Kindly Seek Your Socialist Nirvana Elsewhere

Said to be in reaction to American air strikes in Iraq against militia troops allegedly aligned with, and funded, by Iran, on Christmas eve, a large number of Iraqi “protesters” attacked our embassy in Baghdad, creating damage but failed to gain entry, in their apparent thirst for revenge.  This attempted repeat of the past Benghazi embassy attack, resulting in the deaths of Americans, was considered by our intelligence agencies to have been very likely directed by Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, whose continued terrorist influence may well trace all the way back to the 9/11 Attack on America, and likely even before, such was his reported influence amidst the leadership of theocratic Iran, and over affiliated terror groups.

Back then, the anti-America, enemy-state fondling policy of Obama and his equally self-centered administration political soldiers of (personal) fortune, did nothing about the Benghazi attack, other than to repeatedly lie about it’s cause.  As mentioned above, and as you’ll vividly remember, courageous Americans at our embassy died for lack of any U.S. military support (located by air, in fact, as close as Italy), throughout the course of that murderous attack, which lasted for many hours.  That disastrous international event, and lack of response to it, will be remembered by history (if it’s actually written accurately) as among the shameful happenings during the regrettable-for-our-nation, eight-year negative tenure of that former president.

This time, when our U.S. embassy was attacked by Iranian-influenced, supposedly-incensed Iraqi “civilians,” the United States was blessed to finally have an actual, back-bone-equipped national leader as our President.  Rather than roll over and put a pillow over his head, while placing the blame for the disaster and lack of response on anyone other than those responsible, President Trump immediately reacted to news of the attack, authorizing the use of air power to break up the crowds, while quickly dispatching additional U.S. Marines from near-by Kuwait, along with other forces, as needed.  He took the expected responsive action, rather than conjuring up excuses and crawling into the nearest “safe space” with thumb in mouth.

And as we now know, his response to this embassy attack did not end there.  He then authorized the elimination of the historical master-mind of countless attacks, responsible for killing at least 600 U.S. service members in Iraq and Afghanistan (IEDs), while very severely injuring a great many other military members. Characterized as true evil in a uniform, Soleimani had been in the cross-hairs of U.S. decision-makers for years, when, days ago, the perfect opportunity presented itself at the Baghdad airport, offering the intended target obliteration with no collateral damage.  And so it was done, thanks to America’s amazing, and justifiably to-be-feared, military power.  Soleimani’s rapid departure from earth was long overdue.  He was a very bad man.  Said an editorial in The Wall Street Journal: “Soleimani was an enemy combatant waging war against America.  His proxy forces targeted U.S. troops 11 times in recent months and stormed the U.S. embassy last week. Killing him was justified under the laws of war, and is a blow for deterrence against those who would kill Americans with impunity.”

So after right was done, it was of course time for wrong to respond.  Out came the anti-America verbal long-knives.   Chief of which, of course, members of the infamous Congressional “Squad,” perhaps bettere labeled as the “Squat.”  First up, the devout Muslim from Minnesota, Representative Ilhan Omar, who proclaimed that the President had vaporized Soleimani solely as a “distraction” from the Demo-media’s impeachment scam, failing to know about, or accept, his U.S. government designation as a terrorist. Tweeted then she: “So, what if Trump wants war, knows this leads to war, and needs the distraction?  The question is this: as reports suggest, did America just assassinate, without any congressional authorization, the second most powerful person in Iran, knowingly setting off a potential massive regional war?”

Dear lady, America didn’t “assassinate” that murderer.  We did the liberty-loving or longing world a long overdue pro-life favor. The U.S. took out a terrorist combatant, from a major terror-sponsoring state, both for his past evil deeds, and for the future safety of our citizens in uniform (and otherwise), along with that of our European allies, and the other nations in the Middle East region, including of course, Israel.  Oh, and “congressional authorization”?  Not necessary, period. Should a war come, that no sane person ever wants, then you can put in your congressional authorization two-cents (= 21,060 Iranian rials).

For the killing of this international terrorist scourge, done on behalf of humanity, Ms. Omar has expressed outrage.  But when Islam fanatics savagely killed about 3,000 totally innocent people (mostly Americans) on 9/11, you recall her infamous non-statement: “Some people did something.”  Covering for Islam, back then, as now, she insulted Americans, of which, at least on paper, she is one! Sadly, some refugees, often depending on place of origin, simply won’t, or can’t, assimilate, or otherwise think at all kindly toward the nation that has accepted, and all too often, financially supported them.

Then, of course, next up, the chief super-progressive “Squady,” Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who tweeted, as follows: “Last night, the President engaged in what is widely being recognized as an act of war against Iran, one that now risks the lives of millions of innocent people.”  Actually, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, the hit on Soleimani will save the lives of innocent people, as well as, importantly, those of our military members. In addition to providing some sense of pay-back for our men and women in uniform, who were either killed or lost limbs by the hundreds, due to his self-glorifying IED/suicide bomb treachery. You actually prevent war by displaying over-powering strength and resolve, not by the head-in-the-sand national strategy preferred by that previous White House caretaker.  And when the President initially referred to the potential targeting of 52 “cultural sites” in Iran, a possibly purposeful mis-statement (meant to trigger the Demo-media types, which it did), and was quickly “corrected,” as you know, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez was quick to call the originally announced plan, a “war crime.” “Threatening to target and kill innocent families…does not make you a tough guy, does not make you ‘strategic;’ it makes you a monster.”  Of course, the President would not purposely target “innocent families” in Iran.  On that note, one commentator called her out on her ambiguous, undefined use of the term ‘war crimes.’ To which he wrote, that grasping at ‘war crimes’ without defining what she actually meant, “does not make you a smart person. It does not make you brave.  It makes you a dork.”  Point, game, match!

