Liar, Liar, ‘You-Know-What’s’ On Fire!

Virtually all of the Deplorable leftist political class and equally self-celebrating lib “entertainer” members, that is, all of the Democrat-Socialist-Progressive-Marxist-Communist-Elitist-Pander-Party-Repulsivists (initials poetically, yet accurately, abbreviated as: DUMPSTER), who, beyond seething, intellectually-blinding hatred for President Trump (for no rational, reasonable, factual reason they can ever provide), must have absolutely no human understanding of the world of destruction they are seeking and backing (financially and verbally) for America’s future.  And, since they all live in a fantasy world of repetitive, robotic lies, as the old “liar, liar” rhyme predicts, they all must then be walking around daily in badly charred knickers.

Strange that with their ideological commitment to lying about all things, whenever truth is inconvenient (as in, always), none of these boring, common-sense-unencumbered, self-pleasing, and ungrateful Americans ever seem to see, sense, smell, or feel the heat and crackling flames that are devouring their undies, which do, in fact, auto-ignite each and every time they write or speak about a subject well beyond their level of real-world comprehension (quite often, it seems).

Every time they utter or write anything political it is, by intent, an untruth (polite term for, lie), because due to their the current rabid, obsessive hate for the President, anything that might resemble truth or facts has long-since been flushed from their system by the required routine of mental colonoscopies.

Not that we conservatives require the fresh and informative air of assertion specifics, but, sadly, such remains a constant (and purposeful) challenge for freedom-oppressors.  If would seem useful, then, to pear into the mysterious world of political falsehoods by taking the speakers flaming-pants wheel for a spin.

We can actually go back to 2016 when Fibber McGee & Hillary, the latter, the presidential candidate at the time who, as has been reported, in order to throw the feds and voters off her billowing private-email-server-government business scandal, as a  diversion that ended up dogging President Trump for almost the entire duration of his first-term, her family “foundation,” reportedly conceived and financed the whole false Russian dossier/election interference hoax.  It got the feds off her keester and succeeded in partially-blunting the potential total leadership effectiveness of Mr. Trump.  As we now know, at last, it was a pyramid of lies.  All a scam, but successful thanks to the active efforts of prominent D.C. democrat swamp rats. And by the way.  None of those involved in this fraud, at the very highest levels of government, pre and post President Trump’s election, will likely ever see indictments and punishment, unless the President is re-elected.  Otherwise, it all just disappears, and umpteen criminal players skip down the walk free and smirking all the way.  That’s only one reason, but a solid one, to make certain that our President is re-elected November 3rd (or within days/weeks thereafter!).  So, the perennial lying and scheming on the part of self-centered, power-hungry Democrat-Progressives, which has a long and undistinguished record, began, not just a few weeks ago, but before the 2016 election and on up to the present.

And now, right in front of us, comes this New York Post headline (no, not that one!): “Democrats Don’t Dare Say Why They Oppose Judge Barrett, So They Lie Instead.”  Yep, lie about health care and those evil Republicans who are trying to kill us all. Senator(s) Booker (D): Republicans attempting “to ensure tens of millions of people lose their health care;” Harris (D): “135-million Americans with pre-existing conditions” would lose health care; Feinstein (D): “Health care coverage for millions of Americans is at stake.”  The real opposition to the Judge, however, is that she won’t be a Progressive justice.  Said she: “Courts are not designed to solve every major problem or right every wrong in our public life.”  What?  No political skullduggery?  No Progressive Congress 2.0?

Continuing on their false, scare-tactic theme, aimed at the re-election of the President, not the confirmation of Judge Barrett, Senator Leahy (D): “They’re (women) scared that your confirmation would rip the healthcare protections that millions of American’s have fought to maintain.  Scared that the clock will be turned back to a time when women had no right to control their own bodies and when it was acceptable to discriminate against women in the workplace.”  Sounds like maybe someone has been sipping a little too much of Jim Jones’ left-over and by now fermented Kool-Aid.  Scared that women won’t be able to “control their own bodies” (betcha that’s a pro-abortion pitch) and “workplace discrimination?”  Seems like an apples-to-elephants comparison.  Responded a prominent women’s rights leader: “Is he unaware of who he is interviewing to fill the vacant seat? A highly successful working mom of school age children!”

To avoid being overshadowed by the Supreme Court confirmation spotlight this week, the Progressive’s candidate to lead the most powerful nation in the world and, if elected, make it not so, Mr. Biden told reporters (more likely, a sole reporter): “She (Judge Barrett) wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.”  Wrong.  She has not voiced an opinion on that law and “her judicial philosophy is that judges are not lawmakers.”  So then, she actually supports the Constitution and maintaining three branches of government with checks & balances?  Ouch!  That’s so, oh, I don’t know, Constitutional.  So very yesterday.  So darn anti-Marxian.

