Israel’s Muslim Smackdown

Following a truly distinguished career in the Georgia House of Representatives, a long-time friend once joked that he was what happened when people didn’t bother to vote!  We might like to think that such is the reason why the U.S. Representative from near-Detroit, and the one from metropolitan Minneapolis, gained national office. Perhaps the folks in their respective districts just weren’t paying attention in the fall of 2018.

Congresswomen Tlaib (D-Michigan) and Omar (D-Minnesota), both devout Muslims, and perhaps even at least partial adherents of its more extremist and destructive form: Islam.  That’s an assumption, only, based on their public visual and verbal level of devotion and outspokenness. Both came out of the gate swinging, openly disparaging President Trump (especially Tlaib), showing their distain for our America of today (notably evil “White Men,” as a race and gender!), and then, well beyond distain, turning to outright, livid hatred for the sovereign nation of Israel, feeling as do their fellow haters, that Israel has no right to exist and should be destroyed. On that note, neither has decried past terrorist bombings and killing of Israeli citizens, initiated by Palestinians.

That by way of background to their most recent political stunt (stunts draw liberal media – redundant – coverage which is what both exist to generate, as they fight everyone and everywhere for the over-used, never-defined, composite issue of “social justice,” for anyone, anywhere who is socially unjusted.  And, oh yes, that includes the disintegration of Israel, whose existence, in their collective view, is unjustified.

Both of these perpetual spot-light seekers made a recent trip to the Middle East, arranged and sponsored by an alleged staunch anti-Israel group, with their trip listed as a “U.S. Congressional Delegation to Palestine.”  Now that’s interesting for two reasons.  First, there is no “Palestine.” Palestine is not a country.  And secondly, no visits to Israel were listed on the itinerary, likely because they don’t acknowledge the right of Israel to exist.  After her swearing-in, a Tlaib staffer is reported to have put on an office map a sticky note marked “Palestine” with an arrow pointing to Israel, meaning of course that “Palestine” was the rightful occupant of that space.

In order to get the media coverage they covet, both Congresswomen did try to enter Israel, but entry was denied to them by the Israeli Government, citing a 2017 Israeli law forbidding entry to anyone or group supporting the boycotting and/or ultimate destruction of their nation (the so-called BDS movement).

Along with the law providing for it, forbidding entry to these two anti-Israel firebrands was absolutely the right decision.  They would simply have used it to decry Israel’s “occupation” of land belonging to “Palestine” and any other bashing negatives they and their backers would choose.  Ironically, Israel did offer Congresswoman Tlaib a humanitarian gesture by approving a visit with her 90-year-old Palestinian grandmother there.  Naturally, the Congresswoman turned down that offer so that she could play the “victim,” choosing to put politics above a supposedly desired family visit.  One has to wonder just how seriously she wanted that visit to begin with. Turning it down gave her the opportunity to pile still more venom onto the “oppressive” Israelis.

Congresswoman Tlaib and Omar, have showcased their intentions, and are not positive forces for either good or peace, in common sense minds, here or elsewhere.   Recall that the objective of Muslim migrants, worldwide, is the destruction of Western civilization, laws and values, to be replaced by the Islamic ideology (not a religion, a political ideology).  Their presence here is not a positive for our Constitutional republic and freedom-loving way of life. Freedom is not a core value of Islam! For we non-Muslim “infidels,” there are ultimately only three choices for us, in their view:  conversion, subjugation, or death.  Comforting future.

Both of these women were elected to serve, and improve on, the needs of their respective Congressional Districts.  But that doesn’t seem to be their focus, as this recent overseas propaganda mission would seem to illustrate. Around the time of their visit to “Palestine,” Congresswoman Tlaib was quoted as saying: “When I won election, it gave the Palestinian people hope that someone will finally speak the truth about the inhumane conditions.”  Interesting perspective on her elected position. She was elected to serve her constituents in Michigan, not to crusade for the Palestinian people thousands of miles away from Detroit.  For her, it would appear, solving social justice, whatever that is, isn’t about assisting racial minorities in her district, but strictly about turning Israel, as is or destroyed, over to the folks in the Palestinian territory. Let her actions and media speeches going forward prove otherwise.

And who is to blame for the alleged “inhuman conditions”?  That’s easy.  It’s the controlling leaders of the Palestinian Authority, who for decades now have repeatedly refused overtures from Israeli leadership, as well as other nations, united and individual, to provide for peace in the region with a “two-state solution.”  That, of course, is not acceptable to the opposition renegades who plan for the destruction of Israel.  Why settle when what they want, and feel they deserve, is a one-state solution: Palestine.  Also, much like the race baiters in America, if those in power in the Palestine Authority accepted the peace plan, they might well be out of work!!

Then there’s fellow Congresswoman Omar who, despite other personal problems back home, tagged along with her pal to “Palestine.”  Just a suggestion, but she might want to focus a bit more on her home district rather than disliking America and trying to solve world problems.  Seems that prominent Station WCCO (Minneapolis/St. Paul) posted the following headline on their web page:  “Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District Listed As Worst District For Black Americans to Live.”  And that just happens to be Congresswoman Omar’s district. That was out of 30 “worst districts” for Black Americans that were identified and studied. Wow!! “The numbers produce a stark picture of the 5th Congressional District, which encompasses Minneapolis and several surrounding suburbs.”  Exactly the kind of publicity no elected official ever wants to generate. Is that enough to give her destruction of Israel crusade a rest, while she tends to needs closer to home? She’d better.  She has some announced competition for next November.

The Palestinian question, and peace for the region, could theoretically be solved if Palestinian leadership would accept the two-state solution.  Sadly, to date, co-existing with Israel is not on their dance card.  And the issue of two outspoken anti-Israel, anti-Jewish (over there and here) U.S. Representatives can be remedied next November if district residents get out and vote.  Given here unrelenting mission, seems both women need to relocate and run for elected office overseas.  It appears that’s where their hearts and minds are.  For the benefit of their respective constituents, and our nation, both do need to be defeated in November, 2020.


(Delegation to Palestine via, Steven Emerson, 8-21-19; Tlaib quote via, staff, 8-20-19; Omar district quote via and, John Hinderaker, 8-16-19).