It Was Climate Change Deniers That Caused California’s Wild Fires. Oh, And The Moon Really Is Made Of Cheese

Yesterday, California Governor Jerry Brown proclaimed that it was climate change “deniers” (code word for Conservatives) who caused the wild fires that have already destroyed a huge number of homes and businesses, along with causing the deaths of far too many residents who were unable to get away from the rampaging flames in time.  Those huge and terrifying fires are a definite tragedy. The Governor, however, is apparently convinced that fossil fuel use is raising the temperatures in his state, resulting in drier woodlands, thus making California more susceptible to these wild fires.  There’s no proof to support his conclusion, but he needed a scapegoat.  So, yet again, it was demon climate change, and especially the deniers, sent to the penalty box of public opinion.

OK, this is but one of two reoccurring examples of semantics used to purposely cast false blame on, who else, Republicans/Conservatives, of course. The game is this.  The term is always stated as simply “climate change,” as if all that’s going on with temperatures, severe storms, ocean levels, polar bears, etc. is the fault of uncaring humans (i.e., Conservatives) who could solve it all, but choose not to, thus purposely allowing climate change to destroy portions of California, and soon we’re told, if we don’t change our damaging ways, the rest of the world.

The only problem with that conclusion is that it’s scientifically unproven.  While it’s easy, and oh, so convenient, for the Left to tag “man-made” climate change as the reason the world is spinning off its axis, and the woodlands in California are dry enough to host roaring fires, and why we’ll soon be able to walk from the East Coast to Europe across the, by-then, dry floor of the Atlantic Ocean,  but that is all errant conclusion amplified by pure political hype, with no basis in hard scientific fact,  fostered by the world-is-going-to-end crowd of left-wing climate “experts” and activists, happy to cash-in on the false fear they perpetuate, in order to sustain their own man-made, fossil-fueled, jet-set lifestyle.

But you see, the Left plays the word game by accusing “deniers” of failing to accept the blame for all climate change.  Making conservatives look foolish because clearly there is climate change going on, but it’s not proven to be man-made, and certainly not in America, regardless of what climate promoters preach. What’s happening with our climate is totally out of the control of earthlings, regardless of political party.

Is our climate changing? Quite probably, yes.  True climate change, on a planet-wide basis, has been going on for thousands of years, well before the earliest humans appeared.  There have been cycles.  Periods of warm temperatures followed by ice ages, then warmth returns again, and repeat.  By the way, the last ice age somehow managed to melt, well before Henry Ford created auto exhaust!   It is the intent of the Left to cast as fools all conservatives (and any others) who deny “climate change.”  When what deniers are really and credibly denying is man-made climate change.  Yes, the climate is changing, but there is no proof that our “selfish” lifestyles are the cause.  The actual cause is in the hands of Mother Nature, and her boss, our God above. There you have it.  An Inconvenient Truth!

And while we’re talking about the Left’s false and misleading assertions, they play the same word game when it comes to “immigration.”  The non-open borders crowd, and that’s the vast majority of American citizens, is constantly labeled as anti-immigration by left-wing politicians, paid activists, Hollywood-types, and the  national media, now hand-puppets for the increasingly far-left Democrat Party.

To clarify, what Conservatives (and all Americans who truly love our country) are against is illegal-immigration, which the Left knows full well, but it serves their purpose to repeatedly slam nation-loving Americans as being against all immigration.  Actually, we’re pro-immigration, when done the right way, which is: enter by our front door, pass through necessary vetting, learn our language, work hard, seek and desire citizenship, and assimilate (that last one is more and more an issue, depending at least somewhat on region of origin and the truthful reason for coming to America).  Rational opposition to illegal-immigration is why that approaching migrant hoard traveling through Mexico, and unknown groups ready or on the way right behind, simply cannot be allowed to enter our nation, without individually going through established immigration laws and procedures.  Obviously our Customs & Border Patrol officers are not set-up to deal with, and properly process, migrants in such huge numbers.  Hopefully the group(s) will continue to splinter and decline in number along the way.

So, then, man-made climate change did not raise California’s temperature, causing the very regrettable wild fires burning (and killing residents & animals) in portions of that state.  Any on-going increase in temperature originates from high above.  And regarding immigration, legal immigration is fine.  It’s how we started and have continued to grow into the amazing country we have today.  It’s the illegal variety that the vast majority of Americans oppose.  And for those who bizarrely and naively seek and applaud open borders and seek the elimination of our courageous Border Patrol officers and ICE agents, do us and the nation we love a favor.  Sit down, be still, eyes closed, mouth shut. Then squeeze really hard, and grow a brain.