Mr. Biden, by the way, among his potential verbal flips-to-flops, has stated that he’s “open” to imposing a national shutdown to combat the coronavirus.  Twenty-four Democrat governors did, in fact, close down their societies, and thus their state’s economies, to varying degrees and for varying periods of time.  Some have still lowered their boom on the economic boom, which was created by the actions, not words, the actions of President Trump. And why would they punish their own business owners and their employees more harshly than needed vs. using more rational, common sense virus precautions?  Well, of course, to prevent the national economy from jump-starting and roaring back to the benefit of everyone, because that would help President Trump gain re-election.  Have you noticed that America’s weekly national unemployment claims continue to be at a high level?  The result of the Democrat geographic lock-downs, AND Mrs. Pelosi’s refusal to agree to an economically prudent and realistic additional stimulus plan that would…you guessed it, reduce the number of people needing to make new unemployment claims.

We all understand politics.  But this is political treachery.  Purposely punishing and hurting Americans in need of bridging stimulus assistance, and when combined with continued lock-downs, negatively impacting residents of their own states for purely self-centered power & control reasons. At a time of national health crisis, with the treatment options situation appearing to improve, maintaining a purely political iron-fist over people with families who are struggling (say the unemployment numbers), would appear to be criminal and spiteful, undertaken within a free nation.  Depending on the November 3rd results, this could all be just a preview of how quickly a free, citizen-centered and directed nation could be demolished.

To wrap-up this concern on a more positive note, despite the actions above, as an indication of the residual strength of America’s economy and America’s people,  3.75-milion people became employed in August (2020), “the 3rd largest employment increase ever recorded.”  June represented the first largest monthly employment increase, which was “4-times greater than any month under Obama-Biden.”  Let that sink in.  Despite all the “stop-sticks” that China, the Progressives, and Mother Nature have been able to throw on America’s financial highway in order to flatten the tires of the Trump economy, residual good news continues to emerge.  Case in point, strong retail sales results in September predict a strong 4th Quarter in that sector.

But back to the blazing knickers of progressive liars.  Last week, several men were arrested for the alleged plan to attempt to kidnap Michigan’s over-zealous lock-down Democrat governor, Gretchen Whitmer. Said she: “We’re seeing the disastrous effects of Trump’s hateful rhetoric.”  Well, no, although she did get the “hateful” part right.  Embarrassingly and disappointingly, for both the dictatorial governor and the cuddle-bunny national media allies, surprise, surprise, turns out the alleged bad guys were not right-wingers at all.  According to law enforcement, seems they’re actually wingers from the ever-excused Left.  Off-spring, it appears of the peaceful community do-gooders from the BLM-Antifa-Anti-Trump anarchist sector of the Progressive Party.  Powerline’s John Hinderaker: “The (same) BLM/Antifa rioting, looting, and arson that we have seen in recent months, for which no Democrat takes responsibility, and which hardly any Democrats have even criticized.”  Nothing to see here.  Keep moving.

Upon learning that this gang of right, oops, sorry, left-wing zealots also allegedly had fellow-lock-downer, Virginia’s Democrat Governor Ralph Northam on their to-do list, the governor was quick to proclaim that those evil-intenders “take their marching orders from people like President Trump, who is emboldening these individual, these white supremacists.” Except that they turned out to be Progressive radical supremacists. So much for the snap-judgment media assumption whenever anything bad threatens or emerges.  Interesting how quickly reality here caused both Governor’s Whitmer and Northam to chew and swallow their coronavirus masks.  Not a sound. Crickets.

And the non-stop, cross-country Progressive Liars Express rolls on. Past presidential wanna-be and former Native American, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass) has proclaimed: “Donald Trump’s ignorance and incompetence have always been a danger to our country. COVID-19 was Trump’s biggest test.  He failed miserably.  This crisis is bad, and it didn’t have to be this way.  This crisis in on Donald Trump and the Republicans.”  Yep, everything bad, as always, is the President’s fault. Never any credit for the good, but always total fault for the bad.  Interesting that nothing was ever allowed to be blamed on that last guy, the squeaky-clean one!

