impatient” for all of that legal formality stuff.  They want to bust in, and they want to do it now, regardless.  Still sounds very much like an invasion!

Beyond denying this attempted illegal mass entry into America as an “invasion,” the Univision guy also stated that allowing those 5,000+ migrants into our country, and then the thousands upon thousands who will continually follow once they learn of the open border success, such would create no “significant economic consequences” for our country.  And the error buzzer goes off, yet again. As previously written on this site, the estimated current annual cost of federal/state/local support for illegals in our country (number estimated to be north of 11-to-12-million) is $135-billion per year.  And that goes up by the day, as more and more job and free stuff-seeking migrants make their way into America without any documentation.  And we can’t forget the “consequences” for Americans seeking employment who potentially lose out to illegal workers on the basis of wages driven lower.  Do we likely need unskilled workers in agriculture and perhaps some service industries? Probably. But it’s incredibly unfair for illegals to receive those jobs if there are American citizens waiting for them.

And finally the Univision guy reportedly talks about taking in this migrant horde as a “responsibility” of America to do our share to alleviate the world’s refugee problem.  We’re doing that every day, as evidenced by the significant numbers continually entering our country illegally.   And there’s something else important to state and understand on this subject.  Humans, all human, do have rights. Some God-given and some provided by man. But automatic entry into the United States is not one of them.  And should never be.  There are laws and procedures that must first be followed to be eligible for possible legal entry.  Without them, we are no longer a sovereign nation.  Eventually then, perhaps no longer an identifiable nation at all.

On a positive note for a change, there are a number of migrants who have accepted Mexico’s offer of visas, support, and employment. Additionally, it’s now being reported that at least some are voluntarily returning to their home countries. The reason, as you might suspect, is that they were misled back home regarding ready access to jobs and how easy it would be to enter the U.S.  Especially after witnessing last week-end’s failure of migrants to force their way in, they realize that getting into America is, in fact, not easy and is now very likely not going to happen.  Hopefully increasing numbers will reach the same conclusion and begin the journey back home.

We have a serious illegal immigration problem, even aside from the gang of thousands now staged, ready, and impatient to invade our southern border.  Since President Trump has taken office, illegal immigration here has surged ever higher.  Last month alone (October, 2018), illegal entry attempts hit the highest single month since April, 2014. A researcher from Princeton has projected that, if we fail to act aggressively and effectively, there could be over 600,000 illegal southern border crossings (most, we hope, would be apprehended) in fiscal year 2019, putting the number of attempted crossings at the highest level since fiscal year 2008.  Meanwhile, Pew Research Center reports the illegal immigration flow is declining, with just 310,000 attempted illegal entries (and apprehensions, we hope) in 2017. Regardless of the numbers, whether higher or lower, they can’t be sustained, making it so very clear that the only way to stop, or at least effectively slow the flow of pending southern border immigrant attempted crossings (by funneling to established points of entry), is for the U.S. to get serious about building that border wall. And making that happen now, while the Republicans still control the House where the funding originates.  There are no realistic, effective alternatives. It has got to be built, and now. Or we will continue to suffer the severe and unsustainable consequences.

Illegal immigration has become a major crisis for America.  Prior to the mid-terms, Pew Research surveyed likely voters on the illegal immigration issue (among many other current issues).  Republicans responded that illegal immigration was the most important current issue.  Democrat voters said it was the least important (implying that the on-going flow of illegals attempting to enter the country is not a major concern to them, even though the current “caravans” were forming, with some already on their way into Mexico at the time of the survey).  Although the majority of Americans are, in fact, against illegal immigration, and agree that something must be done to curtail it, the apparent wide political split on the issue complicates effective solutions.

On both an economic and societal basis, we simply cannot continue to absorb the numbers that are projected.  While many or most are apprehended by our Customs & Border Patrol, there remain serious numbers who continue to get through. The vocal pro-illegal immigration advocates from the fields of politics, entertainment, and their collective media megaphones, along with all of those others out there who champion and protest for open borders, clearly have no realistic understanding, no clue, or any real concern at all about what unlimited illegal immigration is doing to our nation, at present, and on into our future.  That being the case, their crusade is idealistic, irrational, dangerous, and destructive.  It is all about acquiring self-satisfying elitist power and control, as a part of the greater Progressive-Socialist national transformation effort they profess and worship. Which makes their objectives on the border control issue so clearly anti-America.  One wonders why, then, they remain here in a country they dislike, don’t respect, and wish to destroy.  Simple, actually, as explained by the old bank robber tag line: “that’s where the money is”! It would be a relief to see them leave.  But then that would deprive them of the joy they obviously get from annoying the heck out of the rest of us.  The rest of us being those loyal Americans who dearly love and respect the existing economic system, traditions, customs, character, language, and culture of this extraordinary nation.


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