It Continues: Dissolving Citizen Rights

You’re all aware by now that San Francisco, under the influence of a distant planet, in general, has decided that it’ll be just fine for non-citizens and illegal immigrants to begin voting in local elections, specifically (for now) in school board elections. Clearly this is but an initial wedge to be used for the future expansion of “local election” eligibility for non-citizens and illegals, the latter, you’ll remember, violated federal law to be here.  The concern, of course, will be those elections featuring local, state, and federal offices on the ballot.  How does the local, school-board-only barn door get closed in time to keep those not eligible from voting for higher offices?  Totally separate ballots, vigilantly-monitored?  Then, another concern is how many other Deep Blue “sanctuary” metropolitan areas may think the San Francisco local school board election-only gimmick is a neat idea.  And it is a gimmick.  What actual, legitimate interest do illegals have in who runs the local school board?  This is but a surreptitious initial step to, even perhaps illegally, opening up the ballot.

Should there be any question, it’s a good time to mention that Federal law prohibits non-citizens from voting in elections for Federal office.  That would seem to leave state offices out there for the non-citizen picking.  Hopefully, our states won’t get the lefty-zealot bug and will keep their offices reserved for citizen voters, as well.

So, then, why write about something that doesn’t seem to be a current problem?  Because citizen voting rights are facing the very real threat of a dissolving future. There are moves afoot, and you know this, by the pro-border-erasing Democrats, to pack the nation with illegal immigrants (more on illegals in a future article), twist the laws, or eliminate them, so that non-citizens can vote for Democrats, of course, their supposed benefactors, only to be discarded when their ballot usefulness ends.  The sanctity of American citizen voting rights, one of our most important and most cherished, is under attack.

Case in point, the House recently voted, on a reasonable and straightforward resolution dealing with voting rights.  It read, in part:

“Whereas it is of paramount importance that the United States maintains the legitimacy of its elections, and protects them from interference, including interference from foreign threats and illegal voting.  Therefore, be it resolved, that the House of Representatives recognizes that allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.”

Even though this is a non-binding resolution, and is simply a show of support for existing law by our elected Representatives, unbelievably, almost 140 House Democrats failed to support this measure, aimed at discouraging San Francisco and other copy-cat, ultra-lib municipalities from permitting non-citizens and illegals to vote in any level of elections, including local.  Even one confused, anti-established-voting-law Republican sided with the Dems against this resolution’s common-sense, support for the law.

And there’s yet another concern for the future of our Constitutional Republic and the body of long-standing law aimed at respecting and maintaining our civilized, individual citizen-liberty-guaranteeing society.  For those 140 anti-whatever-the-issue-is Democrats, and one bizarre Republican in name only, America’s laws and traditions are apparently just suggestions, meant to be over-ridden, because they are, in the Dem’s self-centered, power-seeking view, outdated, and most of all because they weren’t passed and embraced in current times by the pro-socialist, open borders, its-all-about-them, hard-left Democrats.  Bad enough that California (and several other states) now allow illegals to obtain driver’s licenses, which provides there for automatic voter registration, but the latter for legal citizens only, California insists!   Now we have a whole gaggle of House Democrats apparently convinced that anyone in America, citizenship aside, should be able to vote.  And vote, of course, for Democrats, who were kind enough to let them in the country specifically for that function and no other.

This action, and others within their growing, increasingly-militant, anti-capitalist ideology, is but one indication of the national mayhem that will follow if Democrats are given control of the House and Senate in November.  There will be no end to the upheaval, and a definite end to what we have known and cherished about our great nation.  And, more specifically, an end to the nation’s economic revival, this lower-tax, lower onerous-regulation environment that has positively impacted those at all income levels, all races, and all genders.  More than enough reason for Constitution-respecting, nation-loving Americans to generate the strongest Republican-representation vote possible, in the upcoming November election, so that our nation remains on the right course, the one that embraces prosperity and personal freedom, hopefully, for many more years to come.

(Resolution quote:, John Binder, 9-26-2018)