But, no, Mrs. Warren, this crisis is not on President Trump.  It’s on Communist China.  President Trump has taken impressive actions since the very beginning, with the Progressive national media cheerleaders (and cell-buddies) smothering his every effort, in order to leave that mistaken impression of either no, or ineffective, action.  Mrs. Warren wrapped up her errant thoughts by indicting that Mr. Biden would do a much better job of fixing all that’s broke in America (if mistakenly elected, that’s soon to be everyone, financially) because “big problems demand big solutions.”  Historically, the communists are expert at fixing big problem, as, for instance, the big problem posed by freedom-loving people). Actually, Mrs. Warren, extreme leftists are the “big problem.”  And the ready, freedom-preserving solution is to re-elect the President and a Republican Senate, sending the leading Dem-Progressives packing.  Opps, sorry. Should not have used the Progressive’s new favorite word…packing!

Then there’s New Mexico Dem-Governor Michelle Grisham who reportedly told the audience at the Democrat National Convention: “We have the chance this November to end two existential crises, the Trump presidency and the environmental annihilation he represents.”  Oh, golly, please make way for the environmental zealots who, as always, offer no facts, no specifics, no proof, for their end-of-the-world climate charges, except the grandiose lie that it’s all Trump’s fault.  No proof. Ever.  So, apparently, we are to believe, with no valid facts, that American deaths from coronavirus are actually minimal when compared to those resulting from the foul air and water purposely foisted upon the nation by the Trump Administration.  Desperate claims from desperate left-sided politicians, people, who rarely, if ever, have anything positive to contribute. By the way, shame on Mr. Trump for “annihilating” our country, when it’s actually the Progressive-Marxists who are intending to do just that, with or without that nebulous “environment” thing. Strange that no one seems to be aware of the radicals’ true intent to destroy America.  Here’s a clarifying hint: It’s not to help single-parent minority families in poorer neighborhoods.  Shock.

And another lie from the literally left-side Western U.S.  The tag team of Governor Gavin Newsom (D-Calif.) and Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) have reportedly accused President Trump of “climate denial” as the principal cause of California’s rampant spreading wildfires.  Yep, once again, it’s the climate, stupid. Unexpectedly, and apparently beyond belief, the President, on purpose of course, caused it to be very dry and hot in California this past summer.  Climate change is the villain after all.  No. Sorry. Mistake. President Trump is the villain.  And just so you know, he is also to blame when your toilet stops up, especially during the summer when he has personally caused it to be so unexpectedly hot outside.

If you can stand some facts, the principal cause of wildfires spreading and consuming huge acres in California is liberal-government-imposed (restricted) land (forest) management, which prevents proper anti-wildfire practices, such as creating/cutting fire-spread retarding lanes), clearing out dead trees and underbrush, all aimed, successfully, at restricting the spread of any fires.  But, of course, and with apologies to Smokey the Bear, that’s unreasonable in the land of the left (behind), because the true cause of spreading fires (and anything else that displeases the tree-hugger know-it-alls) is man-made climate change.  Proof?  Oh, we’re sorry.  There is none.  Case dismissed.

By the way, speaking of lies and stupidity, as you are probably aware, Portland, Oregon has become the epicenter of continual protester disturbances, that is to say, riots, looting, and arson (also clearly the result of man-made climate change). Sometimes protester law-breakers in Portland are actually arrested. But here’s the problem with liberal-infested prosecution, which has infected this particular Democrat-dominated city, and perhaps others.  Ninety-percent (90%) of those arrested during Portland’s riots, in September alone, have had their charges dropped!!  Which means, unbelievably, virtually all involved in law-breaking municipal misbehaving there end up going free.  No foul, despite the harm.  Thanks for busting up our city.  You can go home now. And we wonder what’s wrong in our country.  And would become even far more wrong if radical Progressive philosophical hoodlum-types are ever permitted, by citizen vote, to gain control of our nation.

The Dem-Left has claimed, in a Biden campaign ad, and elsewhere, that President Trump labeled COVID-19 as a “hoax.”  A lie. Disclaimed. Never happened.  They’ve also claimed that the President’s federal taxes paid in 2017 totaled $750.00. Complete lie.  Actual federal taxes paid that year = $7.4-million.  And that the President belittled American military member.  Another lie. Never happened.  Never will.  He, like regrettably too few of our citizens, fully understands the critical commitment and valor freely provided to America by the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform.  Period.

