Leftist Lunacy at a Time of Stress

Despite night after night of violent destruction and looting within far too many of America’s cities (although the main ones seem to be Democrat-run…coincidence?), liberals and leftists just can’t bring themselves to criticize anything about these “peaceful protests,” which, you’ll recall, is a Constitutional right.  Yes, but wonton destruction, assault, and murder are not. Those acts are called lawless criminality, subject to fair but firm justice.  And now, suddenly, America’s Constitution, rejected by leftists as outdated and in their way, now becomes useful to them to shield their “peaceful protests.”

Here comes a mayhem rationalization from the left.  First, a defense of “Antifa,” an organization that seems not too concerned about our founding document or present-day laws and regulations.  Teen Vogue magazine, of all outlets, comes to their defense by tweeting the following: “Antifa grows out of larger revolutionary politics that aspires toward creating a better world, but the primary motivation is to stop racists from organizing.” Well, let’s see here. The word “revolutionary” jumps out as somewhat distant from “peaceful protests.” Then, “creating a better world,” which, oh, let’s take a wild guess, means violently overthrowing democracy and capitalism, in favor of an imaginary socialist-communist nirvana, where all is “fair and just” under tyrannical rule.  And then stopping “racists from organizing,” can only apply to white Americans, now assumed by radicals (many or most of whom are white!) to be responsible for all that is deemed bad and unjust in America.  We are the racists, you see, overlooking that of a share of blacks and perhaps other races who hate and rage against us.  The charge is “systemic racism,” which exists only in the minds of America’s elitists, radicals, far too many brainwashed (and brainwashing) academics, and our politicized national media, the trusted promotional arm of Progressive-Socialism (who apparently fail to realize that a radical take-over puts them out of business!).  So much for defending Antifa and doing so from the tweet of a teen magazine, helping to further and unfairly brainwash youth against our great, free, country.  Shame on Teen Vogue. How about, instead, tweeting about the endless opportunities to succeed here in our free-enterprise America, when one studies and works hard to achieve it.

Next, and you’ll want to be seated, strapped in, and not holding hot liquid for this one.  A New York Times writer (caution: anti-conservative “thought” coming) reportedly told CBS News that “Destroying property which can be replaced is not violence.  I think any reasonable person would say we shouldn’t be destroying other people’s property. But these are not reasonable times.”  Burning down privately-owned businesses, and even a police precinct station (Minneapolis) isn’t violence, except that is, to everyone who lost their means of earning a living, and possibly even their life savings (as happened to one retired Minneapolis fire fighter whose burned down business had not yet even opened; and likely others). “Non reasonable times” taken to its fullest meaning, we can assume in the radical mind means any time limited government and capitalism remain in force. Anytime money isn’t being handed out by the barrel full in return for no effort.  This all denigrates the freedom to own private property and the value of work.  And the notion that destruction of property isn’t a violent act is absurd.

Speaking of violent destruction, peace-loving vandals stole two forklifts and in broad daylight, smashed one of them into a Best Buy store in Fairfield, CA. Fortunately, in this case, law enforcement officers arrived in time to chase off the peace-lovers before any looting could take place.  But damage done to the Best Buy store can, of course, be replaced, so no violent action here!  Nothing to see here. Just another peaceful day in Fairfield in “not reasonable times.”

And speaking of truly senseless damage to a monument of black significance.  In Boston, vandals sprayed graffiti on the Robert Gould Shaw (commander) and the 54th Regiment Memorial, first displayed 137-years ago, which shows black soldiers heading into the Civil War fight. It is “the monument which literally commemorates black lives dedicated (and sacrificed) to the struggle against slavery.” What cruel irony, and ignorance among those vandals who choose to desecrate this historically meaningful memorial.  But, of course, it can be cleaned, with effort and expense, so, once again, no problem! Ignorance among roving vandals, sorry, peaceful protesters, is acceptable. It was only revered property of historic black significance!

New York City, first the seeming epicenter of coronavirus cases and deaths, now becomes the continued target of tremendous violence and destruction, lead by radicals.  The city with, again Democratic leadership, has been slow to employ sufficient counter-force to stop the rioting and looting.  Even Macy’s primary metro location faced destructive acts and massive looting.  Wrote reporter Nicole Gelinas: “Midtown smelled and sounded like a woodworking shop.  But instead of building something productive, property owners are bracing for destruction. We’ve gone quickly to arguing that looters aren’t nihilist anarchists, but “policy change advocates.”  “Policy-change advocates”!!  Beyond believe how such destruction can be blithely rationalized, as if this out-of-control vandalism is actually helpful to “reform” society and the nation, rather than the uncontrolled lawlessness that it most certainly is.  This time, the lipstick on the very obvious and properly categorized pig, won’t work.

This next effort may well represent the height of liberal-leftist lunacy and a complete lack of rational thought.  It’s being reported that big name celebrities, like John Legend, Natalie Portman, and other elite dazzlers, have actually signed a letter, initiated by a reported BLM-affiliate, aimed at “defunding all police departments.”  You read that nonsense correctly.  Completely doing away with the nation’s police departments!  They stress that the money spent nationally on police could be far better used to “build healthy communities.”  Just exactly how “healthy” will these communities be without citizen protection?  Since they offer no substitute for sworn law enforcement personnel to keep the order and apprehend criminals, apparently these bright lights would prefer to make today’s anarchists permanent fixtures in our communities, ending the nation as we know and want it.  There sems to be a cloud of fairy dust settling in, yet again, over our dear elitist friends in Hollywood.  Oh, and despite that ridiculous no police desire, do remember that all of these elites, who look down on the rest of us, are surrounded 24/7 by armed personal security guards. Talk about hypocrisy!   Oh, and one thing more about these pretentious, well-protected celebs.  All of these multi-millionaire “stars” (minus a few actual conservatives), who apparently align themselves with Progressive-Socialism, made their enormous stash of money within the economic system known as Capitalism!  Try that is Cuba or Venezuela, where subsistence farming is king.  No big call for actors and musicians there.  Unless you can dress funny and play the maracas.

Last week (May 29th), Minnesota governor Walz reportedly explained his hesitancy to bring in the National Guard because he didn’t want to come across as “oppressive.”  Minneapolis paid for that poor decision, with rioting, burning, looting, and assaults.

We’ll segue from that strange attitude toward community protection (which bit him big time), to the refreshing wisdom of Louisiana Republican Senator John Kennedy, if by now you think you could stand some common sense.  Said he: “Public officials say we’re in the middle of a pandemic, opening up your business is illegal, but burning it down and looting it is not.  These governors and these mayors need to get control of their cities, or get out of the way and let the federal government do it.  It is not racist to enforce the lawThe law knows no color. Thank you, sir, for letting us finish with a solid dose of reality.

ADDENDUMB:  Apparently fearing not being in the media spotlight for a couple of days, what with all those “peaceful protests,” and bringing up what by now is a non-issue, Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has called for the Washington Redskins to change the team name if they are really serious about “racial equality.”  Yes, at this time of dual crises, that suggestion of old seems completely out of context and concern. To the lack of concern point, as of May 16th, in a Washington Post poll, 90% of Native Americans were not offended by the Redskins name!  Wave good-bye to any support, ma’am.

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