Jerk Alert

In New York’s Suffolk County (Long Island), there is a Memorial Park dedicated to Smithtown, NY’s native son, Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy.  To refresh your memory, Navy SEAL Michael Murphy led three other SEAL’s on a dangerous reconnaissance mission high up in the mountains of Afghanistan.  The year was 2005, still early-on in our fight to avenge the 9-11 attack on America and hopefully reduce, or eliminate entirely, the Taliban forces creating terrorist havoc within Afghanistan and beyond.

Once discovered, our four courageous SEALs came under attack from a large enemy force, clearly outnumbering them.  Lieutenant Murphy exposed himself to enemy fire in order to get a clear radio signal out to call in assistance.  He was shot while doing so.  Despite his wound, he continued firing and fighting, as did those there on that mountain with him.  Lieutenant Murphy was an incredible, brave leader.  Regrettably, he would succumb to the overwhelming gunfire, as did two of his fellow SEALs.  You may recall that, miraculously, one of the group, Marcus Luttrell,  through brave actions of his own and good-fortune, did manage to got off that mountain and survive.

For his outstanding valor in combat, working hard to protect and save his fellow SEALs, under impossible circumstances, Lieutenant Michael Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor, posthumously.  As a tribute, his home town created a Memorial Park in his memory.  Prominent in that park, was a beautiful, large, circular, smooth stone plaque, engraved with a likeness of Lieutenant Murphy, an American flag, and inscription.

That plaque, and all that it stood for, was universally respected.  That is, until earlier this week, when a 14-year-old boy, it is alleged, decided to strike that memorial plaque with a heavy object, leaving large cracks across it, effectively ruining it.  A young jerk, it appears, with no sense of history, courage, or decency, desecrated that memorial plaque.  A young jerk whose parents must have dropped the ball when it came to raising an aware and respectful son.

Thankfully, that alleged young jerk has been identified and arrested, his name withheld due to his juvenile status.  His case will be handled in Family Court.  Whatever punishment is handed down, may it be such that it makes a lasting impression on both the young jerk and his parents.  For it is they, and not the memory of courageous American hero, Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who should be tarnished.