January 6, 2021: A Date Nowhere Near Infamy

That headline date, initially politicized by a mob on the right, has been freshly re-politicized, but, now, by the government leaders on the left.  The storming of the Capitol by hundreds who felt that the presidential election of 2020 might well have been stolen (one day we’ll know for sure) has, by definition, been agreed to by a majority of recently surveyed Americans as: “a protest that went too far.”  That may be a tad too gracious.  Was it a riot?  At times, externally, as the Capitol was mob-breached, yes.  Was it an “insurrection?”  Certainly not.  Neither our government, our democracy, nor our republic were in any danger of actually being overthrown by that misguided amateur action.

There was no real damage done to the Capitol, as one might expect to result from an insurrectionist mob.  And within how many of history’s insurrections were no guns, or similar serious weapons, found.  According to the FBI’s report, not a one.  And only one person, on the protester side, sadly a female military veteran, was killed (Note:  Subsequent investigation now finds that Georgia resident, Rosanne Boyland, apparently also perished that day, allegedly the result of being crushed in the crowd and trampled in a Capitol tunnel).   Nonetheless, a far, far reduced injury and death count than one finds following an actual insurrection. It was simply “a political protest that went too far,” carried out by, for the most part, well-meaning Americans extremely unhappy about what they felt was an unfairly conducted and tabulated presidential election.

Well, at least that’s how Americans who have been surveyed (Rs, Ds & Indies) and most conservative Republicans, alone, defined that protest gone bad.  For Progressive Democrats in national leadership, the action on January 6th was something far, far worse; something that threatened the continuation of our free nation.  And it’s the Progressives, along with their national media surrogates, who have labeled that action an “insurrection.”  That word, by the way, should anyone on the “cry-fire-in-a-crowded-building” have bothered to look it up means “a rising up against established authority.”  Yes, they rose up against a federal building of influence, but did nothing about/with/to anyone in actual authority.  Once inside, some of the pictures of folks wandering around look far more like passive, regular tourists than Huns in revolt!

They came to D.C. to voice their displeasure.  Had there been proper, reinforced building defenses in place, they never would have gained entry to the Capitol.  And therein lies a major issue that falls directly in the laps of Progressive leadership.  You see, two days prior to the well-known coming protest, President Trump had approved calling up 10,000 National Guard troops.  But, by civilian law, National Guard troops cannot be deployed domestically unless “requested” by civilian authorities. Both the Washington, D.C. mayor, and the House Speaker (responsible for protecting the Capitol) were asked if they wished to request Guard forces.  Reportedly, both declined.  So, then why on earth would either one decline a massive peace-keeping force?  Other than the Progressive’s apparent anti-law enforcement, lenient on crime stance among big city mayors around the country, what political, or forgive me, common sense reason, would cause such leaders to reject the offer of substantial mob-prevention assistance, military or otherwise, while knowing full-well, in advance, that tens of thousands of citizens were arriving daily to protest outside the Capitol?  And that’s just about outside security.  Why weren’t the Capitol police significantly reinforced inside the building?  Available steps were not taken to prevent what, in their preferred word, became an out-of-control “insurrection.”  With all of the mob-like trashing about, we are just fortunate that there were not more injuries or even deaths.

Back to the January 6th word of the hour: Insurrection.  To back up that assertion, this is where the president and vice-president went verbally over the cliff, in their respective politicized remarks to the nation.  Said the president: “We’re facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.  That’s not hyperbole – since the Civil War.”  Well yes, sir, that is clear hyperbole to compare the brief rampage of a citizen mob to the years of fighting and slaughter in the Civil War.  Back then, the Southern states attempted to separate themselves from the Union.  The thousands on January 6th had no such intention or goal.  That comparison was simply a huge exaggeration.  While our Union was in jeopardy during the Civil War, our democracy was not in danger of being destroyed by that crowd on January 6th.  The danger to our democracy is now being pushed daily by Progressive Democrats who strive for the power and continuing control necessary to “transform” our democracy into a totalitarian, all-controlling, federal socialist (Marxist?) state.  That’s the real continuing danger to our democratic republic.  Not one regrettably acted-out afternoon last January.

Then, pilling on, in her speech to the nation on January 6th, the vice-president actually had the ‘male parts’ to declare that the so-called insurrection was comparable to both Pearl Harbor and 9/ll.  Talk about hyperbole!!  A “Date That Will Live In Infamy” it was clearly not!  To historically review, at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, over 2,400 U.S. personnel were killed during the surprise Japanese attack from the air.  And then on September 11, 2001, within four terrorist attack sites, again conducted from the air, and again by surprise, almost 3,000 persons were killed.  A total of over 5,000 individuals cruelly murdered during those two very real Attacks on America.  In no way do those pivotal events, that stand out in history due to their consummate destruction of lives and property, come anywhere near to the comparatively benign, but nonetheless unfortunate, event of January 6, 2021.

Several national leaders were quick to take on the comparative mischaracterization alleged by the vice-president.  Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) called the attempted equivalency “disgusting.”  Said he: “Tell that to the granddaughter whose grandfather gave his life on D-Day. Tell that to the son whose dad was one of the firefighters who went into the towers on 9/11.”  Former Education Secretary Dr. Bill Bennett said of the terribly faulty comparison: “It’s ridiculous, it’s an abomination.  It shows ignorance of American history. As ugly as January 6th was, it doesn’t in any way rise to the level of those events (12/7 & 9/11).  All the more reason for teaching history and not critical race theory (in our schools).” And Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis referred to the events in D.C. today (January 6, 2022) as “nauseating” and “a politicized Charlie Foxtrot.”  Once you properly identify Mr. Foxtrot, you are bound to agree with his assessment.  It was purely a political show(boat) event meant to distract Americans from the mess we are currently in on virtually all fronts;  distract us from the Progressive’s current effort to override all state election laws thus permitting voting with no ID; and also to characterize (falsely) the 1-6-2021 Capitol Building event as an attempted “coup,” attempting to show just how evil and demented Trump/conservative supporters are, and to do everything possible to tarnish/extinguish a Trump presidential bid in 2024.

It’s hard to top Governor DeSantis’ portrayal, spoken with foresight even before the foolish, absolutely ridiculous, historic comparisons made by both speakers, which in the minds of thinking patriots, diminished the impact and credibility of both, which each has actually already pretty well done on their own.  Again, there was never a threat to our democracy being destroyed by the peaceful-turned-aggressive event of January 6, 2021, as unfortunate as it was.  And again, as well, the very real threat, today, to our democratic form of government, our republic, and ultimately, our freedom, that is, the non-hyperbolic one, remains the intention of national Democrats in power to transform our way of government, our economic system, and our very way of life into a federal government-dominated-and-controlled Progressive Socialist system, leaving all Americans continually dependent on a central government.  Which, after instilling great harm on our citizenry (as the privileged elites rule the day), is ultimately a system destined to fail, just as all such experiments have historically done, worldwide.  May we not have to go thru this post-January 6th politicized circus each year here after.

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