Meanwhile, supposed out of the blue, Mrs. Pelosi recently moved to activate a House review of the Constitution’s 25th Amendment, the provision pertaining to the removal of a sitting president, when he or she is deemed to be no longer capable of performing the functions of the office, due to, oh, let’s say, coronavirus infection (i.e., President Trump).  Wrote Fox News’ Liz Peek: “A grandstanding move intended to deflect from Pelosi’s failure to pass a stimulus bill and highlight Trump’s supposed erratic personality and decision-making.” The smokescreen (i.e., lie) here was the presumption that she was now (still!) hoping to remove President Trump.  The more likely real motive: having the maneuver conveniently at the ready in the likelihood that it would need to be invoked against a would-be president Biden, with replacement by would-be VP Kamala Harris!  And, by the way, according to an August Rasmussen poll, “59% of likely U.S. voters believe it’s likely that Biden’s running-mate will be president before the end of his four-year term.”  All the more reason not to vote for the guy.

And still another roaring liar-liar panty fire, this one reportedly from Representative Ocasio-Cortez: “I believe that certainly there has been an enormous amount of law breaking in the Trump Administration.” Hello?  Waiting anxiously for the specific facts to back up that damaging, generic, perhaps should be legally- liable, assertion.  Still waiting.   Witnessing still more of the Progressive-Marxist cricket pattern.  Which is to toss a ‘live’ grenade of untruth, and then head quickly to the ladies room where you can take cover, likely today with lib-co-stalled male-to-female ‘identifiers.’  For time-crunched, we’re-all-the-same-just-bundled-in-different-shorts-lib-ettes, this is quite probably more efficient than on-line dating.

And we’ll end, for now, with this take-me-now-Lord, perhaps ultimate truth-stretcher, reportedly expressed by cable’s Joy Behar: “Four more years of this (Trump presidency) is the end of democracy. It’s the end of this country.  Especially when they (Republicans) own the Supreme Court and God forbid they take the Senate again. We’re doomed.”  “Owning the Supreme Court!”  Definitely a part of the Progressive battle plan !  Actually, we’d share your pain, Ms. Behar, if there was any truth whatsoever to what you’ve reportedly said. And as always, not a hint, nor a scent, of any facts to back up this end-of-our-nation prophesy.

The crucial and very worrisome reality is that her doom is slapped on the wrong party.  In fact, the destruction of our nation rests with the Progressives and their known “temporary,” shadow puppet candidate for the presidency, who would immediately begin taking orders from the off-screen, politically-paid-for, hard-core Progressive oppressors from the Land of the Radical Left.  The doom, deal Brutus, is not in our freedom loving & preserving conservative stars, but in those anti-America radicals for whom repressive national power and control would be a long-planned mission fulfilled.  Bless your heart, Ms. Behar, you were only off in your prediction by 180-degrees.  So darn close.

By the way, should your campfire ever be in need of lighting, but you find yourself without a match. Fear not, as illustrated by the numerous examples above, should any truthfulness-challenged Progressive walk by, after uttering but a very few words, your dry kindling will burst into flames. Amazing just how handy a lying Deplorable can be when fire-in-the-hole is needed.

ADDENDUM:  This Liar’s Club entry just in, and it’s a doozy.  Be sure you’re sitting down, to avoid falling down. Minneapolis Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) reportedly stated the following yesterday (Sunday) on a national cable interview program: “It’s really also just astonishing to see the way in which he (President Trump) characterizes what love for this country is.  I would certainly reckon not only Somalis, but myself, the Governor of Michigan and our Speaker all love this country way more than the president.”  Let’s run that by one more time for clarity and to keep chocking to a minimum.  She, Ms. Omar, then Progressive lock-down addict, Michigan’s Governor, and the unquestioned perennial “Mrs. America,” Speaker Pelosi, by both their words and actions, ALL “love this country way more than the president.”  Yes, and videos posted all over social media of you gleefully french-kissing your dog have been proven to give one a large (rear) leg up for success with on-line dating.  Oh, and did you happen to notice that she left out her own state’s governor, right there in the Twin Cities, among those whom she is convinced love America “way more” !!

Reality time. There is quite likely no one on the Progressive side who even comes football fields close to our President, when it comes to genuine love for America.  All one has to do is go back and research his years of words and ACTIONS to prove his absolute love for, and devotion to, our great nation.  And all one has to do is go back through her term in federal office to see that her words and intentions clearly prove that she not only holds little or no love for the country that took her refugee-self in, but that, let alone love, she doesn’t even like America, as Constitutionally-structured, and wants to see it transformed into who knows what.  Oh, and Israel, America’s long-time, only democratic ally in the Middle East?  She is hard-core pro-Palestinian, and has extreme dislike for Israel, to be kind about her  sentiments.  So for her ludicrous statement above, she wins today’s Liar’s Cup in a walk.  Along with giving Pinocchio a migraine!  If the old adage held true about the likelihood of being struck by lightning when you tell a “way more” untruth, she would by now be a charred clump.


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