And, on the subject of dorks, we move now to the non-elected civilian breed of that tribe for their ever-astute comments on the President’s terrorist-vaporizing action. First up, the man who most certainly makes Nike shudder whenever he speaks or acts, the guy who self-screwed his professional football career, by adoring himself, and insulting the nation he clearly dislikes, while basking in the money he makes by disparaging America.  Not that anyone really cares, but here is what Kaepernick had to say, via tweet, about the President’s lives-saving act: “There is nothing new about American terrorist attacks against black and brown people for the expansion of American imperialism.”  He went on to accuse our nation of besieging “Black and Brown bodies both at home and abroad.”

Another inane anti-white rant from someone who fails to realize that it was his Democrat pals who historically have done most of the domestic besieging! This bitter man clearly has no real knowledge or understanding of American history (or Iranian, for that matter!), by slandering us as “imperialists,” while apparently siding with the repressive Iranian theocrat regime, where statements and protests such as his would most often lead to his death, in a land that’s not really big on freedom of speech!  And chances are the yellow or brown people of South Korea, South Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and others, didn’t mind our white, black and brown military members trying to regain their individual liberty from the iron fist of cruel oppressors, in all cases, at great cost, in greatly valued American lives.  This guy’s post-kneeling, disparaging verbal antics are to be completely ignored by all U.S. citizens who remain incredibly thankful to be living here in America, whether black, brown, tan, yellow, or white.

Oh, and then there’s the guy who is perpetually unhappy with the President, and likely the rest of us not fortunate enough to be living amidst West Cost glitter (and litter).  Mr. Michael Moore effectively apologized to Iran for instantly removing Soleimani, with sweet irony, via an airborne “IED.”  Tweeted Mr. Moore to Iran’s leadership: “Sir, I deeply regret the violence on our behalf by a man that most Americans have never voted for.”  To illustrate his sincerity, the tweet was transmitted in Farsi, since probably no one at Iranian HQ likely speaks English!  And did you get the bit about most citizens never voted for President Trump.  Yet another sorry attempt to downplay the existence of the Constitutionally mandated Electoral College, the votes from which, thankfully, made Mr. Trump our duly elected President, and saved us from Obama 2.0.

Having put up with the aforementioned load of feelings and fiction, it’s time, now, for a sobering dose of facts and reality. Our on-going war with Iran began back in 1979, with the militant take-over of America’s embassy in Iran.  The new militant/theocratic government there held 52 U.S. embassy personnel hostage for 444 days.  Since then, there has been a continuing series of Iran-instigated damaging hostile attacks and actions against American military members and their equipment, right up to the present situation.  However now, and finally: “For the first time since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the U.S. has taken important initial steps to establish a credible deterrent,” against that nation’s militancy.  Something the previous administrations (except President Reagan) had failed to do, or do effectively.

And that brings us to President Trump’s effective illustration of American power and our leadership’s willingness, at long last, to use it, when required. In this specific case, there were at least four main reasons for our elimination of Iran’s top terrorist general: (1) The threat of additional American military lives lost in the region was deemed to be, in fact, imminent, regardless of the chorus of doubters who questioned whether this strike was necessary.  Said Joint Chiefs Chairman, Army General Mark Milley: “I’ll stand by the intelligence I saw that was compelling, it was imminent, and it was very, very clear in scale and scope.  He was planning, coordinating and synchronizing significant combat operations against U.S. military forces in the region, and it was imminent.” Secretary of Defense Mark Esper echoed the General’s remarks. (2) Our intelligence had determined that we would have a rare, clear opportunity to end Soleimani’s continuing threats with a hit at the Baghdad Airport, with little or no collateral damage.  (3) This terrorist demon had earned and deserved elimination for many years, in order to further protect American military and civilians in the region. And (4) If not the U.S., then who would do it?  If not President Trump’s resolve, then who?

All of those cited up above, who were vehemently against our decisive action to eliminate further harm, directed by Soleimani, have shown clearly again that they do not believe in the exceptional nature of America.  Not only this time, but with past pronouncements, as well.  And especially so among that super-progressive click, the so-called “Squad,” who have made it quite clear that are not real fans of America.  That being the case, loyal Americans, would be pleased, and thankful, if those who so consistently appear to be anti-America (and pro-anyone else), included any elected officials, would take the opportunity to leave this country that we love, now, and seek that perfect, full-socialist (perhaps even communist) nirvana of a nation that you seek.  For those so obviously longing to leave, including that “star” who is now so dissatisfied with all that America has given to her, that she has announced her desire to seek citizenship in Nigeria, for all of you, there is an old saying in Georgia: “Delta is ready when you are.” We’ve heard enough of your anti-America talk, both currently and before.  So, now, please put your thoughts and comments with your carry-on luggage, and soon to be discarded American passport, and do leave. America’s loyal and grateful citizens will gladly pay your way.


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