Land Of The Free, Home Of The … Gone?

The Wall Street Journal published a concerning editorial piece, this past Friday, written by Matthew Hennessey, a senior member of that respected newspaper’s editorial team.  Mr. Hennessey was justifiably concerned about a recent Quinnipiac University survey, and you’ll soon discover why.

Respondents were asked this one, timely, question: “What would you do if you were in the same position as Ukrainians are now: stay and fight or leave the country?” According to the findings, 52% of Democrats indicated they would “cut and run,” while 68% of Republicans said they would “stand their ground.”

Despite the two-thirds+ of Republicans saying they would stay and fight, while laudable, those results don’t generate a whole lot of peak confidence for genuine patriots.  Oh, and for the record, about 25% of Republicans indicated they, too, would follow the majority of Democrats out the nation’s door (the number of Democrats indicating that they’d be staying was not reported in the editorial).

Now this is mighty concerning, although we must remember that it’s a hypothetical question and, thankfully, not present-day reality, which we all hope, regardless of political party, never comes.  Other than the current squishy public environment, where we have numerous domestic problems/issues, and where we have Climate Czar John Kerry more concerned about global climate control due to the Ukraine invasion, than a potential World War III (with nukes!), what is it that may be going on, especially with, we sense (perhaps erroneously), our younger age, 20-30-year-olds?

Could the blame be with mental and reality erosion, thanks to instruction in our way too many overly-liberal, America is evil, democracy and free-enterprise are corrupt, pro-CRT/whites are forever the problem, university and college classrooms?  Perhaps that’s in conjunction with the scourge of Progressivism which, in part, seems to echo the America is defective credo, along with, among other things, viewing the law-breaker as ‘victim,” in a now seemingly crime-ridden land, where everything now is the fault of ‘systemic racism’?  The Progressive infested mind-set in America, one could conclude, is “take” from our nation, but “don’t give back.”  Take full advantage of the ‘free’ in American Freedom!  That’s certainly the mis-placed dream that the continuing flood of Southern border illegal migrants have been fed, as we now spend billions in disappearing taxpayer dollars to care for them all.  Yep, as promised, new- and old-comers alike, just take, but don’t give…….

After Pearl Harbor, and after the second attack on American soil, which hit us coming up on 21-years ago now, on the fateful morning of “9-11,” America’s patriots readily volunteered to serve our country-under-attack, enlisting in large numbers.  Determined to give back to our great nation at a threatening time of national need.  As Mr. Hennessey so truthfully commented: “Being born an American is about the luckiest thing that could happen to a person.” And all the more reason to stand up during that, or any other, time in which America is truly in distress and/or national need. Helping to repay our bounty of blessings for “being born in America.”

We can all hope, Heaven forbid, that if these United States were actually attacked by Russia, or by any other nation, true Americans, man and women, native-born and naturalized, persons of all races and ages, would respond to the call to help and defend, not flee, our homeland, and that we would indeed, in massive numbers, see an impressive, nation-saving rebirth of America as the historic and revered “Home of the Brave”!

(Quinnipiac University survey/Hennessey quote via The Wall Street Journal, Matthew Hennessey, 3-11-22).